Goodbye to the idiot system


Yue Xiuzhi lost his life to the poison.
When he was poisoned, he immediately wanted to get rid of it.
However, Pei Ming said that if he killed himself, he would destroy the whole Jiuhuaxiao.
He had to stay in this dark room for nine days and watched himself gradually become a skeleton.

In a trance, he saw a dark gold dress appeared in front of his eyes, and his eyes moved up, and he saw a pair of cold and cynical phoenix eyes.

All right… I can finally wash my hands after finishing this job

At the last moment before his body died, the voice of the system sounded.

[The host has completed the ultimate task and gained 400000 points.
The accumulated points are 1.15 million.
Do you want to spend 1 million points to open the door of retrospection and return to the real world and revive the body without vital signs?]


[The door of the past has been opened.
One million points will be deducted, leaving 150000 points.]

So Yue Xiuzhi stopped breathing with the expectation of returning to reality.


In fact, he thought that once he opened his eyes, he would see a white ceiling belonging to the hospital, and then his mouth and nose would be filled with the smell of disinfectant.
Then he’d heard the surprise cries of his parents and little sister, and then he would see them swarming around his hospital bed, telling him that he was finally awake.

However, there was nothing.

He woke up in an ancient and familiar room, which was his residence in Jiuhuaxiao for more than 20 years.

What happened?

Even if he didn’t go back to the real world, he shouldn’t wake up here.
If he didn’t die, Pei Ming, who has no conscience, wouldn’t let him stay here.

[System, what’s going on?]

[That what …… hosts …… that what ……]

The attitude of the system is also unprecedented.
He has spent most of his life with this broken system.
This product has always been a stubborn, businesslike, and ruthless one.
It has never been such a twisted, taciturn fool.

So a bad feeling came to Yue Xiu’s mind.

[What’s the matter?! Tell me quickly!]

[That… there was a little accident… Because the real world will break the static state of time relative to the host after opening the door of regression, and return to the normal flow rate.
But the door of regression encountered the turbulence of time and space, which delayed some time, and then… the host’s body has already been cremated…]

what the fuck! I’m cremated now?! People can be cremated three days after death.
How much time have you wasted!!

Yue Xiuzhi tried to suppress his anger and continued to ask, [What should I do now?]

[If your body is cremated, you can’t go back to the original world.
Because this is our major mistake, we spent a lot of energy to send you to the parallel space and time of this world.
You were more than 20 years ago when Pei Ming was five years old.
Since this is not the real world of the plot, you can act freely here without observing any arrangement of the plot.]

Yue Xiuzhi spent some time to calm down and get angry with the system——

[And then what? I have been abused in this ghost place for most of my life for the big cake you said could be revived.
Don’t you know that I want to go back crazy! Now that the cake is gone, you will throw me in this ghost place as compensation? How can there be such a good thing in the world!]

The system has followed countless hosts through countless worlds.
How long could it last? When has it been scolded so badly? But this time it was really their fault, so he explained the situation to the headquarters and applied for compensation.

A few seconds later, the system said, [I have applied to the headquarters for your compensation.
First, your points can be increased by ten times, which means you can enjoy the various functions of the system store and the system at will.
Second, we found that your mother has been suffering from lung cancer in the middle stage, and she is not aware of it at present, which will further deteriorate.
We can greatly improve the health of your three direct relatives and ensure their long life.
In addition, we will give them an additional legal wealth.
This It is the biggest compensation we can make.]

Yue Xiuzhi seriously thought about it, and he knew that it was really a great compensation.
Now he doesn’t need to follow the plot in this world, and there are huge system credits to use.
Despite his inability to return to the real world, this golden finger is already so big that it can almost be said to be invincible in this world.
In addition, it can make your family healthy all the time, which is an advantage that countless people can’t get even if they die.

After thinking for a while, Yue Xiuzhi gradually accepted the reality.
There is nothing wrong with the world.
There are also many good people.
But before, he could only be an abused villain because of the plot.
Now, without the shackles of the plot, he can naturally live happily.

But… I can’t see my parents and younger sister again, I can’t be filial to my parents, I can’t watch my younger sister go to college, I can’t watch her marry, I can’t protect her life, I can’t let my parents know that he is not dead, he is still living well in a world they don’t know

[Do you accept it, host?]

[… Accepted.]

[Then I’m leaving.
Your task is over, and the headquarters has assigned me the next task.
If you have any problems, you can contact me with customer service.]

Hearing this, Yue Xiuzhi suddenly froze.
[System, are you leaving?]

The system did not expect that the host who had quarreled with him for more than 20 years would still be reluctant to part with himself.
He was slightly moved and comforted him with a voice.
[There is no banquet that will not end.
If you are thinking of me, please contact me with customer service…]

Unexpectedly, Yue Xiuzhi suddenly gave a shout of joy and sent him several dancing facial expression figures.
Even the font wanted to turn into a happy shape

System: […]

I thought you were reluctant to part with me

Yue Xiuzhi sent out [Caring for the mentally handicapped.
jpg] and [Laughing out loud.
jpg] facial expressions, and threw a lot of ridicule at the system.
[What are you like? You don’t have a B number in your heart.
How hateful! Ten systems and nine dregs, you are the rest – you are so dreary and cheap!]

The system was scolded enough to suspect life and left this indifferent host.


The original name of Yue Xiuzhi is Yue Shize.
He was a highly paid programmer.
It’s nothing special.
Like ordinary people, it has parents and sisters, several good brothers, and several girlfriends.

To put it bluntly, his face is still relatively high.
When he was in college, he was a college grass and looked like the flower of the high mountains.
But everyone who knew him knew him, and

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