I miss japanese food

In my previous life, when I was a hero, I didn't care…
No, I didn't have time to care, but now that my life has become more comfortable and luxurious, I've come to miss certain things.

“I want to eat Japanese food…”

Of course I like bread, but sometimes I want to eat rice too.

I will not ask anything extravagant, rice and pickled radish should be anough. 

If you have rice, you can make donburi.

Oyako-don, katsu-don, gyu-don, sukiyaki-don, eel-don…the list goes on and on.

(T/N: it is literally, a boll of rice (don) with various complement)

There are also dishes that can be made with soy sauce, such as simmered vegetables.

I miss miso soup…
I want to eat pork soup too.

When I think about it, my first life was too hard, and I couldn't eat much Japanese food.

In my second life, even if I became a hero, I couldn't afford to eat delicious food.

In any case, it may be inevitable to remember the nostalgic taste of my hometown (although I don't want to go back).

Apparently, rice itself also exists in this world.

That said, it's still not at a place that I, a child, can go.

Teleportation magic can only go to places you've been to before, so I can't suddenly teleport to an unfamiliar land.

If I travel a distance every day, mark the transfer point and teleporte back home, it's not impossible to go, but…
I don't want to do that.

Even if I miss Japanese food, there are so many other things I want to do that I don't feel compelled to go.

It's difficult to ask a merchant, so I'll try going when I grow up.

By the way, I'm eating alone again today.

Since sister Lesia got married, the number of meals alone has increased.

Raul-niisama, who will succeed to the throne, and Regulus-niisama, who will assist him, are busier than before and have less time to show their faces.

Father and mother seem to be busy as usual, and with this, I will inevitably have my meal alone.

You can see why I became a siscon. 

For sure, it was sister Lesia who raised me.

I'd like to eat with Philia, but…if I go, she'll get distracted, since Philia seems to be busy with her studies and lessons.

Well, it seems that it will settle down soon, but I don't want to disturb Philia who is doing her best right now, so I guess it's better to go out and have fun for a change of pace.

Normally, I would have to study  various things, but since I haven't been reincarnated twice just for show, I can do things to some extent.

Regarding the territory, there is no problem so far.

Magic and swordsmanship…
I have skills and magical powers, so I can only do muscle training.

…… Well, I don’t want to be muscular like Raul-niisama.

Yeah, no.

 Everyone was busy, and I was made to realize that I was the most free.

But there is nothing to worry about.

It's not that I'm slacking off or doing nothing, it's a blessing that the goddess gave me so that I can spend my time like this.

Yes, this life is the best.

So, in my spare time, I pray to  Goddess-sama.

I've become a believer too.

Well, I don't really worship anything other than Goddess-sama.

I'm told not to spread it, so I can't increase the number of believers, but even so, it will have been difficult to spread the goddess's splendor with just my power alone.

……No, let me be honest.

 For some reason, I don't want to talk about this to other people.

If it's Philia, it's fine, but that's just because she's Philia.

She's important to me and she can keeps secrets. 

By the way…
I recently realized that maybe I have a strong desire to monopolize things.

Especially when it comes to Philia and Goddess-sama.

For Goddess-sama ,it may be disrespectful, but when it comes to Philia, it's probably because she's too important.

I wonder if it's because of my past…
Maybe it's because something important has suddenly appeared.

Come to think of it, I have to decide on the concubine as soon as possible…………My heart fell heavy.

Philia said with a smile that she would get along with anyone, but I wasn't sure if I could love her properly.

If you are so attached to one person, can you love another?

A mystery among mystery. 

Well, I think I should be able to spend my lazy days like this for a little while longer, so I enjoyed my leisurely time.

Peace banzai.

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