“I am screwed up…!”


 I suddenly look up at the sky.


 At this point, I am forced to pay the price.


How heartless…


The beginning of things was my usual whim.


Looking at the potato starch, I remembered a recipe, mixed the strong flour and soft flour together, kneaded the dough, and let it rest overnight.


At this point, I was completely unaware of the problem.


However, when it was time to prepare the ingredients! I noticed it when I was ready.


Yes – no soy sauce.


it is a payback for what I put off…


“I can't help it”


It's interesting to see Sirius-sama like this.”


Cecil summarized my despair, grief, and resignation with the word “interesting''.


Yeah, I don't mind that kind of thing.


With that said, let me announce what I am making…
yes!  Boiled dumplings!  (Applause C'monne!)


Hey?  Isn't it just dumplings?


In my opinion, it ranks high on the list of things I want to eat even though it's spicy, along with takoyaki.


I ate them once a month when I was a company slave because I could confirm that I was still alive when I eat something hot and spicy.


Well, I couldn't go buy it, so it was handmade.


“Cecil, help me wrap it up.”




When making dumplings by hand, depending on the number of dumplings, the wrapping can be bulky.


 So I asked Cecil to help me.


 She is quite skillful, and she wrapped the dumplings neatly without any particular difficulty.


And then, I prepared the pot, and made boiled dumplings, but…
it's a pity.


It's too bad that I can't eat it with ponzu  soy sauce or other soy sauce…
I don't really like sour things, but I know that spicy food with soy sauce is delicious.


Well, I ate a lot of sour and spicy foods to keep me awake, which lead to me hurting my stomach…
but that's the past, let's forget about it.

Hmm, I really want to get the soy sauce as soon as possible.


I want rice too.


I want to make fried rice once in a while.


Ah!  Thinking about it again, isn't Japanese food actually amazing?


After all, it's difficult for an amateur like me to raise the level of food to that of my first  life.


Well, I wish I could only eat what I want to eat.


 It's fine to make mayonnaise, but I don't want to eat it.


However, I succumbed to the pressure from my mother and made it to eat the vegetables, but I did not forget to be careful because I will gain weight if I eat too much.


Mayonnaise is a double-edged sword…


“…Sirius-sama, it looks delicious.”


 “Want to taste?”




When scooping it up with a ladle and get on the plate, the steam is spectacular .


“Be careful, it's hot–“


 “――――!――Afu, afu――!?”


Is it too late…the hot dumpling is

 probably dancing wildly in her mouth.


Just in case, I gave her some water and she drank it up vigorously.


I thought I was going to die.”


  ” Sorry, you ate it before I could warn you.”


 “…Sirius-sama, ah”


Oops, come on.


 Phew, but it doesn't work for me!


yeah, it's delicious.”


Muu, did you use magic?”


 Before I put it in my mouth, I let out a little bit of cool air to offset the heat.


but this is fun”


As I was triumphant in my heart, Cecil brought a boiled dumpling to my mouth again.


 I ate it reflexively, but it wasn't hot enough to writhe, probably because it had cooled down a bit.


Hmm, but I still want ponzu soy sauce…


“…Sirius-sama, I'll call Shalltear.”


After being fed until she was quite full, Cecil went to call Shalltear.


 I see, the next target is her…


“Sirius-sama, did you call me?”


After waiting for a while, Shalltear quietly entered the kitchen and served.



“Shalltear, I made some food, would you like to try it?”


 “Sirius-sama’s handiwork……yes! By all means!”


…… Sorry, I can't imagine eating hot boiled dumplings with those sparkling eyes.


“It's hot, so be careful.”




Shalltear ate vigorously without cooling down.


 The hot contents naturally ran over her mouth, and she desperately tried to hide it, making her a little teary eyed.


It's cute, but as expected, it is hard to watch, so I gave her some water.


Ah, thank you very much.
It is very delicious.”


 “Well, it is nice if that is the case.”


“…Yeah, it was really good.”


Cecil, who had just arrived, had a satisfied expression as if she had seen what Shalltear was doing just now.


“…Sirius-sama, are you going to bring this to Philia-sama too?”



 Naturally, the two of them also know about space magic and teleportation magic, so that question is natural.


“Hmm, she must be busy today, so maybe tomorrow.”


do you know her schedule?”


 ” Roughly.”


Also, a plan to live with Philia in the territory before our marriage is secretly underway.


On the surface, it will be to enter the territory early and get used to it, but the real intention is that I just want to be with Philia.


 I'm planning to do it when I am around 13 years old, but the wedding is scheduled when I'm an adult at 15 years old.


Until then, I can't get my hands on it, but…
I don't think I'll be in a hurry.


 If I can spend time relaxing with Philia, Cecil, and Shalltear, it's not a bad thing.


Rather, I want a relaxing life.


By the way, when it comes to the school, I'm supposed to enter ahead of time.


Originally, students were required to enter the school from the age of 12, but an exception was granted due to the ability of Philia and I.


With regards to magic, she's improved considerably under my guidance, and she's also excellent in academics, so Philia is amazing.


10 years old…
In other words, two years from now, Philia and I will and enter the academy.


I was going to look for a concubine candidate there, but…well, I don't think I should worry too much about that.


Later, I had Philia eat the boiled gyoza, but as expected, I could not bear to her with such red eyes, so I cooled it down for her.


Cecil and Shalltear seemed confused by this treatment, but they seemed happy when I did the same thing later.


It's lovely like that.

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