first errand.

I've been in and out of the kitchen more and more because of the french fries.

It's fun to pass some recipes to Zephus and make them with him, but I wonder if it's rare for the royal family to spend all their time in the kitchen, the occasional gaze doesn't disappear easily.

Meanwhile, I was trying to make a certain dessert.

It is made by chilling ,which is something that can't be done unless you use ice magic tool which is very expensive or use ice magic which has a very high degree of difficulty even among water magician.
But when it come to royalty, ice magic tool are very common, so it is amazing.

Well, I can use ice magic, so it doesn't matter if I have it or not, but it's better if I have it.

Shall we go?”
I am heading with the finished product to a large school in the royal capital.

Magic, swordsmanship, from nobles to commoners, there are various departments, and it where I was heading.

After the case  of french fries, Sister Resia asked me, “Please let me eat first when it comes to dessert.”

I'm a younger brother who can't ignore the request of my close sister Lesia, so I head to the academy with an escort.

In addition to Elia, I brought Elia husband Rudolph along with several guards….I felt that it will be hard for me to openly go out alone as the youngest member of the royal family.

Next time, I plan to go around the outside with transfer magic by myself, but I have to be careful not to find out.

While thinking about it ,I noticed that I arrived at the school.

I thought I was used to be the center of attention in my previous life as a hero, but after all, if you've my personality, you're far from being used to it.

While I admiring the seize of the school, once I entered the luxurious building for aristocrats ,the meaning of the gazes changed.

Even the third prince, the youngest, who doesn't get much attention, when it comes to the children of nobles, many people seem to know his face ,and asked “why is the third prince here? ” rather than “Why is a small child here?”.

In the midst of such attention, I asked the teacher to tell me a classroom where Sister Lesia was, and I arrived without interruption.

In the classroom, I could see Lesia-nee-sama talking to her friend in a friendly manner, but when her gaze fell on me, she happily stood up and hugged me.

“Sirius!  what happened?”
“Sister seems to be busy….am I troubling you?”
“No, not at all.  so what happened?”
“This has to be eaten quickly…so I am here “

That's how I handed over everyone's favorite pudding.

It is easy to make ,but I be in my first or second life, I have only taste it enough to count in one hand.

I've made dozens of times in my first life, but…
well, I didn't have enough appetite to eat it, so I  tried to make it like this.

“Wow…!  It's kind of cute.
is  this  a sweet?”
“yes, it's a sweet called pudding”

My sister's friends and classmates were looking at me with desire when they heard about sweets, but…
unfortunately, I only brought my sister's share.

“Pudding huh…
it shaking”
My sister  shake the pudding in the container while sliming.

As a younger brother, I can't ignore the sight of several noble sons admiring that smile.

Well, my sister is cute, and she's a princess, so they can't help but be curious, but if it was me, I might just give up because it's too high.

If I really fall in love, I don't know, but if I'm just a little interest, I might choose a leisurely life.

Yeah maybe it best to just be sister's younger brother after all.

“Do you have your share, Sirius?”
“No, I've only brought enough for my sister to eat.”
“Well then, I'll share some of mine, so let's eat together”
Said My sister while taking  my hand to  guides me to a  seat.

It is lunch break time, so it seems that there will be no problem with it  .

After greeting me, Lesia anesama's friends asked me about the  sweets, but they were  very surprised when I answered that they were handmade.

Well, a 4-year-old prince making sweets is just unrealistic.

“then let's eat”
“Then after you sister “
“Ok?  then i'll start “

After saying that, she scooped some pudding with a spoon and elegantly carried it to her mouth.

Then, my sister opened her eyes wide in surprise and smiled like she was melting.

“Sweet and delicious…”

Instinctively, I make a fist pose, but I love my family in this life because they give me such a happy reaction.

In my first life, even if I made food, no one would appreciate it as it was a natural job, If they didn't like it even a little, they would throw it in the garbage can  right in  front of me, so I didn't really enjoy making it.

In my second life, I only cooked  my own portion, and that time, I made it with an emphasis on nutrition, so I didn't have much leeway.

Yeah, this world is the best.

“Look, try eating too, Sirius “
“yes, sister”

That's fine, but what about  them eating in public?

Well ,it is a gentle older sister taking care of her younger brother, and it is a plus for my older sister, so I will accept it.

The pudding that my sister made me eat was cold and moderately sweet.

Yeah ,it is well made.

From now on, Zephs will make it, and  I'm sure there  will be even more delicious ones, so I'm looking forward to it.

“Umm  ,Lesia sama, Sirius sama .can share it with me too?”
“Um, me too!  “
“Me too!”

After one person spoke, the others followed one  after another.

While thinking that it might be common in any world for girls to have an eye for sweets, I was impressed to see that Sister Lesia was able convinced everyone by saying that she would serve it at the next tea party.

But I understand that rather than splitting the rest among several people, it would be more appropriate this way.

It was my mistake to only think about making my sister happy  without thinking about how everyone  would react when I presented the new sweets in front of them, but I'm happy that I have relatives who follow me like this.

Despite having experienced life twice, my  lack of life experience may be the  harmful effect of being tied to one place all the time.

Then later, the pudding served at my sister's tea party was very popular with her classmates.

It seems that some people asked me to sell the recipe, but my sister kindly refused.

Well I don't mind selling it personally, but it seems to be good things for the royalty to have a lot of Good cards in hand .

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