When I was ready, I decided to walk around the city shortly after Ain and Clay left.



 “Are you two ready?”


The female Knight Shalltear and the eyepatch magician Cecil have arrived together for some reason.


“……it is okay.  Ain and Clay will prepare.  Besides, I don't think it's necessary this time.”


 “Hey, Cecil.”

 “Hmm, I don't mind.
As long as it's not a public place.”


It's true that she to learn some manner, but it's not really rude.


“…Yes, Shalltear is too strict.”


“Uh, noisy! I'm just looking for a master!”


And, you will be 30 soon.”


  “Don't say that to me! And I still have four years left!”


… So she is about 26?


For me, I don't think she too far behind…
but maybe it is too late to get married in this world.


“…Lord-sama, how old are you?  ”


 “Me? I'm 8 years old…”


the age difference between parent and child”



They are two very interesting people.


“Come to think of it, Shalltear's shield is cool.  Perhaps a shield made from the scales of an albino flying dragon?”


 “Um, yes.
You know your stuff well.”


But Shalltear is amazing.
Isn't that shield pretty heavy?”


it is okay since she is a gorilla.”


 “Who's a gorilla!”


It's a large shield that's twice as tall as me, but I'm impressed because she always carries it on her back and move agilely.


“Well, maybe someone who is protected by a beautiful woman like Shalltear will be happy”


do you want to be protected, lord-sama?”

“Hmm, that's right.
I'm usually full of gaps, so it might be nice to have someone to protect me.”

“You are small but, that can't be said of your power “


I am not small. 


“Cecil is a Magician, right?”


 “…Yeah, but I can only use dark magic.”


 ” isn't that enough?”


But dark magic has a bad image.”


” I think we should use everything that is useful “


“…That's right”


She has a rather cold feeling, but I think she is an interesting girl to talk with.


“Is that eye injured?”


Do you want to see it?”


 “Um, if you can show me.”


 “Oh, hey…!”


 Before Shalltear could stop her, Cecil turned to me and took off her eyepatch


Her hidden left eye was so badly burned that it is painful to watch.


I gently touche her left eye, which can't see.




 It surprised Cecil, but…
Can I try to fix it?


“Cecil, if you want, I'll cure you, but how did you get it?…What happened?”


Cecil is stunned.



When I thought I was asking too much, she muttered with a trembling voice.






don't you feel sick?”


Oh, you mean that?


“I don't care.
So, if there is some meaning behind it, I will leave it as it is, and if there is no particular reason, I will fix it, but what do you think?”


I want you to heal it.
It's that man's work.”


 Apparently, her father did this because he was disgusted with Cecil's left eye


Indeed, some parents are cruel.


I Thought that and fixed it immediately


With the healing of light magic, the severe wound is instantly healed, and a bright and beautiful golden pupil dwells in her left eye.


“…it's so beautiful”




 “Oh, I'm sorry.
I think it is nice to have this beautiful gold color.”


 Cecil was dumbfounded, but immediately after that, she changed her expression from her expressionless to a smug smile and said.


“…You're strange”


“So you will not drop the eyepatch after all.”


“…because it's a habit”


 Even after her eye was healed, Cecil is still wearing her eyepatch.


She's already used to it, and she doesn't want people to look at her left eye too much.


Well, that part is sensible, so let's leave it alone.


“Come to think of it, Shalltear just said she is looking for a master, right?”



  “It also means your marriage partner, right?


“Of course.
I became an adventurer to find that person.”


A pipe dream.”


  “This is not a pipe dream!”


Replied, Shalltear at the words of Cecil, who had regained her composure.


“And I can say something similar to you”


just your imagination.”


“Liar!  You're also looking for a destined partner――Mugu!”


“…it's already been found”


Shalltear silently nodded despite her reluctance to Cecil's words.


“Well, if it's Shalltear, I think you'll find a good person.”


 “Is that so?”


 “Yeah, you're beautiful, and I think it's good to have both knighthood and femininity.”


would you like to be my lord?”


 “Yes.  But, a child like me wouldn't be able to do it.”


I want someone like this to protect me by my side, but they will also have the right to choose their partner, and I don't want to force them.


“…the age difference looks amazing”




“Well, I don't care about age.  Or rather, if you fall in love, age is a trivial matter”


Because of my love for Philia, I'm sure on that point, so there's nothing to be afraid of.


“It doesn't matter if you fall in love…”




 “-Ha! No no! It's nothing!”


What is it…well, okay.


After that, I returned to the adventurer's guild with Shalltear, who seemed to be conscious of me, and Cecil, who seemed to be closer than before.

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