The Vengeance Hours

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Ava decided to go straight, not turning towards the machine-eating monster earlier nor turning toward their school. She chose to continue, taking the path the monster had previously crossed while chasing the bus that had saved them.

Vilgar was still trying to recall all the messages he had read before throwing away his own cell phone, while Lily was still enjoying her bread, scouring around the car for a drink.

This time … the three of them were still thinking about deciding where they would go.

”You can hide underground, but you can hide in the room. There is an option for an extension of time, and that means it is possible that this event will not last for 24 hours. Another message says we can survive as long as we have the White Feathers from Ruh. ” Vilgar then glanced at Ava, who was still driving, ”So whats the most important option is … we go find this Ruh and get a piece of its White Feather? ”

”Thats the only option thats most helpful, ” Ava replied casually. ”The next question is … where is the owner of that White Feather? ”

Lily looked around her when they were far enough past the crossroads area. This is another T-junction where if they turn left they will return to their school, and if they turn right they will arrive at a housing complex. She suppressed a smile, remembering whose housing complex they were now going to pass. ”Well be passing Troyes house in a minute. ”

”Maybe hes dead, ” Ava replied sarcastically, making Lilys eyes widen at her.

If they passed through Troyes home area, that meant that they would soon be passing through Vilgars uncles house as well. He was just pensive, looking at the row of neatly arranged houses. His uncle wasn home at this hour, and the house they lived in must be empty. So he was sure that they wouldn find anyone there.

But there must be a supply of food there.

”We stop in front of house number 32, okay? ” said Vilgar making Ava look at him in disbelief. ”Thats my house. I live with my uncle. Hes probably not home at this hour, and we have food supplies. ”

”Are you sure your house is safe? ” Ava asked quite warily.

Vilgar nodded casually, ”Its safe, and my uncle has a gun too. We need that. ”

”Why don we just stay there?! ” Lily asked with a wide smile, especially in front of Vilgars house, which was Troyes house.

Vilgar turned his head back to look at Lily, then pulled a faint smile. ”Well, if there are no disturbances, we can stay here until my uncle comes. ” He then turned to look at Ava, ”Do you agree? ” Ava nodded quickly in response.

They finally stopped the car right in front of Vilgars uncles yard. He first told the two girls to stay in the car while he checked things around the house. Ava complied, while Lily stared silently at Troyes empty house.

”This housing complex is too quiet, ” thought Lily as she realized her surroundings.

After making sure the area around his house was safe, Vilgar immediately gave them a code to enter the house. Ava immediately got out of the car as did Lily, but when Ava walked first to approach Vilgar, who was in front of her door, Lily instead decided to walk for a moment to the middle of the highway, a little closer to Troyes yard, which is directly opposite Vilgars house.

”Do not enter! ” someone shouted from a distance, making Lily stop her steps, as well as Vilgar and Ava, who had just opened the door of Vilgars house.

Lily turned around, looking at the path they had taken before. This time she found a young man walking towards them, half running with a baseball bat covered in blood and a slightly unkempt shirt. ”Don enter any house! ” shouted the young man, making Lily look back, looked at Vilgar and Ava, who were now in front of the door of the house, and immediately closed the door.

They were now unknowingly walking backwards from Vilgars uncles house, and they slowly stepped back and then returned to the car. A snort sounded so loud from inside the house that Vilgar and Ava now stared at each other, confused by what had just happened.

The young man who had rebuked them finally arrived in front of Lily, causing Lily to hold back a smile. She clearly recognized who the young man was. ”This area is under siege. No one is allowed to enter the house. It doesn matter what the reason is. ” It was Troye, now gazing alternately at the three people in front of him.

Vilgar and Ava, who had just reached the middle of the road, then looked at Troye with a confused look, ”What do you mean? ” asked Ava quickly, while Lily was still there holding back a smile.

Troye looked at Ava first, then glanced at Vilgar and Lily for a moment. ”You must have been at school at 12 this afternoon. ” Lily quickly nodded in approval, while Ava and Vilgar just stared at him questioningly, asking for more explanation.

”All the houses in this complex are the shape of millipede caterpillars. Once you touch the inside of the house, you can get out. ” Troye then invited the three of them to walk to a soccer field not far from the housing estate. ”At 12 oclock last afternoon, all the houses here suddenly turned into millipede caterpillars. There are two of them, one line in this part of my house and one line in part of Vilgars house. Everyone in the house could not be saved.

”The first five seconds, they surrounded the entire outside of the school. Absorbing all the humans in the house, then five seconds later, it returns everything to the way it was, and creates a camouflage like this. ”

”How did you survive? ” asked Vilgar.

”I happened to be in the building next to the field behind my house with my friends, ” he replied casually.

”And where are they now? ” Ava asked, starting to guess Troyes next answer.

Troye smirked at her, ”They
e dead. ”

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