For the members of the royal family, there are many things to learn, but for the 4-year-old third prince, the standards required are not that high compared to older brothers and sisters.

In order for me to have more options for my future, I need a kind of education that is befitting of the third prince, but for me, who originally experienced two lives, it's not that difficult.

The letters are different, but if you can speak the language properly, it's easy to remember.

I spend my free time relaxing, cooking what I want to eat, and reading books, but I feel that something is missing.

I was wondering what it was all about…
and then I suddenly realized that There aren't many kinds of entertainment in this world.

There is chess.

However, other than that, there are almost no such things as playing cards, old-fashioned board games, etc.

Even chess seems to be popularized as a game for the nobility, so common people don't play it.

Naturally, there is nothing I can do about video games, but it wouldn't be strange if there were cards around…
I thought, but apparently it seems that people of this world are more interested in acquiring knowledge and power than entertainment. 

The results is that there weren't any signs of development in entertainment, perhaps from the state of our predecessors.

Everyone is so serious…but I think that it cannot be like that anymore, so I want to change it.

Chess is fun, but I want to do something else!

That's why I decided to make it.

If you were to ask me if I had that kind of knowledge because I was a company slave, my first life experience would speak for itself.

Naturally, there are many people with children and the elderly visiting the inn .

They grabbed me and made me play with them to pass the time, so while I was forced to work for them, I learned a lot of games.

At that time, I was doing it for work and it was to entertain guests, so it was natural to lose, but anyway, I want to experience whether I can win or lose with my ability.

That's why the first thing I'm going to make is a classic among classics, cards.

I was a little lost as to what to do with the design, but decided to use the cat Nyanta and dog Wanjiro from the picture book.

As for picture books, serialized books were sold and semmed to be quite popular.

I tried hide the fact that I'm the author, but I'm a member of the royal family, I fell that the people who come in and out of the castle seem to know that I'm the one.

Well, they said they were expecting a sequel.

Drawing is probably a bit further down the road, so now I'm concentrating on making playing cards.

For the time being, the pattern on the back will be a cute illustration of the two animals…
and it's completed just by copying the original it.

After that, I decided on spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds, and for the Jack , Queen, and King designs…
I can't just use the same thing, so I'll let Nyanta and Wanjiro play an active role.

Queen is a girl version of Nyanta that I Draw to look like a queen….it feels like a stretch, so I'll make it like a princess.

Jack is Wanjiro's knight version, and King is Wanjiro with a crown….let's use a bad looking Nyanta as the Joker card.

Once the pattern and design are decided, after that, I just have to copy it properly and …

“Huh? Sirius, what are you doing?”

When I was checking the completion of the completed deck of cards, Lesia-nee-sama entered the room.

For some reason, Regulus-niisama is also behind me…
what is going on ?

“I anm checking the cards “


“Maybe you made something again “

I nodded to Regulus-niisama's words and briefly explained about cards game. 

“Well ,let's play it now “

“I agree “

“That…aren't you working brother?”

“Only once.
Besides, I had some business with Sirius.”

So, the three of us tried the most classic old maid, but the poker face of the two was too strong, so I was thoroughly defeated.

In the end, beside that, we tried various other games, seven-row, poker, and millionaire, but I couldn't beat them in any of them.

Later, when I played with Raul-niisama, I managed to avoid to always lose , but everyone was too strong, and me the developer ended up being the weakest.

Especially in poker, everyone lies with a straight face, and I couldn't see through it…

The card was discovered and commercialized by my mother and it spread quickly so I received a large somme of money again …but is it okay for a 4-year-old to receive such a large amount of money?

Well, it's useful for my family, and it's good that I get some pocket money, but now it is my mother who is taking care of all those things, but if I have to leave home one day, what will happen…
it difficult for one person to do these things, so I honestly think that I would have to secure talented people.

My current exclusive maid, Elia, might quit being my maid when she has a child, and if I leave home, it's doubtful that there will be someone who will follow me.

(Tn: I am starting to really doubt the intelligence of our mc)

Well, in my case, it looks like I'll either have to help my brothers or get a random title and live, but I still want someone I can rely on.

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