The Tellus Mage

Truth Behind The Veil

Perched upon a large tree, with his legs firmly clenching one of its thick branches a young boy that looked 8 years old, held a green bow firmly in his hand in a drawn position. Elias observed the quiet forest vigilantly, his breaths quiet and shallow. Just then, a boar moved closer to the bait placed on the ground.

Come on… just a bit more, ”

Watching a boar inch closer to the piece of meat I placed, I drew a deep breath and fixed my aim. Soon a minute passed, and then another. At this point the boar was already feasting on the bait, only when he was half way done did I let the arrow loose, aimed at its heart. The arrows aim was true, yet the boars hide was too thick.

Damn, just a tad too shallow. Using magic is very tempting in times like these.

The steel arrow head was a few inches shy from its heart. The boar squealed in pain and fright as blood trickled from its wound dying the ground crimson. The boar panicked and ran in the direction of the tree I was perched upon, making it an even easier target.

I quickly swung down whilst my legs were still clenched around the tree branch. Like a bat I waited upside down for the perfect shot. I calmed my beating heart and focused on the boar heading my way.

Closer, closer… NOW!

Just as the boar was directly under me, I shot my arrow under its left shoulder and hit its heart through its back. It skidded for a few meters before it fell limp and the breath of life left its body.

Phew, that was close

I slung my bow on my back and adjusted my quiver on my side, before tying the boars legs with a rope, placing it on a thick cloth and dragging it with me. I walked for half an hour, passing by a variety of trees I marked with an ”X ”.

On the way, I admired the beauty of the wild forest, its savageness had an appeal you could not find anywhere in modern civilization. The primitive cycle of life was at full display, even now while I make my way home I was given a front row seat to all the preys and predators playing their part in that cycle.

The moment I walked past the front gate of our home, a loud laugh made its way to my ears.

”BAAHAAHAH. Would you look at that, my son, only five years old hunted an adult boar and dragged it back home all by himself. ”

Wiping the sweat off my forehead, and putting down the boar, I gave my father a toothy grin. ”What did you expect, you taught me how to hunt yourself! ”

Matching my grin two fold, my father grabbed the boar with one hand and placed it on a tree stump.

”Alright Eli, get your knife out, and lets butcher it ”

My smile faltered and I reluctantly followed after him. I took out a small hatchet that hung on my side and held it firmly in my hand. Tracing the lines my father shallowly drew with his ”knife ”- more like a sword if you ask me- , a sweet voice reached my ears

”Eli~ come inside I have a surprise for you. ” Mothers angel like voice came from the house.

I knew what the surprise was and fidgeted in anxiousness. I have been waiting for this from the moment I knew children unlocked their magic at five years of age. Looking at my father in expectation he gestured for me with his head.

”Go on Eli, I will continue this ”

I looked at him gratefully and ran inside in excitement.

”Thanks Dad, you
e the best! ” I replied with as much enthusiasm as my small body could muster.

Entering the house and looking upon the furniture and paintings hung on the wall with a look of melancholy, I couldn help but think back on the two years that went by. We made so many memories in that small house of ours. We spent countless hours together, reading, hunting, cooking. I would consider each and every memory, one of my most precious possessions. However, my parents never visited the topic of adventurers or whatever happened in the forest. They simply acted as if nothing happened, only saying that I would understand everything when i grew up.

Walking further inside I could see my mother along with Sophia waiting for me by the table in the kitchen. My mother urged me forward with her hand.

”Eli come closer honey ” My mother gently said.

She then cupped my face with her dainty hands lovingly and kissed my forehead. She then brushed my short brown hair, and her big green eyes gazed lovingly at mine.

”Eli, its time. I know you have been waiting for this for a long time, and I just want you to know that whatever happens now, we will always support you. ”

Seeing the excitement in my eyes, Sophia interrupted. ”Elias, before we proceed, I need to explain to you how the coming of age ritual works. Now listen closely, first, you must place your hand on an orb of appraisal. This orb is specifically made to react to children of your age, and sends a probing magical tendril into your body to discover your prime element. ”

Nodding profusely, I searched for the orb only to find nothing in the vicinity. Looking curiously for said orb, I didn find anything but a few books sprawled on a nearby table.

”Eli, these orbs are only available for very high ranking nobles to possess. Other than that, people generally head to churches nearby to get their element appraised. ”

”Are we going to a church? ” I asked curiously

”No Eli, we won be able to head to any church for certain reasons you will come to understand when you grow up. ”

I narrowed my eyes at her last statement and stared at her in frustration. The secrets they have been keeping from me have increased considerably over the years. And churches? What God do people worship here? Deciding to find out at a later time, I asked the question that was gnawing at my mind.

”How are we going to find out then mom? ”

My mothers freckled face broke into a grin, she then stretched her arm out and summoned a majestic blue staff. The staff had a long sleek blue body and was covered in white runes. The staff splinters at the top to make way to an orb that floats in the middle with apparently nothing holding it in place. The orb was surrounded by four rings of aqua blue water currents, that orbited around it. It then reforms itself above the orb and makes way for a long spear head blade.

