Birthday party 

Two days after my baptism, it was finally time for my 5th birthday party.

 Various aristocrats are participating, and their children are also…
I can't help but want to go home.

Why should my birthday be celebrated by those troublesome aristocrats?

Something like this happens every five years…
Well, since I was born into the royal family, I cannot do anything about it  …
but  It makes me want cry.

“Welcome everyone !  Today is the 5th birthday of my son, the third prince, Sirius.
Enjoy yourself to your heart's content!”

The party started with these words  from my father', but…
starting there I will have to greet various nobles starting from the Duke.

 What's more, he casually introduce his  daughter to  me …
but I really don't want to .

And she has to greet me with flattering word!  There's no reason to say such a thing, I tried my best to treat her  like an adult with a smile.

And then, when the party was halfway through, I suddenly felt like going to the restroom, so I  left quietly.

The greetings were all over, and now my two brothers are talking to influential people, so even if I leave, it won't affect me that much, so l leisurely admired the castle on my way back from the restroom.


 “Hey! Are you listening!”

I heard a voice that sounds like someone was arguing on the other side of the wall. 

That said, the walls are high, so it might just be my imagination, but I hope they won't make a  mess  at my birthday party.

Thinking that, I ran quietly over the wall and jumped to the tree where I heard the voice.

I looked down  while thinking that if I were being watched,  I might have been seen as an assassin.

Luckily, I landed quietly and didn't seem to be  noticed by the people fighting under the tree,and when I looked around, there was a disturbing sight of multiple children of aristocrats surrounding and blaming a young girl. 

However, in front of that disturbing sight, I was involuntarily fascinated.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the girl surrounded by them, rather than those nobles, is an angel with long beautiful silvery-white hair that's never seen before in this world, and beautiful orange and blue eyes with different colors in both eyes.
She was such a lovely girl.

But the others don't seem to think so…

“Are you listening!  This vampire!  monster! I  feel ill just looking at your face!  “

 “I can't believe you came to His Highness's birthday party looking like that!”

“You look sick with  Those horrific cursed eyes!  “

 “Go away “

 “Yeah “

I thought that the girl in question would say something back, but…
she only muttered.

” His Highness…
His Highness's birthday…
Oh, because I wanted to celebrate…”

The girl who said that while trembling.

Those words made them even more excited…
but I couldn't take it any longer and jumped down from the tree.

Landing beautifully between the girl and the guys surrounding her.

Of course, everyone will be surprised if the person celebrating his birthday suddenly fall down from the sky,but I couldn't take it anymore. 

“So, Your Highness!  Why form such a place…!?  ?  “

 “What, while I was taking a walk, I heard an awfully unpleasant chirping.”

When I glared at them, they gave me various reasons and left…
I didn't care about those guys, so I turned to the girl and smiled.

“You said it with all your heart just now.”


 “ My birthday… you came all the way here because you really wanted to celebrate it.”

“Ho, how “

“It is a secret “

Surely this is one of the effects of the divine protection from the gods at that time.

I can understand the true intentions of those who are sincere towards me.

This silver-haired girl in front of me really appreciate me.

“Your hair is beautiful…
can I touch it?”


She is  at a loss for words again at that sentence. 

Well, I'm sure this girl hasn't been told good about her appearance until now.

That's why, although it seems that she's surprised by the suddenness…
the girl said as though she was about to shed tears.

isn't it…?”

“Do you mean your appearance?”

The girl  nodded.

 “I'm different from other people…
my hair looks like a vampire…
my eyes are weird…
everyone says they look like monsters…”

 I slowly stroked the hair of the girl who was holding back her tears,

, confirming the feel of her beautiful hair, and said.

“It's so beautiful  your hair that shines like snow, and  beautiful eyes that look like a starry sky…
it's almost like your are  a silvery angel.”

“”–!? Ugh…”

The girl burst into tears at those words.

When I scooped up the drop with my finger, I instantly wanted to protect this girl.

“May I ask your name?”

“…… Philia …… That’s …… philia Astarte …”

“Philia huh…
that's a nice name.  I'm Sirius  Nice to meet you, Philia.”


The smile that Philia showed at that time.


 When she saw it, it was so innocent and beautiful that I  began to feel like  wanting to protect It even more .

“Goddess-sama, I'm sorry…I think I fell in love with a human girl for the first time in my life.”

That was the day I met Philia.

 And so was the day I fell in love with Philia at the first sight.

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