I fell asleep after being healed by Philia's care, so my physical strength had recovered the next day.


After finishing breakfast, we went to Flora's room with Cecil and Shalltear.



 “Flora, are you feeling okay?”


“Yes, thanks to Sirius-sama.”


 Flora who is on the bed show a beautiful smile.


She seemed to be able to sleep and eat properly for the first time in a long time.


 “So, are those over there Sirius-sama's fiancées?”


 “Yeah, my legal wife Philia and my concubines Cecil and Shalltear.”


After the introduction, Philia and the others greeted her.


Philia solemnly greeted her as the daughter of an aristocrat, Cecil was calm as usual, and Shalltear was a little nervous.


Flora also answered the greetings from the three of them, but after that they began to talk like they knew each other for a long time, so I decided to leave.


At first, I wanted to see how Flora was doing, but from the look at it, she seems to be okay, so I'm relieved.


Due to the nature of the diseases attracting constitution, she needs treatment at least once a week.


 “Hmm? Hey, Sirius.
Have you finished talking with Flora?”


When I was walking while thinking about such things, Brother-in-law Hermes and Brother Regulus who were passing by called out to me.


“Yeah, right now,  she is talking happily with just my fiancées.”


 “That's good.
It seems like Flora will be able to get along with them after marrying you.”


“Is Sirius going somewhere?”


 “Yes, I have some business to do.”


I couldn't find it yesterday, but I've heard of something that I always wanted is in this country.


“Then, before that, why don't we go and report to Father once? Hermes and I also have something we want to ask him.”




In any case, I was planning to report my engagement with Flora, so I nodded and headed to my father with transfer magic with the two of them, and my father said with a wry smile.


“I never expected you to increase the number of fiancées before you even got married … But to strengthening our friendly relations, the engagement with Princess Flora is just right.
So we will follow as it is.”


Sister Rosa is married into the Kingdom of Sistasia, and Flora will be married into the Kingdom of Slaind.


 I see, it's true that both Kingdom are balanced by marrying princesses in the other.


Most of all, since brother-in-law said that Flora will not be the legal wife, it is the  ideal situation to shut up some annoying aristocrats.


Originally, Flora was like any  illegitimate child with a commoner, she was an odd existence even in the castle, but after her father, the king, died and my brother-in-law took over the government, he immediately silenced those who disliked Flora.


The concubines, Flora's stepmothers, were also forced into retirement.


That was to make his sister's life as easy as possible, so brother-in-law Hermes is a good brother.


Unfortunately, I don't have a younger sister, but if I did, I would really like to be such a cool older brother.


“However, four… I think we might need to increase Raul and Regulus's concubines as well.”


“No, no, I don't need it.”


 “Me too! We will think about it if father also get some!”


 “I have no intention of marrying anyone other than my wife.”


 Father replied clearly to Raoul-niisama's words.


Somehow, it's really cool…
I already have four fiancés, so it will no work for me, but maybe I'll try to imitate it?


“Well, I guess I'll just have to get that part right.
Father-in-law other than that.
Regarding Flora's wedding…”


“You said she is handicapped…
hmm, it is difficult…”


Flora also wants to have a wedding at the same time as Philia and the others, but since they can't walk, the three of us need to think about a solution.


Brother Raoul?


He is leisurely drinking tea and eating sweets.


 “On the day of the event, we will prepare a special seat… Do you feel like we should leave the movement to Sirius or a servant?”


“The attending nobles might say something… they might say stupid things like being treated better than the legal wife.”


 Come to think of it, I remembered that I have never seen a wheelchair in this world.


Normally, if someone can't walk due to illness or injury, he did just lay down and do nothing, so people probably didn't even come up with anything in particular.


“Then what about something like this?”


 I nonchalantly created a wheelchair with earth magic, and tried recommending it.


The response was more favorable than expected, so the idea was adopted and it was soon made by the castle's craftsmen.


Regarding the sale of this, there was a discussion between my mother and Hermes brother-in-law, but it seems that it will be sold according to the situation.


Well, I have no problem if Flora can move freely, and the role of pushing Flora's wheelchair is something that I don't have the chance to do with my other fiancées, so it was fresh and fun.


Even so, Flora's wedding dress huh…
I thought from the bottom of my heart that it should be as good as the other fiancées, so we need to prepare it ahead of time.

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