“I see…
I understand.
Then I'll say hello tomorrow.”


 When I told Philia about Flora, prepared to kneel down on the ground, she was easily accepted it.


 “However, Sirius-sama……before that, I have something to ask of you.”




 “Please come over here”


 When I sat down on the bed after being told that, Philia slowly invited me to her lap.


 Yes, it's a lap pillow.


“Um… Philia?”


 I'm happy, but it is sudden so I am also surprised.


 Philia gently speaks to me.


She said, “you have a slightly pale complexion.
I'm sure you did something unreasonable for Flora-sama's sake, didn't you?”


I was surprised. 


My complexion is bad…
even though Flora and Hermes' brother-in-law didn't notice anything…


“…How did you notice?”


 “Ever since you entered the room, you've been a little strange.”


I'm no match for Philia.”


 “I am Sirius-sama’s fiancée.”


Philia strokes my head while saying so.


 I instinctively entrust my consciousness to her gentle hand.


Come to think of it, it might be the first time.


When did someone get worried about me like this?


For example, my first life.


No matter how hard it was, I couldn't tell anyone, and it was a hopless environment.


I couldn't run away, and even if it was hard, I was desperate not to lose my job.


Even in my second life, I was called a hero, but in the end I was just used until my body broke down.


You may think that I had more power than them, so I should just run away, and after doing that, I won't have any troubles.


Precisely because I couldn't–no, I died from overwork because I couldn't.


 It was natural if I do something or that I was able to do it.


Was it my first previous life that I was punished if I couldn't do it?


Things that have been ingrained since childhood do not disappear so easily. 


 Even at my second reincarnation, it was not an exception.


That's why I couldn't resist the warmth of Philia, who is gently enveloping me like this.


“…Hey, Philia”




 “Will you sleep with me tonight?”


 “Of course.
I'm going to have Sirius-sama all for myself tonight.”


I slept with them, including Cecil and Shalltear, several times on the way to Sistasia.


However, it may be the first time for the two of us to sleep alone like this.


Cecil and Shalltear had somehow read the atmosphere and left the room.


The matter of Flora seems to have been accepted, and it's helpful since I 

 didn't need to use my remaining physical strength to explain, but it may be necessary for the two of them to sleep separately today.


I have 3 fiancés…
No, I have 4 with Flora, the number is increasing, but it can't be helped since it is the result of my decision to act freely.


When we enter the futon together, Philia hugs me gently.


 I'm showing my pathetic side…
I want to show a more cool side, but in front of Philia, I'm the one being spoiled like this.


Is it her kindness?


I must have fallen in love with her because she is such a girl.


 “Sirius-sama, I’m not saying that you can't help others, but please take care of yourself.
You are more important than anything else.”


To take care of myself…
Maybe it's the first time I've been told that.


I see…
can I take care of myself?


Live freely! That is what I have been  saying all this while.


Without being bound by anything, I can do what I want and live the way I want – in that case, I have to think about myself a little for the sake of those who care about me.


Philia makes me realize that.


I am still bad after all…


“Thank you, Philia.”


 “Of course it is my duty.”


 “Then, can I ask something from you?”


 “Yes, anything please”


“It doesn't have to be a lullaby, but I would like you to sing me a song or hum for a while.”


It was a song I never heard before, but after she put my head on her lap the other day, Philia sang it instead of her lullaby.


So, after I asked, Philia smiles and begin to sing softly.


While listening to that song, my consciousness fell into darkness, but strangely, I felt good.


 I don't know how to say it…
I feel something like motherhood.


I think that Philia, who seems to have mother qualifications at this age, is really amazing, but I have to show my cool side as much as I am spoiled like this.


Well, for the time being, I hope Philia and the others will be able to get along with Flora tomorrow…
Both Philia and Flora are good girls, so I'm sure they'll be fine.


I fell in love with these girls because of that.


The sleep that day was more comfortable than usual, and it was a good sleep, but when I think that this is waiting for me after getting married, I felt like I should work harder.


For my cute fiancée, I have to do what I can.


 Like that, while listening to a cute lullaby, I slept soundly until morning to recover my strength and magic.


Even so, is it just my imagination that I feel that Philia's legal wife's dignity has begun to show?

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