The Vengeance Hours

00:01:50 - The Hours of Vengeance have begun!

The recess bell finally rang as Vilgar sighed. He was on the roof of his school building, staring bored at some students who were dragging another student to the back of the school and bullying him.

He just watched silently how the group of students slapped, hit, and kicked the one person in front of them. No matter if that student cries, no matter if he has given all his pocket money to them, these students still can help but hurt the students in front of them.

Vilgar understood the feeling. He also once felt high because he managed to destroy the faces of other students. They say that bullying only happens to students who look different from the majority of the kids around them, but to him, thats not true. Bullying occurs because the victim is too afraid to fight back and is afraid to intimidate the bullies back.

He is living proof that fighting back can make bullies loathe him. Vilgar is an albino. He deliberately lengthens his white hair, reluctant to cover the color of his eyelashes, irises, and hair, which is different from the majority of students. He used to be, or even from a young age, often bullied in the school environment because of his different physique, but because he equipped himself with martial arts skills and dared to fight back, everyone became afraid of him.

To him, it was better to be respected and not touched by anyone than to be weak or friendly just because he wanted to have friends.

Not all humans are fun.

A minute had just passed since one student was bullied by another student. While his nose was starting to bleed, Vilgar was still enjoying watching the fight from the edge of the school roof. He doesn want to interfere.

Slowly, the sound of the clock on the wall began to sound. Their school didn have a big wall clock that could make that loud noise. It was so loud that it made all the students there fall silent, speechless. It made Vilgar realize that he wasn the only one who had suddenly heard the sound from the wall clock.

1 minute and 20 seconds. The daytime sky was still as clear as usual, and it was still very hot. As Vilgar looked around, all the students began to fill the classroom windows, looking up at the sky behind him, including the boy who was being bullied by some students. Vilgar also turned his head, and just realized that there was a giant clock floating in the sky.

”The apocalypse can come in the daylight like this, huh? ” muttered Vilgar, subconsciously.

Shouts from various places in the school began to be heard. Vilgar looked back at the bullies. He was still watching silently. The figure of the student who had been a victim of bullying has now started to sit limply against the wall of the building, his eyes and mouth open, emitting black smoke which slowly began to grow, piling up, forming a giant cat-like creature whose body was filled with white bones, three meters high, making the group of students who had bullied him suddenly back away timidly, still not believing what they were seeing.

Vilgar subconsciously took out his cell phone and recorded the incident from the school roof. The creature quickly grabbed the students with its bone-laden hands, stabbed them, severing their necks, and devoured all of their bodies.

Seconds later, the creature turned into smoke again, evaporated in the air, and just d

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