The Tellus Mage

Magic lesson

Standing in the backyard of his home, Elias was defenseless in front of an Aeter beast with no sign of his parents.

The gears in Eliass mind were moving at full speed trying to make sense of his situation.

The panther did not move any further, nor did I try to draw an arrow from my quiver. There was something akin to a familiar feeling coming from this beast, I just could not put my finger on it. It was warm, and comforting just like…my mother.

In a trance I extended my hand gently towards the panther, and in turn the panther gently moved forward and nudged its face with mine, while it let my hand brush past its torso. Its tail prodded me gently before suddenly lifting me up onto its back. In my shock I hastily grabbed on to its neck.

”Hey, HHAAHA, hey put me down. HAHAHAH! ” I couldn hold my laughter, it was such an elating feeling to be so high up. The panther suddenly held me by my waist with its tail and zoomed forward, running in circles.

Back in the front yard, Aurora Broke up Otso and Isaac, she ushered them inside the house as the giant bear shrunk to a human size. Sophia welcomed them with smile as she motioned for Isaac and Aurora to greet the newest guest in the backyard. Loud laughter along with occasional yelps of surprise were heard as they reached their destination. Auroras gaze softened, as she watched the pair play around. Isaac on the other hand laughed boisterously grabbing Eliass attention, which led to the flustered boy telling the panther to stop so he could get down. Sophia and Aurora stared daggers at giant man for ruining such a sight.

Elias did not have any friends due to their circumstances, thus watching him laugh so carelessly and having such a blast was a novelty. Isaac smiled wryly and patted his sons shoulder as he introduced his companion.

”Eli, come and meet Otso. Hes friendly don worry. ”

Looking at the bears hulking figure and menacing antlers, I hesitated. But a soft nudge from my new feline friend urged me to raise my hand similar to what I had done to her. Yes, she is a ”her ”, when I tried calling her the other gender I got a tail slap, though it was more of a playful brush on the face.

I closed my eyes a bit and extended my hand further only for the bear to lick my face with its slimy tongue.

”Ew ” What a disgusting sensation it was. Looking over to granny Sophia and my parents side, I could see them laughing merrily at my expense. Determining that I won get any help from them, I scooped some of the saliva lingering on my face and brushed it all over the bears snout causing him to sneeze.

”Bad bear. ” I reproached, and although that felt quite cool of me, it seems everyone else found it funny. Even the panther behind me seemed to snicker. After a few minutes, granny Sophia regained her strict teacher like attitude and introduced the two new guests.

”Elias, the hulking bear whose saliva you are covered in is Otso, he is a Mathan, and Sir Isaacs Aeter beast companion. While the panther, behind you is Kyra, a Bastet, and your mothers Aeter beast companion. ”

Looking at them in confusion I asked the question that has been nagging me ever since the two new guests were introduced. ”Whats an Aeter beast companion? ”

Before any of my parents could answer, granny Sophia fixed her glasses, and coughed lightly.

”I am sure you are already familiar with the term Aeter beast, as we have already explored that subject together. An Aeter beast companion, or Aeter companion for short, is a beast whom you have formed a vow of companionship with. Thus, you become bonded together and become as close as family. ”

Sophia simplified the explanation as much as she could, so that Elias could understand. Seeing that he did, Sophia nodded contentedly.

Not much later the small family went back inside to have lunch when Aurora suddenly remembered Eliass use of magic. ”Elias go ahead and sit down with Kyra and Otso, well be right back. ”

Nodding nonchalantly, I walked to the dining table and started with my food. I couldn be bothered to be worried about what they want to discuss in private. My thoughts were occupied with the magic I did and the whole subject of Aeter companions.

The very next day, I woke up early and went straight to the backyard to practice some more archery. I desire strength, its as simple as that. From what I understood from grannys history lessons, is that this world is not as peaceful as my parents make it out to be. In fact, many kingdoms are having a sort of cold war with each other, while the emergence of sudden rifts in space that lead to the demon continent have become more frequent over the years. Their raids have become much more frequent.

In a world of monsters and magic, it would be a sin not to pursue strength, however, I have a much more personal reason for that and frankly it still haunts me to this day. That feeling of powerlessness on the boat, the anger and frustration I felt for being so helpless and weak makes my blood boil.

A large snapping sound coming from the bow in my hands reached my ears. Looking at the bow, I could see that the string completely snapped, while the wooden shaft creaked and showed signs of splitting in half. Not long after, I felt light headed and exhausted. All I remember was falling before blacking out, yet the sensation of hitting the ground never came.

Observing Eliass practice in silence, Sophia, Aurora and Isaac were shocked at the turn of events. Elias was shooting arrows, just like he normally would, before his arms suddenly shone with a golden sheen and broke his bow. They watched as Elias stumbled before losing consciousness.

Just as he was about to collapse, Kyra bolted forward protecting him from any injuries he might have caused himself. Isaac wiped beads of sweat forming on his forehead, and engrossed himself in his thoughts.

What a prodigy that boy is! We must teach him to control his powers when the time comes. Or else he would be a hazard not only to himself, but others as well.

Looking at Kyra holding the scruff of Eliass shirt in her mouth, I was relieved. Yet, that was not the only emotion I felt. Along with Sophia and Aurora we were all slack jawed. A three, almost four year old, not only used augmentation magic at his command, yet he used it with such strength that he broke a bow meant for a children more than thrice his age. I knew my son was very strong, and I never doubted Auroras words when she told us yesterday, yet this was completely unexpected. All I could do frankly was laugh.

”BAHAHHAHHA, look at that Sophia, Otso did you see it too. Thats my son, my son is a prodigy just like his father BAHAHAHHA. ”

Out of nowhere a blob of water floated atop Isaacs head before completely drenching him.

”AHH! What was that for honey? ” Isaac exclaimed in a frustrated manner.

”He is my son too you big oaf ”

Although Aurora was trying to stay composed, a grin still crept on her face as her hands caressed her sons cheek just as Kyra brought him closer.

Sophia looked at the young couples almost comical display and faintly smiled. Yet she regained her stoicism moments later as she realized the danger Young Eli is now in.

It is imperative that we become even more cautious, lest they do something to harm him. I wouldn put it past those old scheming coots to harm young Eli as a way to get to his parents. Seeing Sophias grim expression Aurora and Isaac schooled theirs and came to the same conclusion, Elias is in even more danger should someone discover his talent.

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