The Vengeance Hours

00:15:28 - Theory about The Monsters

”Whoa! It just passed us by. Isn that monster evil? ” muttered Ava, the girl who had been riding in Vilgars car with Lily. Her eyes were still staring in amazement at the giant creature that had just passed them. The disappearance of the monster chasing her must be because of that gigantic creature as well.

But Lily did not believe what Ava had said. ”You idiot! Where can there be a monster that isn evil? Stupid! ” Lily sneered at her.

Ava looked at her annoyed, quickly grabbed Lilys long hair, and pulled her. ”Youve been looking for trouble with me all along, haven you? I didn even mean to bother you in the first place! ” then grabbed Lily hair.

”Not looking for trouble, you say?! ” Lily asked in disbelief. She joined in, tightening her grip on Avas hair, making them tug at each others hair. ”How many times have you intentionally bothered me at school? Use that little brain of yours! ” She even remembers when Ava bullied her, until she fell right in front of their seniors. Thats really embarrassing.

It had been a long time since Lily wanted to curse this annoying girl in front of her. Finally, she got an opportunity like this too.

Ava clearly didn want to lose to Lily, ”I never bothered you damn it! You
e just being annoying. Now you don have any friends, do you? You must also hitch a ride with this albino boy so you can escape from school! ” she replied, starting to raise her voice.

Lily rolled her eyes in disbelief after hearing that stupid expression, ”Im not riding a damn! He saved me! Its not like you who begged for help first before being saved! ” She replied, raising her voice even higher than before.

”Can you two shut up? ” Vilgar scolded without looking back. He didn even care if the two girls hair was now so messy because they grabbed each other.

His eyes were still focused on looking at the people who had just gotten off of the bus when a loud shriek was heard. The screaming figure hadn reached them yet, but hearing the word it had shouted earlier, Vilgar felt … it would be good if they didn get back into the car again.

Vilgar stepped back as the crowd rushed back into the bus. A boy who was carried by his mother, and was about to enter the bus momentarily realized Vilgars presence. He just stared at Vilgar in silence, while Vilgar was still backing away from the car, making Lily and Ava look at him confused.

e not going to use the car? ” Lily asked in disbelief. She peeked into the car, realizing that there were still Vilgars car keys. ”If you don want to drive it, Ill do it. ”

”Not! I will drive it! ” Ava refused to get rid of Lily.

They almost fought again if Vilgar hadn made a sound, his eyes still on the people who kept staring behind them and rushing to get on the bus. ”Both of you didn hear the screams, did you? ” annoyed him unconsciously. ”The creature that made the people in front of us rush into the car just shouted that it hates machines. ” He held his breath, along with the creature that had just appeared at the intersection, devouring the bus and the people on board.

The little boy who had met Vilgars eyes earlier was thrown out, hit the asphalt, and wept bitterly because his mother was also eaten by the creature. Lily and Ava shut themselves into Vilgars car and walked away from the car as the big creature began to notice their presence.

”Its coming! ” Vilgar screamed and immediately turned around, running so fast he left his own car.

Lily, who had taken so long to process what had happened, was still walking backwards with trembling hands. This made Ava run out of patience, then quickly grabbed Lilys hand and led her to run. Ignoring the kid who was left alone in the middle of the crossroads, ignoring the big creature that was now starting to eat up Vilgars car and other cars around them.

They do not realize that the kid they left behind has begun to whine while looking at them. ”Why don you guys help me … ” he whined as he sobbed. ”Why don you help my mom… ” he continued to whine, crying even harder.

Theres no one there. He was crying so hard along with the hatred growing in his chest. The little boy slowly began to be enveloped in hatred. His eyes and lips began to emit black smoke, continued to evaporate into the air, and formed a shape as high as two meters, with a concave body and a slender body, with long pointed toes and hands, and with eyes that continued to cry non-stop, expressing hatred towards the three people.

”You have to kill that monster! ” he hissed, walking in the same direction as Vilgar ran from his car. ”You have to kill that monster for me! For my mothers sake! ” growled the monster, who immediately ran, chasing them.

Vilgar looked around, looking for another shelter because he was sure the creature would pass them as long as they were still among the places filled with machines. He was not allowed to enter the area of the house, building, or even a restaurant. They had to avoid places that had machines, and he clearly remembered that there was an open park around this area. Vilgar finally decided to enter the park area not far from the intersection, find a bench, and sit there while staring innocently at the damaged car across the park.

Ava and Lily followed Vilgar a few seconds later. The two girls caught their breath with difficulty. Ava let go of Lilys grip while Lily was still staring back, noticing one monster that was still destroying several cars and other vehicles.

Lily swallowed hard with wide eyes when she saw another creature that was now running towards them. ”We can rest here! ” Her panic made Ava and Vilgar stare at her in disbelief.

Before Lily could finish her sentence, the voice of the two-meter tall creature was now starting to get louder. ”YOU MUST KILL IT! ” enraged the creature ran towards them, causing the three people to flee the park area.

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