A young boy was walking alone in the streets of the Kingdom of Sistasia's royal capital…
Yes, it's me.

……I know.  It's not cool, right?  sorry.

 To tell the true, I'd like to go around with my fiancées, but that would be for a later date.

 In my case, I don't need an escort, and I'm wearing the ring of illusion, so I won't stand out, but I'll still be careful.

“Uncle, please give me apple juice.”

 “Yes! Immediately !”

 I bought apple juice, which seems to be a specialty, and I also bought a skewer of deer meat and walked around while eating it.

“Ah, this juice is delicious.”

 As expected, the quality is different when it became a specialty.

Why don't I  buy this in bulk?

 “Hey! Wait!”

 As I was thinking about that, I heard a voice in front of me.

Looking at it, it seemed that an old man had his belongings snatched, and the culprit was rushing over here.

Stealing is not good, right?

I use sleep magic on the man who was probably thinking that he could escape easily.

Then, the man who was running  collapsed on the spot and rolled over

 as if a string had been cut.

 “Hah…what just happened?”

The old man collected his luggage while tilting his head, and a soldier came to capture the man.

I ignore them and slowly enjoy the scenery.

 All of a sudden, I smelled a delicious scent of baking bread.

When I wandered over there, I could smell the freshly baked bread coming from a small shop, so I went inside without hesitation.

“Oh! Welcome!”

 Younger than me?

She's a pretty clerk, but is she the daughter of this store's owner?

 “I was lured in by the smell… Can I buy some bread?”

“Yes! There are many varieties.”

After buying some of the recommended items, I started to eat right outside the store.

 ――At that moment, an electric shock ran through my body.

This chewy texture…
how wonderful!

 Even though it's freshly made, it may be the first time I've ever had such delicious bread.

I crazily ate what I bought, and all of them are of a high level.

Phew…the world is still big…

 Thinking that, I tried to go back to the store, but――

“Stop it!”

 “Oi oi, the death line for repayment is  today, right? Keep your promise when you can't pay.”

 –Thereupon, I almost unintentionally exposed my disgust.

In front of the store, there are several bad guys, and the figure of a woman trying to protect the girl who was serving the customer earlier.

“Your husband's debt have to be repaid today.
If you can't pay it, you and your daughter will pay for it…
that's the promise, right?”

 A man who seems to be the leader smiled and made a questioning face.

Asking a woman to repay her debts with her body…
and I wonder if he's a lolicon to not let go even a child of that age?

No, isn't that rude to all the lolicons?

They just love and don't touch or ask for such things (that's what a customer from my previous life said passionately), so it's rude to put him in the same group.

(T/N: I think we can now make a difference between lolicon and pedophile)

 Even so, the situation is easy to understand.

 “Today's business isn't over yet! Besides, it should be just me, and my daughter has nothing to do with it!”

“I didn't say that, it's our rule that if you can't pay, even a kid won't be spared.”

not good at all.

 I've run into some embarrassing things.

The person who seems to be the leader tried to grab the hand of the woman while his followers who laughed vulgarly.

However, the next moment, they suddenly collapsed, causing a commotion in the surroundings.

People watching from afar would not help.

 Well, in the end, I put them to sleep with sleep magic.

I don't want to let such a delicious bakery die, and being kind to women and children is my motto.

 Ah, even if it is a man, if he is a good person, I'll treat him kindly, you know?

“Are you OK?”

 I approach the mother and daughter who were surprised at the sudden development and talked to them.


 “That's fine.
By the way, what he said about the debt, but is it really something you have to pay?”


According to the story, the woman's husband was deceived and forced to carry it on his back while he was alive, and he tried to return it somehow without being able to go against them.

Judging from the amount of money, it's not an amount that ordinary people can earn, but…
that was probably their aim.

 “Why didn't you run away?”

 “I have to protect my husband's shop, but…
I'd like to somehow get my daughter out of here…”

 “I see…
By the way, when you say you're protecting the store, do you mean the store itself? Or do you mean the taste and atmosphere of the store?”

I wondered if it was the former, but fortunately it seems to be the latter.

 If so, there is one thing to do.

 “Then why don't you come to my territory?”

Come to think of it, who are you…”

 I smiled at that question, approached the woman and whispered my name.

“My name is Sirius Slaind.
I am the third prince of the Slaind Kingdom, and I am going to be a noble with a territory.”


 “Yes, I really like the bread here, and I  want you to make it in my territory…
how about it?

The woman was puzzled by the suddenness, but mutters, “But the store…
and I don't have any money…”.

 “Would you leave that part to me?”

“Um…why would you go that far…?”

 She seemed to gradually understand that I was serious, so she asked me that.

Of course, there is only one answer.

“Because a baker who can make such delicious bread and a lovely smiling girl are precious.”

 The girl blushed at my words and the woman was stunned.

 Before the men woke up, I collected their luggage, and teleported to my territory.
After that, I have to prepare a suitable site for the new store and a temporary residence, so will be busy for a while … Well, I'm already lucky to be able to obtain such an excellent craftsman and a lovely signboard girl.

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