The Vengeance Hours

00:18:00 - Acquaintance

”Why is it after us?! Killing? What does he mean?! ” Ava asked subconsciously.

Vilgar was still leading the way. His brain kept spinning, looking for other places to at least hide. He also didn understand what the monster meant until his legs really refused to stop running.

”STOP! ” The monster growled so loudly that the three of them immediately returned to their running speed. ”YOU MUST AVENGE MY MOTHERS DEATH! ” shouted the monster this time while crying.

Vilgar began to understand what the creature meant. ”I think I know why its after us, ” shouted Vilgar, still running. ”It seems to be a child whose mother was eaten by the monster earlier. I saw him, but I thought he would be safe if he wasn with us. ”


”Then do what he wants and kill the monster! ” Vilgar replied to Lily, ”That is the only way for us to survive. Do you think the three of us can kill the machine-destroying monster just now? ”

Ava and Lily were silent upon hearing that. The monster that destroyed the machine just now is still at the end of the axis of the road, still busy destroying the cars around it one by one. Its body is seven meters tall, its arms are long and stout, while its legs are quite small. The mouth is so wide with teeth that they have a saw-like shape. The monster continued to annihilate the cars parked on the side of the road one by one.

”OF COURSE NOT! ” shouted Lily accelerated her run. ”But hell keep getting us right?! ”

”Not if we find a hiding place! ” Ava muttered quickly, racing Vilgar, and was now leading their running speed.

Ava turned into the restaurant area, then hid between the cars, making Vilgar and Lily follow suit. A few seconds later, the crying monster came to the area, muttering about its own grudge.

”Take time until the machine-eating monster comes, ” Ava muttered quickly in response to a nod by Vilgar, while Lily looked at him with furrowed brows in disbelief. ”Make that monster eat this monster chasing us! You
e a bit thick! ” Ava is annoyed with Lily.

They ended up constantly switching positions from one car to another. Vilgar stared at several open car doors, his eyes darting to Ava and Lily, who were on the other side of the car. They kept their heads down, sneaking into the several open cars, trying to start the engines simultaneously when the two-meter-tall monster came.

Ava pressed the horn so hard that it caught the attention of the machine-eating monster, causing the monster to rush towards them with its mouth wide open. His two hands tore through anything he passed, the monsters long claws piercing whatever was around it.

On the other hand, Vilgar watched the face of the two-meter tall monster, which was slowly starting to get frightened by the arrival of the machine-eating monster. The monster started slumping down in front of one of the cars, then wept as he cupped his own ears with his big hands. This time, Vilgar watched this in silence. This time he was actually able to sense that the frightened monster was really the incarnation of the little boy he had seen before.

But he clearly couldn save the little boy who had turned into a monster and demanded that he kill another monster. Vilgar lacked the courage to do so until he finally decided to press hard on the horn of a nearby car. It made the monster that hates the machine quickly burst through the parking lot, its mouth wide open, eating whatever was in front of it, including the two-meter tall monster lying face down in front of a car.

Vilgar quickly got out of the car before the monster reached his place. Ava and Lily also did the same. They walked out of the parking area carefully, afraid that the monsters that were devouring the cars would notice their presence.

He stared for a moment at the parking area, which was now completely shattered by the arrival of the mad monster. He quickly ran away from the monster. His heart kept muttering sorry while his feet stepped out of the parking area, and he was greeted by Ava and Lily, who were now waiting for him.

They stared in silence at the monster that was busy eating the car engines. ”If I hold a grudge against you, maybe I can become a monster too and eat you. ” Lily said, while glancing at Ava.

”And you won be able to get the attention of those seniors anymore if you become a monster, ” Ava quipped, making Lily look at him with glaring eyes.

Vilgar sighed softly as he laid his body on the pavement, followed by Lily and Ava, who had just realized their tiredness. The two girls just sat with their legs stretched out, their bodies propped against a bunch of bushes, while Vilgar, who was still lying down, was now just staring up at the clear sky, which was now decorated with a giant wall clock. The giant creature that had saved them at the crossroads had now also walked so far, tens of kilometers in front of them.

His head was still full of monsters that were scared and then eaten up by the machine monster earlier.

After this, wherever he goes, it seems that he really couldn ignore what he saw; he had to continue to help others so they wouldn hold a grudge against him and try to kill him. The little boy might only be affected by emotion for a moment, but because his type of emotion was too extreme, he was taken over by another monster.

One thing he realized was that the monsters personality didn change at all.

All the monsters he had seen so far didn change their personalities either. ”Can that monster be discussed with you? ” mumbled Vilgar sat down, then glanced at the machine-eating monster who was now killing the rest of the cars parked in the restaurant. He just realized that there was no Ava next to him, only Lily. ”Where is your enemy? ” he asked Lily.

But before Lily responded to Vilgars question, the person he was looking for suddenly appeared, gave him a cold drink, and then threw another cold drink at Lily, who was immediately caught by her, complete with an annoyed curse. ”What did you say? ” Ava inquired of Vilgar.

He looked back, only to realize that there was a refrigerator next to the parking lot right next to the restaurant; now half of it had been shattered, as if it had been eaten. The machine left a lot of drinks, and Ava took some of them. ”Can we invite the monster to have a discussion? ” he asked Ava.

”No, ” replied Ava, firmly and clearly.

”Why not? ” Lily asked Ava back.

”If your empty brain can digest and pay attention to the surroundings, you were clearly aware that the monsters only focused on one thing, and ignored everything else. Look, that machine-eating monster got here quickly because you honked, and it hates machines. The monsters that chased after me only cared about my existence and ignored the others. So if we
e being targeted by monsters again, the choices are just to follow their wishes, or we die. ”

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