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I’m hoping for a revival of death game novels, which we have not seen recently


This novel has multiple protagonists.

The stories marked with “s” will be viewed from another main character’s point of view (if another point of view is included even in one part, it will be marked with “s”).
But for, the first arc, it will have a lot of alternate viewpoints.

The point of view will vary from arc 2 onward, so if you don’t enjoy reading from other characters’ points of view, this novel may become hard to follow.
I do hope you will continue reading it while being aware of that.


A boy was trying to finish his character creation.

A slightly shorter, lively-looking boy is displayed on the setting screen.

Now, the only thing left for him to do was to acquire random skills.

“N–, that sounds fun!”

The skill displayed was [Dungeon Creation].

The boy pressed the button without hesitation.
He did not know if the [dungeon creation] skill was a good skill or not.

There are many skills that are still not listed even on in-game wiki pages, and he was convinced that this would be one of them.

And there is a reason why there is so little information.

This game is [Eternity].
It has been in operation for about a month after passing its beta test consisting of 100 beta players, and the skill produced by the [Mother AI] that controls all aspects of the system, is said to be [almost infinite].

The sky was transitioning from dark to light.

Syutaro then lands in a city made of stone.

What spreads out before his eyes is a medieval European townscape, which is often chosen as a stage for fantasy games, and an overflowing crowd of many people.

“First, battle! After that, I’ll look for friends!”

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Under the blue sky, Syutaro  starts running towards his first step into this [Eternity]–

It’s still fresh in everyone’s mind.
This [Eternity] is a new VRMMO released by a famous game developer priced at 200.000 yen.

Even though it boasted cutting-edge VR technology and AI built into it, as well as an astounding perfect high-class user experience, its aggressive price tag was still criticized.

The reason was simple.
It was not something that a junior high school student like Syutaro could afford.
In fact, most of the criticism came from current students and housewives.

Then the game developer went on to make an announcement.

That 100 people would be selected by lottery from among those who applied for the beta tester slots, and they would distribute these slots for free.

Naturally, because the ratio was astronomical it left most people in tears.

As the number of people interested in the game grew by the day, thanks to beta testers’ play videos posted on strategy and video-sharing sites, as well as commercials and advertisements, the game developer announced that they would be giving away 100,000 free copies of the game on its launch day.

Thanks to a large number of applicants, the odds of winning are still as small as ever.
Despite that Syutaro was lucky enough to get the game.

Today, one month after the launch of [Eternity], the lottery winners and purchasers joined, resulting in about 350,000 people consisting of beta testers, lottery winners, and purchasers living in this world.

After a brief battle, Syutaro  sat down in the shade of a tree and was already taking a break.

“It’s just a rat! Surround it, surround it!”

“I’ve been bitten! This litt– !”

“Don’t hit me with your stick! Use your magic!”

Nearby, a party of three of boys and a girl are fighting to the death against a small group of rats.

The mob: Demi-Rat Lv.2.

The opponent is the weakest rat-type mob around here, but this is a state-of-the-art VR game.
The realism, the tension, everything is different from any games before it.

The realism was so genuine that even with full LP (Vitality) and MP (Mental Energy), a simple battle could drain them.
And because of this realism, each battle feels like a real life-threatening experience.

“I’m going to use my special skill now!”

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The boy’s sword glowed blue, and a slash that slid across the ground bisected the rat.

The rat glows faintly in the air, then scatters into polygons and explodes.
Two of his companions shouted in delight.

One of

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