Lately, I feel like I'm getting extravagant.

However, I can't give up on this alone.

today I will definitely take my bath by myself “

Isn't it strange that it takes 10 maids to bathe a boy ?

My father and brothers are all alone, but for some reason I'm the only one who was bathed by the maids and washed over into egg skin that makes me think I'm a maiden…

It's one of the secrets I don't want Philia to know, but…
no matter how much I say I'll go in alone, if my mother orders it, the maids will  take me to the bath in no time.

I protested to my mother about that, but she ignored it and only say”Sirius is cute.” With a slime on her face. 

The proposed alternative was to enter with Mother or Sister lesia, but…
that means the maids will still be there, right ?

Both my mother and Lesia-nee-sama are always polished into egg skin by the maids in the bath.

Well , my married sister isn't here anymore…

Since we're family, I don't think it's embarrassing to be seen naked.

Furthermore, I'm a child, and it's impossible for me to fell something over my mother and sister naked body.

It would be different if it was Philia…
but it can't be helped because it's someone I like.

I really can't take it anymore, so I decided to get into the bath by myself, sneaking into the bath by slipping through the eyes of the maids.

The baths rime for the royal family are separated for men and women, but they are provisional and few people follow them.

Nonetheless, that's why I was relieved that there was no one around at this time.

When I took off my clothes and entered the bathroom, the scenery felt fresh and different from usual.

Well, I was usually taken by the maid and washed all over the body――ah, just remembering it makes me cry.

While shedding such tears, I carefully wash my  hair, face, and body in order.

Recently, using shampoo and rinse seems to be popular among women who say that it makes their hair smoother.

I'm also kind of uneasy about using only shampoo and rinse…
but washing myself with my own hands is the best.

(T/N : I don't know why )

After washing like that, when I soaked in a huge bathtub, I couldn't help but sigh.

 I don't know when was the last time I took a bath alone like this…

Sitting on the second step of the bathtub is just right in terms of height,so that I can stretch my limbs and take a breather.

“As expected, the bath is nice…”

As a Japanese, no, as a person, I don't think it's a good idea to cut corners when it comes to bathing.

A bath is essential to wash away the fatigue of the day and induce a relaxing sleep.

Yeah, it's very fulfilling.

However, it didn't last that long…

“Oh? Sirius?”

I was startled by the voice.

When I timidly looked behind me, there was my naked mother with an army of maids.

I'm sure that a normal man would be fascinated by her beauty, but unfortunately I don't have such feelings for my relatives, and don't particularly pay attention to her breasts, which are full of motherhood.

After all, the glaring eyes of the maids in the back are terrifying, like carnivorous beasts facing their prey.

“What? So you really wanted to join us?  ”

it's rare for you to take a bath at this time.”

  “Somehow, I  felt like it.”

My mother approached me with a smile, and I stepped back.

My busy mother often act on a whim, but I feel like she's doing it on purpose this time.

Even though she's a woman, the speed of an adult's step and a child's stepping back can't be the same, and she will reach me in no time.

Escape with teleportation…
No, impossible , I am naked right now.

I tried to run, but I was caught before I could pass through her.

I gave up and went in together…
In the end, the maids gave me an egg skin polishing as usual.

  ――Ah, this is packed.

The mother and the maids were smiling.

That smile was like telling me to give up, and that couldn't escape.

 ……That's it! I can do this!

I came up with an idea, immediately execute it, and  teleported to the dressing room with teleportation magic.

Hehehe, I will  just use from the start next time and I will be able to escape…

“Sirius-sama, you'll catch a cold, so please return.”

For some reason, there's a maid with a smiling face at the destination, and I was forced to return to the bathroom.

Back there, Elia and other maids who always make me shine like an egg skin were waiting, and reminding me that I can't escape.

I tried to resist slightly by saying that I already washed, but they didn't listen to it, saying, “There is still more polishing to go .''

 I thought deeply about how powerless the third prince was.

By the way, brother Raul and brother Regulus were allowed to take a bath by themselves relatively early.

I don't want Philia to know about it, but…
I'm also looking forward to taking a bath with Philia in the future, so I'll do my best with that as my goal.

But if possible, I would be happy if I could take a bath alone before that…
I really want that.

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