Chapter 07: pictures book

“Hmmm…all of them are not good after all…”

I regularly read well written books in my study, but sometimes I want want pictures book so I tried looking for them but all of them had realistic pictures and were not at all cute.

It can't be helped that there are no comics.

Well, in the first place, I didn't have much time to read manga in my first life, and even when I did, , I only skimmed through comics in genres I didn't like so I could talk to customers.

However, as for pictures book, I had to read it to small child, so I did read it regularly. 

That's why I feel uncomfortable with these realistic paintings.

“yeah…let's try it”

I decided to do whatever I want to do in this world, so I decided to move to action immediately.

“Elia, paper or something to write with please”

“Yes “

I sat on the desk in the study and asked the maid Elia to prepare the tools.

First of all, let's decide the theme …
a cute picture book for children is a most do .

In that case, it would be better to modify animals that everyone knows and make them cute.

Well then, let's make it a book about cats and dogs .

Wolves and bears are more recognizable in this world, but they have the image of being dangerous animals, so even if they are not as well known , they have to be cute and safe animals.

That's how I started making picture books with cats and dogs as the main characters.

Elia who was behind me seemed to be a little surprised by the cute cats and dogs that I drew .

The content is a heartwarming story about Nyanta the cat and Wanjiro the dog.

Colored pencils are rare, so I draw a draft and add color.

After a few hours of concentration…
I've completed the masterpiece “Cat and Dog Story”.

“Elia, what do you think?”

“That's a lovely picture.
I have never seen a picture book with such cute pictures.”

Elia isn't good at flattering, so I guess she is sincere.

First, I asked Area to read it, and she seemed to quite like it , so I headed to Resia-nee-sama's room to have the next person read it.

“yeah? Hi Sirius”

……On the way, I ran into Regulus-niisama.

“Greeting brother “

“What is the thing in your hands “

“I tried to make a picture book”

“picture book? can I take a look? ”

“Yes “

Actually, among my family, I want Lesia-nee-sama to read it first ,but since I can't refuse my brother request, I decided to ask his opinion. 

“Heh, you're good at it.
And what a cute picture”

So Regulus-niisama read it out and said with a smile when he finished reading it.

“Nice, no prejudice and good quality”

“Thank you “

“Are you going to sell this?”

“Hmm, what do you think? I just made it because I wanted to read a picture book with cute pictures.”

“I see, but if you show it to mother, I think you'll definitely sell it, right?”

“Right “

I thought I didn't have a sense of drawing, but this time I found out that I was pretty good at drawing deformed characters.

Well, I don't know if it will sell, but…

First, I had Lesia-nee-sama read it after Regulus-niisama, and it was also quite well received.

Sister Lesia, who loves cute things, seemed to like this book very much, so I decided to give the original to her as it was, but soon my mother was told about it, and she really commercialized it. 

As the assets of the royal family increased, my father happily praised my picture book, but…
somehow, I'm a little scared that I can do what I want to do and in same time make money easily.

I believe in Goddess, but I feel a little uneasy because of my circumstances so far.

Even so, I didn't expect to become a picture book author in another world…
Should I consider a sequel?

However I don't want be rushed so they will have to wait patiently. 

I made this promise with my mother, since I don't want to go back to being a company slave.

I will draw What I want and when I want to draw. 

it will be the same with cooking.

I will make what I want to eat and when I want to eat. 

What a luxurious way to spend your times…Eight hours of sleep in a fluffy bed is a luxury, and a life where you can relax and do what you like, it is really the best. 

However, I have to think about the future goal.

My Life is meaningful as of now, but I wonder if I'd be happy to have a leisurely life with a lovely wife and kids.

…..Please, I earnestly hope that there will be no such thing as the time in my previous life as a hero. 


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