“I see… Baron Demonche huh…”


 When we returned to the royal capital, I immediately reported this matter to Regulus-niisama and my father.


 Father heard my report and said with a sigh.


“Originally, he wasn't very popular, but…
it's deplorable that he can't  fulfill his duties as a noble.  Even then, a lord who can't protect his precious people is unnecessary.”


My father is a king who loves his people.


 It is because he is such a person that people respect him.


I think he is cool enough to boast that I have such a father.


 “For the time being, I understand the situation.
Let's send people and supplies for support.
Also, Baron Demonche will have his territory confiscated and his title of nobility stripped.”


“Then we have to send an administrator there as well.”


 “Oh, it's just a lot more work…”


 A deep sigh from Brother Regulus and father.


However, a laugher blow away that atmosphere.


 “Whatever you do, Sirius! You're truly my younger brother!”


 “Raul-niisama, it hurts.”


 Raul-niisama, who was in a good mood patted me on the back, and praised me greatly for purifying 10,000 undead and healing the injured.


I'm happy, but each blow is heavy, and I feel like I'm going to break.


“Ah, Sirius.You did a really good job.I will deal with this matter there right away, but…I think I will hand over the territory to you after seizing it from Baron Demonche.”




 “It's an enclave, but it's not a bad place.
The people of the territory also adore you, and everyone will be happier by having it under your direct control.”


And my opinion…
where is it?


“Come to think of it, hot springs are popular in that town.
Isn’t it better to

take Miss Philia and the others on vacation there than leave it to a magistrate?”


“Hot springs…that's certainly attractive.”


 It will be like a vacation's villa…
Well, the current magistrate, Styve, is likely to die from overwork, so it may be necessary to change the governor, but the hot springs are attractive.


The good thing is that if I transform it to my liking, it can be a wonderful hot spring resort.


“I understand”


 “Well, you should enjoy your trip for now.


is it over?”


 “Sirius took care of the undead and treated the people of the territory.
We have to work as well.”


My father is very considered since he doesn't take the option of having me helping here.


Well, I'm still a child and I used a lot of magic power for the first time in a while, so I'm honestly sleepy.


Therefore, I am very grateful, but Regulus-niisama, who is with me, has a miserable face.


Regulus-niisama, please don't die from overwork.


Later in the morning, Regulus-niisama after came to pick me up,I returned to the city, I informed Stive of the future direction.


He was happy about the territory becoming mine in the future, and he recommended his as an administrator. 


Stive's son used to be Stive's assistant, but he seems to be quite capable and thinks can be entrusted to him.


I want to make Stive retire, but I have other jobs for him, so I just asked him to pay attention to his health and not to die from overwork, to which he thanked me in tears.


His bad working environment will disappear and his work will become regular, so from his point of view there is no greater joy.


When I asked him about it, he said that in order to reduce the burden on his subordinates, he had to do various things by himself, and he had a lot of trouble with explaining things to various people and apologizing.


Yeah it's like a black company. 


 He did really well.


After that, he should spend his time looking forward to his grandchildren's face and doing what he can.


After giving some instructions to Stive, I went around the place where the undead were, just in case, but there wasn't anything abnormal.


It would be nice if it was just a coincidence, but if someone was able to artificially do something like this and there was someone who had a reason to do it, it would be troublesome.


That said, there are no signs or traces of that in the vicinity, and Philia and the others don't seem to have encountered any particular problems.


 This is…
I'll look into it later.


While thinking  about that, I returned to the mansion in the camp, where my three fiancées were still awake.


“Huh? Didn't you go to sleep?”


 “We were waiting for Sirius-sama.I don't know what happened, but you must have been helping people in need again, so we thought we'd welcome Sirius-sama on your way home.”


From Philia and the others mouth, I've become a good person, but…
I'm just doing what's natural…
Besides, I only do what I want to do, and I've decided to live my life as I please.I feel like it's a little different, but since it's my fiancée's goodwill, I accept it obediently.


(T/N: With Sirius personality, I would have long dropped this novel if it was a pure romance novel)


“Thank you”

 “…Sirius-sama, thank you for your hard work.
Shall we sleep together?”

 “Yes, let's sleep together.”


 I say that casually, but I will be sleeping with my fiancées while Brother Regulus is working until morning…
I fell like a bad boy, but I also worked hard to purify the undead and heal the injured , so I should merit it.


Yes, this is a reward.


 As for, Brother Regulus――Fight!


Do your best not to die from overwork.


I will send an ale to my father as well, but does Brother Raul also need it?


Well, if that person doesn't like it, he'll likely slip out and practice, but from Regulus-nii-sama's information, he seems to be able to do that, so it should be fine.


 That's how I was able to enjoy the best sleep.

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