Waking up in my bed, I felt lethargic and drowsy. It guess emotions act as a catalyst for one to harness Aeter in their body.

Mom and dad must have found me in the backyard. Damn, Im in for a scolding. Kicking off the sheets and taking a look outside my window, I saw that it was already noon. Feeling hungry, I opened the door to find granny poised outside my door. She had a mean expression on her face, I could practically hear her scold me through it.

”Have something to eat quickly, and then head to your parents room, you have much to talk, about Elias. ”

I gulped audibly at her notion, my mother is gentle and caring when in a good mood, but I don dare to anger her lest she become destruction incarnate, that my father can testify to.

Having a quick meal I went to my parents room and found them waiting for me patiently, save for my father who was wrestling with Otso.

”Sit down Eli. ” Said my mother gently, I could tell that she was just as nervous as I am.

”Eli, dear, could you tell me what happened this morning? ” Taking a deep breath I took a seat on a chair nearby and recounted the events of not only this morning, but yesterday as well, of course omitting the fact that remembering my past life was the trigger for todays mishap. My parents looked at each other briefly, I could feel that they were communicating silently with their eyes.

”Elias ” my father spoke first.

”Normally, children awaken their magic along with their prime element at the age of 5, and even then, cases of accidental magic are a rarity. What happened in your case Eli is extraordinary. You not only used magic more than a year earlier than expected, but you used one of the most versatile applications of Aeter; Augmentation. Augmentation is when you strengthen something using Aeter, and in your case you strengthened yourself, and the arrow you shot yesterday. ”

I was like a sponge, this new information was very exciting. I could barely contain the urge to go to my room and try to feel for magic once more. Before I could fantasize anymore about the future. My mother gently held my cheek. ”Elias, I know this is all very confusing and complicated, but do your best to keep up, okay? ”

My father lightly coughed and continued his lesson.

”As I was saying, magic is a very important part of our lives, many professions are based on it. For example adventurers; your father is an A ranked adventurer. My primary elements are wind and lightening, both are great elements to use from a distance, although I prefer to fight up close and personal. ” Before my father could get even more sidetracked my mother squeezed his hand to get his attention.

”Oh, I got distracted BAHAHAHAH, never mind Eli. Where was I, ah yes you used magic very early and we are not sure how that would affect your body and mind, It might even injure you and stop you from using magic in the future. ”

Instantly any ideas I had of practicing magic behind closed doors were crushed. What use is it, if I permanently cripple myself? Father talked a bit more about magic, before he told me to go and rest for the day. And rest I did, I was already sleepy despite my earlier excitement.

”Did I do well, did I miss anything? ” Just as Elias left the room, Isaac turned to his wife and asked.

”Yes honey, you were great don worry. ” Aurora gently rubbed his back and comforted him.

”I still think you should have been the one to explain these concepts to him, for gods sake you are an S rank mage! ”

Aurora sighed. ”I told you Isaac, we can . We are already in danger as it is, we can afford to slip up now. I do not want Eli to know anything yet, its too early. ” Before Isaac could get the chance to argue with her, Otso tackled Isaac and continued their wrestling match

”BAHAHAHHAAH, Otso you dumb bastard. Alright, alright lets go hunt its been a while ”

Watching Isaac and Otso get on their way Aurora sighed softly and lay on her bed. Kyra growled softly and nuzzled close trying to console her companion. ”I know Kyra, I Know. I won lose hope, I have to be strong for Isaac and Eli. ”

Night quickly set in, and the small family went to sleep, some with heavy hearts and minds full of worry, while others, or Elias in particular slept with nothing but magic and mystical adventures filling his dreams.

Waking up the next day was easier than usual, my eyes practically snapped open. I quickly washed my face, had breakfast and bolted towards the yard to practice some more archery. Yet, a hand latched the scruff of my tunic.

”Young man, I believe you have a lesson to attend, do you not? ” Alas, granny came out of the shadows as usual. Damn, I even tried to avoid that corner.

”Im sorry granny, Ill go up. ”

”Thats Instructor Sophia for you Young Elias, the lesson has already started. ”

”Yes instructor… ”

I was stumped, I wanted to shoot some arrows. I feel so at ease when I train my archery in the morning. Although, I have to admit, grannys lessons have been fun and very useful. Whatever, Ill have to endure a few hours only, and then FREEDOM!

Looking at Eliass figure recede into the house, Sophia narrowed her eyes slightly and raised her eyebrows in amusement. That boy, that wonderful boy, he instinctively avoided the shadows I was hiding in. What a monster you will become young Elias, what an honor it is for me to be your ”granny ”.

After a few hours of studying with granny, which were more intense than usual today, I was released and allowed to get on with my day. I passed my mother who mysteriously disappeared into her study as usual, and the other maids in our house going on with their daily chores. I took a new bow from the rack on the wall and made a bee line towards the yard before another hand grasped the scruff of my tunic, again!


Looking up the hand that was holding me a few feet off the floor, I could see my fathers beastly grin. ”Hey, Eli my boy, wanna go hunting with your dad. ” Watching that bear-like mans grin was intimidating, but I was in a whole other world right now. Hunting, how exciting, Ive always wanted to see what my skill in archery amounts to. Not only that, but the thrill and excitement was enticing.

”YES! ”

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