The Vengeance Hours

00:13:08 - Everyone can be The Target

”Where… ” The creature hissed as it stared at the two people, setting eyes on them. The creatures tongue almost hit Vilgars nose. ”Not here… ” continued the creature after it was satisfied with looking at Vilgar and Lily, then walked back to the other direction while muttering the same thing.

The two of them looked at each other as they exhaled and took another deep breath. It was as if they had just run out of air around them. Lily sat limply, while Vilgar stared at the creature who started walking away from them. He swallowed unconsciously, then turned back to Lily, inviting her to immediately get up and leave the area to go to her car.

e not what its looking for, ” Vilgar muttered as he pulled Lily up to hurry.

They walked so fast towards Vilgars car while constantly looking back to make sure that the creature wasn following the two of them. The creature swerved into the cafeteria building area when the two of them arrived in front of Vilgars car.

He quickly put in the key and started the car as Lily kept looking back to confirm the existence of the creature. The sound of the car began to fill the parking area, which was quite deserted, causing someone to emerge from the gaps of several other cars next to Vilgar and quickly bang on the door of the car, ”LET ME IN! PLEASE! ” The girls excitement made Vilgar immediately open the door, leaving the girl to sit in the backseat alone. ”GO! FAST! ”

Lily, who caught a glimpse of the girl who had just gotten into the back seat of Vilgars car, sighed softly, realizing who it was. ”I wouldn open the door if I were Vilgar, ” she thought.

When the girl got into the car, a huge growl started again, ”SHES THERE!!! ” The shrills of the creature that had previously left the two people made Vilgar immediately step on the gas, leaving the school area.

”Is it still chasing? ” asked Vilgar without slowing down.

. ”Faster! Its chasing! ” yelled the girl earlier, while Lily just sighed softly.

She should have been able to get out of the school grounds safely if only Vilgar hadn brought this girl behind him. The creature was clearly chasing this girl, and they now had to speed up to avoid the creatures pursuit.

The girl looked back frantically, then shouted at Vilgar again when she noticed that the creatures pace was accelerating. ”TURN LEFT! ” said the girl, who was quickly followed by Vilgar.

The girl looked back. She could see how the creature had also made a sudden turn, almost dragged their body around the corner and left a large scratch mark at the fork in the highway. The monsters ran so fast, they might get caught.

Lily, who glanced back, noticed how fast the monster was chasing them and then sighed, then glanced at the girl in the back seat scornfully. ”Why don we just dump this girl in the back, so that the monsters stop chasing us? ” Lily made an offer to Vilgar. It made the girl quickly grab Lilys hair, making her scream loudly. ”AHH!! ”

”No, damn it! Im the one who will throw you away so that I can escape alone with this car! ” said the girl angrily.

”You can be stupid! You
e the one asking for help! Be nice a little bit! ” annoyed Lily unconsciously. ”I can kick you out of here if I want! ” threatened Lily.

Vilgar rolled his eyes lazily upon hearing the scuffle. ”Watch where the monster goes or both of you will be thrown out of my car! ” Vilgars exasperation made the two girls who were almost fighting finally stop fighting for a while.

Vilgar sighed softly. The road in front of them was quite deserted, although many cars were destroyed. Many buildings, shops, or even houses were in disarray. There was not a single human or corpse around them. Vilgar was still driving considering that the monster was actually still chasing them without a break. Until finally, he saw that not far in front of them there was a crossroads. The girl spoke again, revealing that the monster chasing them was getting faster, while Vilgar pushed the gas even harder.

He didn really care anymore. This all might end up between those who will die in an accident at the crossroads, or even be captured and die at the hands of that terrible monster. ”THERE SHE IS!! ” growled the monster loudly.

Vilgar took a breath as he speeded through the crossroads. The creature was still chasing them, but just as they came to a fork in the road, a speeding bus hit the monster so hard that it bounced quite far.

The bus stopped right in the middle of the intersection, while Vilgar stopped his car when a shadow, followed by a white fog, suddenly covered the area, blocking the view around him.

They all couldn see what was happening. However, a gigantic creature was passing through the area, stamping out the two monsters chasing Vilgars car and the people on the bus.

That gigantic monster, whose head they couldn even see. Now just walk past them, as if they were invisible. It was the same creature that Vilgar saw on the school roof last time. A creature that carries hourglasses in its two little hands.

He looked around him. The sound of the monster chasing them was gone. Even when the girl got out of the car and Lily followed, the monster didn show itself to them at all. The people on the bus were also safe; it was not like they were preparing to run away from being chased by a monster.

The clock had struck ten minutes and forty-seven seconds.

The fog disappeared, leaving the three people who were now staring in amazement at the footsteps of the giant creature in front of them, while the people in the bus also got out of their vehicles, along with a loud shrill scream that boomed. ”FUCK THE MACHINE!! ”

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