The Vengeance Hours

00:10:47 - The Real Target

The girl ran in a hurry with one hand pulled tightly by Vilgar. She kept looking back, watching the large creatures body, which was now slowly starting to evaporate, disappearing into the air, leaving only Vilgars wand beside the school building.

”Stop! Huh! Stop! ” said the girl, trying to stop Vilgar, who was still pulling her.

”What do you mean stop?! It can definitely catch up with us! ”

”THE GHOST HAS GONE! ” The girls annoyance made Vilgar stop running, then looked back to confirm what the girl had said.

The creature was completely gone. Only his wand lay next to the wall of the school building, and there was nothing else around him. He released his grip on the girls hand as he caught his breath, then looked around again, trying to properly determine whether the creature had disappeared, or was simply hiding.

The entire school area of the building was empty and deserted. There was no one, not even students running around or screaming. The surroundings were completely empty.

”What did you say earlier? Ghost? ” asked Vilgar in disbelief at the girl.

”Then, what else?! ” upset the girl.

Vilgar sighed softly. Such an ugly creature was much more like a monster than a ghost. But he decided not to reply to the girls words, too lazy to argue.

The girl was still catching her breath, glancing at Vilgar. She wanted to ask where they were going since she obviously didn have a vehicle to leave this school faster. Relying on public transportation seemed like it would be even more terrifying since she wasn sure there were humans in such a vehicle.

”Im Vilgar. Whats your name? ”

”Huh… huh! ” The girl still sighed, ”Can you clarify where we are going first? ”

”To the parking area, to my car. If the car is still safe, ” he replied, then walked leisurely, leaving the girl.

”Hey! ” screamed the girl chasing, ”Im Lily, by the way, thanks for helping me. ” Vilgar just nodded casually at that. ”You don look scared? Do you know whats really going on here? Everyone suddenly disappeared, you know? ” She began to speak at length.

”I don know, things still feel weird. ” He then started to describe what he had seen since he was still on the roof then. ”It all started with the appearance of that giant clock in the sky, ” Vilgar muttered, making Lily look up at the sky above her, only to really realize the origin of the clock sound she had heard earlier.

”Holy crap! I think its my ears that are bothered by the constant sound of the clock! ”

Vilgar just pulled a crooked smile upon hearing that. He then resumed his theory, ”At first, I thought if we apologized, the monster would just disappear. Like my case. ”

”Your case? ”

”Yeah, I was also approached by a monster on the roof, and it asked me to kowtow and apologize to it. When I complied with all that, it disappeared. ”

Lily looked at the young man next to her with a half-open mouth, complete with wide eyes in disbelief. ”Its so easy! ” she pouted, annoyed. ”Ive done all that, and the monster just wanted to kill me. It kept telling me to bite my own tongue until it broke, otherwise it would have killed me. ” She then began to tie her hair, so that it would be neater and not bother her. ”Why am I the one being targeted?! Ive never done anything wrong to anyone though. ”

”Where did you meet the monster earlier? ”

”In the hallway on the second floor of the building, in front of my class. ” Lily sighed softly, ”Its after me. I heard a lot of screaming from the students before, finally, every class went silent. There was no sound. When I came out of the school building, my surroundings were empty, with no one around me, no students. Everything disappeared. ”

Vilgar nodded casually in response to that. ”Perhaps those who are swallowed up will disappear, along with the monster. ” He started to reveal his own theory, ”I saw one of the students who turned into a monster. When he managed to eat all the people he tagged, he disappeared, just yawning without a trace. A student who turned into a monster was a student who was bullied, and his bullies were instantly eaten when he turned into a monster.

”My assumption is that humans who harbor hatred towards other humans will turn into monsters and eat these people they hate. But before that, he will give us certain options to be able to free us. The choice can be as easy as I do, or as unreasonable as in your case. ”

e kinda smart tho, ” Lily replied quietly.

The two of them finally arrived at the edge of the sports hall, which is directly adjacent to the canteen. Behind the building, there is a parking lot that is directly connected to the exit gate of the school. They then walked towards the parking area, but upon entering the first turn to get to the open area, Vilgar first stopped Lilys steps, then peeked around the area, making sure everything was safe.

”Is there something— ”

”Shhh! ” Vilgars cut made Lily shut her mouth, irritating herself at the cautious behavior of the young man in front of her. ”Shut up and listen. ”

Lily obeyed the words subconsciously. They began to look down, crouching side by side, glancing at the open parking area. The sound of hissing and heavy sighing began to be heard. The midday wind that had been hitting the leaves and making a rustling sound was now defeated by the loud hissing sound.

Lily also popped her head from behind the wall of the gym. He immediately covered his mouth when he saw a strange creature walking past the parking area, like it was looking for someone.

The creature stood on two legs, with two small hands and a head that had the shape of a fish. Like several creatures Vilgar had seen, this time it was also covered in white skulls all over its body, much more like a shell than bones that were connected together. The creatures face is filled with dozens of lines showing a set of eyes, wide lips grinning with pointed teeth, while its tongue sticks out like a snake.

”Where …. ”

”Where are you … ”

The creature kept muttering those words. His steps getting closer to where Lily and Vilgar were hiding made both of them take a step back very slowly. ”Where … ” growled the creature and stepped quickly towards the two people. In the next second, it was even in front of their faces. Vilgar quickly covered Lilys mouth, who was about to scream, while Lily gripped Vilgars arm tightly to hold back her fear.

The creature stared at the two of them in silence. A set of eyes on the creatures face moved left and right, watching Vilgars and Lilys faces, making both of them hold their breath involuntarily.

”This time I will definitely die! ” thought Lily subconsciously.

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