I stared in awe at the most beautiful weapon I had ever laid eyes on. I could physically feel the humidity in the air increase several fold just at the presence of the powerful staff. My mother smiled, pleased at my flustered display and proud of her weapon.

”This, Eli, is my staff, Neptuna. It is not a simple weapon but a bounded Aeter weapon. Bounded weapons are weapons that some individuals unlock at the coming of age. Now Eli, I did not summon Neptuna just for show. Neptuna aids me in performing a branch of magic called divination magic. Im sure Sophia has already taught you the known branches of magic to an extent. ” Seeing me nod in confirmation, she continued. ”Because we are unable to appraise your magic using the orb, we will do so using divination magic.

My mother did not wait for me to process the information she just said, and directly moved on to the next step.

”Very well, give me your hand dear. ” She egged me on.

Looking at my mothers outstretched hand, I hesitated for a moment before instantly moving forward. In my excitement and panic, I practically lunged at her hand.

Letting out a chuckle mother chided softly. ”Now, now Eli don be hasty. Sophia, are the wards in place. ”

”Yes lady Aurora, no amount of magic shall escape the designated area. ” Sophia replied in full confidence.

”Let us begin then. ”

Aurora held her sons two hands in her palm and tapped his forehead gently with the crystal orb, as the water rings made way for his small forehead. The moment contact was made Aurora gasped as her eyes turned white. Her aqua blue hair floated behind her as he whole being was wrapped in a hue of crystalline energy.

Inside the divination, Aurora navigated a lucid plane in an ethereal form of white energy. What surrounded her was a vast land of wildlife throbbing with life and vitality. Water falls of great beauty and majesty surrounded the land painting a gorgeous picture. All of a sudden, a stampede of demonic beasts bore out of the earth and trampled the savage haven. Eldritch horrors emerged from rifts in space and wreaked havoc among the land. The native animals were slaughtered brutally, and the peaceful forests turned chaotic.

When all hope looked lost, a pillar of enormous size fell from the sky, as golden red energy burned in fervor around its ends. The demons burned to ash, and rifts shattered like glass. Aurora was swept amongst the demons and the vision vanished like smoke. Aurora lingered about in a light less realm, only for her to find herself in front of a massive living piece of land with womanly features.

Each part of this land was a different region, some cold like the north, others hot like the desert in the south. Animals and Aeter beasts of all kinds resided on this women-like Pangaea. The woman smiled gently and ushered Aurora outside the divination as a portal materialized beside her.

”Wake up, child. They are coming. ”

Aurora gasped in shock as she was back in the corporeal world.

”Gaia… ” she muttered listlessly before realizing the whole room was shaking and vines were emerging from the ground, destroying the wooden floor. In the distance Sophia was holding on to an unconscious Elias and was waiting for her lady to snap out of the divination.

Isaacs burly figure suddenly burst through the door and grabbed Aurora seeing the lasts wisps of energy recede into the staff. With a burst of inhumanely speed he bolted out of the house with Sophia right on his heel.

”Why did the magic leak Sophia?! What of the runic ward? ” Isaac bellowed in anger.

Sophia struggled to find an answer as guilt weighed heavy on her heart. Sophia fixed the glasses adorning her pale face many times as she fiddled with them in anxiousness trying to find an answer, yet nothing came to mind.

”The wards were there to protect a leak of magic from beings as strong as myself, not the divinity of a god. ” Aurora suddenly said.

Shocked at Auroras revelation Isaac and Sophia could only stare at her wide eyed.

”There is no time to explain, Ill make it brief. His primary element is Terra, the strongest affinity with earth Ive seen yet. That is the reason for the earthquake and the vines emerging from the ground. The leak of magic was because a god interfered with the divination. ”

”But that does not explain the intensity of the phenomena. The most intensity any show of elemental magic any child has demonstrated were a light conjuration of the said element, not an interference with nature! ” Sophia could not believe her eyes.

”What god interrupted your divination? ” Isaac asked quickly.

”There is no time now, surely youve sensed their signatures. They
e on their way here as speak, and by the looks of it, Otso and Kyra are buying us time. Isaac, take him to the forest, you are unstoppable there. Sophia and I will take care of them and go back to Lyndell. We have no other choice; our location has been compromised. ”

Isaac wanted to retort and tell her that everything will be okay, but he knew it was not true. He hardened his expression and drew his axe from his dimensional storage. Before he could storm off with Elias a voice called him back.

”Wait. Just, a moment. ”

Aurora took out a ring and placed around Eliass finger.

”Happy fifth birthday my little prince. ” Aurora softly said.

Aurora kissed Eliass forehead, and then her husbands before a big witch hat adorned her head as as blue regal robes the same shade as her staff wrapped around her body. Kyra and Otso appeared in the distance running toward the horizon as Kyras golden markings pulsed with strength, while Otsos antlers enlarged and a golden energy wrapped around them.

”Lets go, Sophia. ” With a cold and detached voice, the Witch of Deluge ordered the head maid and the Master of Whispers of Lyndell.

”I am at your behest, my lady. ”

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