“Please! Let me meet the lord!”

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 One day, when I casually took Cecil and Shalltear to the lord's mansion, there was a lot of noise in front of the gate.


When I went to see it, a young girl and a guard were arguing.


 No, the guard was calming the girl down.


“The lord isn't there right now…
Besides, I can't let you meet the lord without appointment.”


“It will be too late later, please”




At first sight, it looks like someone is deliberately making trouble, but the girl is earnestly begging.


 I can't ignore it after seeing such a despaired expression, so I moved my feet before noticing it.


“What's wrong with you?”


 “Huh? Ah, lord-sama!”


While the guards were surprised to see me, the girl quickly passed the guard with small body, hugged me and said.


“Lord-sama, please! Please help my mother!”


did something happen?”


“Mom, she is sick…
she was taking medicine to heal.
But since the day before yesterday, things have changed, and the doctor can't do anything…”


“Then why me?”


I wonder if I can do something about it, even though the doctor says it's hopeless…
I know the reason, but I just want to ask.


“Lord-sama used magic to heal others before, so maybe… Um, I don’t have money, but I will do anything!”


I am not cold-hearted enough to ignore such a desperate plea, and before I knew it, I was stroking the crying girl's head while smiling.


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“For now, let me take a look.
Can you guide me?”




 “Are you sure, sir? If it's a trap…”


 “Yeah, well, it's okay.
Thank you for your hard work.
See you later.”


After taking care of the worried guards, I head to the girl's house with her.


“…Sirius-sama is really good-natured.”


 “Because he's kind.
Unlike you.”


I am kinder than Shalltear.”


“In which way “


I'm sorry for the two of them who saying that, but…
I'm not that good of a person, you know?


Because there is darkness in my heart.


When we arrived at the girl's house, there was a woman lying in pain inside, and it was obvious that she was the girl's mother.






 “Mom? Mom!”


She is sick to the extent that she can't even reply…
That mean.


 “Calm down”




 “It's okay, alright?”

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After smiling like that, I check the state of the woman.


 I'm not particularly knowledgeable about medicine, but I can judge whether someone can be cured with magic or not.


I wonder if it will work out.


 “Wait for a little while”


After saying that, I put my hand over the woman and activated healing magic.


 It's a different kind of healing magic than the one I usually use.


There are three main categories of healing magic.


 External healing, internal healing, and spiritual healing.


External healing, aka wound healing, is what I always use, the magic that heals injuries.


Inner healing is the magic that cures invisible diseases.


And mental healing…
This is a magic that works on the things like mind that is originally impossible to heal, just like I forcibly fixed my broken heart in my previous life where I was a hero. 


This time I am using internal healing.


 Eliminate the pathogenic bacteria that cause the disease, and cure the abnormally caused by its action one by one.


A faint green light flows from my hand to the woman, but the sight must be the same if you look at it objectively.


Well, I'm concentrating, so I don't know.


 Then, after dozens of seconds.


Slowly, as the light faded, the woman's complexion returned and her breathing calmed down.


Yeah, that's fine.


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“Lor, lord-sama! Mother is…”


 “Yeah, I think she is fine now.”




She is about to wake up.”


 The woman opened her eyes thinly, and smiled when she saw the girl who was clinging to her.




 “Oh, mother? Mother! Are you okay!?”


 “Yeah, somehow my body seems to be lighter…
it feels good, it's strange.”




 The girl huged the woman, without caring that she was a patient.


It's a heartwarming sight, so I borrowed the kitchen so as not to get in the way, and made something light enough to eat.


After slowly preparing the ingredients taken from my subspace using space magic, I returned to the mother and daughter who have calmed down, and the girl said with tears in her eyes.



“Lord-sama, thank you for helping my mother.”


 “You don't have to worry about it.
More importantly, you two should eat this together.
Your mother probably needs nutrition, but you haven't been eating well lately, have you?”


From the looks of it, she didn't look like she's been eating well for the past few days, so when I said that and gave her a hot meal, the girl happily ate it.


Thank you very much for this time.
So, um…
about money…”


 “Hmm? Do you have it?”


 “Huh? No, but…”

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 Well, someone who works with healing magic would probably receive it, but in my case, I don't need to earn money from healing, so I'll leave it as it is.


Having said that, It is often said that there is nothing more expensive than free since it can bite you back anytime, so after thinking about it for a while, I said to the mother who was worried and has a clouded her expression.


“Well, just one thing, please.  Don't overdo it anymore.
If it's work, I can introduce one to you.”




 And I quietly whispered to the woman, who tilted her head.


If you really think about your daughter, your body comes first.
I know an understaffed shop, I think you can work there.”


She must have fallen ill after overworking.


It seems that she managed to live relatively well untill now by working hard, but being overworked is painful.


 No one helped them even after noticing it.

It is good that could find it.


in addition……


“A girl's tears are worth more than money.”


 When I smiled, the woman became silent, after saying, “Thank you…
Thank you…” she lowered her head.


I told her to keep quiet about this, but the new that she had recovered from her illness spread, and it was discovered that I am the one who helped her.


Furthermore, for some reason, because of this matter and my occasional free healing, I came to be called “Seibo-sama” instead of “Lord-sama”, but…
I don't understand.


(T/N:  Seibo-sama (聖母様) is the Japanese version of the Virgin Marie, it literally means “mother of the Saint” or “Holly maiden”.
Don't forget that Sirius has an effeminate appearance)


I wonder where the maiden come from…
isn't just saint better?


I was annoyed by that, but for some reason Philia, Cecil, and Shalltear approved it.


No, really why?

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