2 older brothers

The first swordsmanship training resulted in me being praised by the instructor for my good sense.

The basic stats of the body such as physical strength and muscle memory  were lost, but technical things seems to be ingrained to some extent.

I really have nothing but gratitude to the goddess so much that I can't lift my head.

I think my faith has sprouted enough to pray to the goddess at least once a day.

Well, I don't go to church.

In this country's church, a male god is  worshiped, so there was no point in going there,and I felt like I would be receiving useless solicitations, so I refrained.

I have forgotten to ask  the name of the goddess…it's really painful.

While thinking that, I was staring blankly at the sky in the garden when someone suddenly peered into me from above.

When I looked, there was my brother, the second prince, Regulus, with a refreshing smile on his face.

“Hi.  What are you doing, Sirius?”
“Ah, Brother Regulus.  I am looking at the moving clouds .”

Brother Regulus casually sits next to me while tilting his head.

“Indeed, there are many interesting  clouds today”
“Niisama aren't you working?”
“Well, Raul is not good at paperwork, so I'm tired from sitting at my desk all the time.”

The first prince, Raul-niisama, excels in martial arts, and has the strong body and charisma of a soldier, and is supported by the aristocrats from the military, and the second prince, Regulus-niisama is intelligent, sharp-minded, with broad knowledge and a wide field of vision, he is supported by the literary aristocrats.

The fact that the older brother is in charge of the military and the younger brother is in charge of the bureaucracy is the situation of the current battle for succession to the throne.

“Isn't Sirius interested in being a king?”
” I am not “
” why”
“That kind of thing is better suited for older brothers.

I have no intention of sitting on the throne no matter what, and this time I'm determined to have a lovely wife and children and spend my time relaxing.

“Oh, come to think of it, Sirius can use magic, right?”

“Yes, just a little.”

“I've heard of light healing magic…which degree injuries can you heal?”

Even if you're dying and you're heart had stopped, you can be revived immediately, even if your arm is blown off ,I can easily heal it.

There is no way I can say that.

“I haven't tried it, but I think it can heal minor injuries.”
“I see.”

Satisfied , older brother nodded and left after stroking my head.

what was that?
Well, let's just look up at the sky again and relax.

This kind of useless use of time is luxurious and extremely appealing.
Yes I have been living too well.

So this time, let's have peace…
“Yo!  Sirius!  “

A rough rubbing on my head accompanied the loud voice.

When I turned my gaze, wondering what was going on, there was Raul-niisama, the first prince, who was the exact opposite of the refreshing Regulus-niisama.

” Raul-niisama, aren't you working?”
“Well, I heard from Regulus that Sirius is here.”

To be clear, the two brothers are not on bad terms.
Rather, their brotherhood is good.

However I fell like following after father is a different story, so they are more like rival .

I heard from  themselves that they have decided that they will not hold grudges whether they win or lose, and if they lose, they will honestly support each other.

Well, I don't know about the nobles below, but Raul-niisama laughed at it  before.

“Sirius, are you free now?”
“You're just looking at the sky, aren't you?”

Without the  courage to refuse an invitation from my strong brother, I was reluctantly taken to the knights training grounds by Raul-niisama.

“Ah!  Raou-sama !”

When the members of the Knights saw Raul-niisama coming , all of them straightened their posture.

“I want to train seriously for the first time in a while”

Some people put a miserable face at those words.
Well Raul-niisama is far stronger than normal human, so if he train seriously, there is probability of death.

“Do not worry!  No matter what happens, Sirius will heal you !”

….I see ,so I was called here to for healing?

Even so Raul-niisama.
Don't crush their hearts.
It will seriously hard to heal if it is at that level.

That's how Raul-niisama's serious training began, but it seemed more  appropriate to call it hell.

Overwhelming prowess that made you wander between life and death over and over again and fierce attack that doesn't  allow any distraction.

Surely, if Raul-niisama was there in my previous life, I might not have been called a hero.

” fine?”
“Ah, thank you…

After using healing magic, many knights thanked me.

Some of them said something like “saint-sama…” but I am not a woman,
So I don't want you to make a mistake there.

My older brother was satisfied with seeing me use healing magic, but…
no way, I  won't be called every time from now on, right?

I don't want to see these knights piled up like corpses, but…well, I don't have the courage to say no, so I can't help it.

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