The Tellus Mage


Its been almost one year since Ive been reborn. I do not know why I am here nor how, yet I am grateful. Although Ive read the reincarnation genre of fantasy novels, never once have I seriously thought that I would experience it.

The giant woman I first laid eyes on was none other than my ”mother ” Aurora. I say it as such, solely because it seems weird to call another woman so. I was an adopted child in the past and I called my parents by their names. I was adopted when I was well into my teenage years, it felt very weird to call them anything else.

My mothers skin tone shone under the golden light of the sun with an olive color. She had aqua blue hair, emerald eyes and freckles splattered all across her face. My mother was quite tall, if I was to gauge her based on the metric unit in my previous world she would be more than six feet in height. And I say previous world because I have come to the conclusion that this is a different one, due to one element. Magic! Yes, magic exists! I have seen it countless times at home. My mother and father use it in their daily lives. Mother uses many elements, amongst which I have seen water the most. My father on the other hand, uses almost always what I suspect to be the wind element. Speaking of my father, he is what I would describe as a giant man. His hair and eyes are nothing special, both brown and common. Yet his most impressive feature is his build, he resembles a bear! An athletic one, but a bear nonetheless.

Most of my experience has been a weird combination of embarrassment and amazement. The embarrassment stemmed from my lack of control over my bladder, and the fact that I had to be breastfed. And while I still struggle to control my bowel movements, I can proudly say that I stopped being breastfed almost six months ago. I wanted to stop before and tried turning away from my mothers chest, however almost instantly, comically large tears threatened to fall from her eyes as she worried incessantly that something was wrong with her milk. After that small debacle, I no longer tried resisting. The moment I saw mothers tears, I felt terrible guilt. She is such a gentle and caring mother, I would hate to sadden her so.

In this small amount of time, I have become attached to my two parents. It is such a banal feeling, having this serene atmosphere surrounding me all the time. While my mother was endearing and gentle, my father was playful and lighthearted. He would go to such lengths, acting silly in order to get a laugh out of me, truly a gentle giant. Don get me wrong, my past life wasn horribly tragic or anything of the sort, but the last few years have been very challenging.

”Eli, are you hungry dear? ”

Breaking me out of my reverie, my mother walked in with a small bowl of hashed vegetables. Making some silly broken words I replied positively. The embarrassment at forming nothing but childish sounds was overwhelming.


Looking at me fondly, with eyes full of love, my mother picked me up gently and sat down on a chair inside my room. She hummed a soft tune as she fed me with a wooden spoon.

As Aurora held her child close in her embrace, many thoughts surfaced her mind, as she gazed lovingly at his little hazel eyes.

Holding Elias in my arms, I couldn help but notice how his eyes looked at me with curiosity. I love him so much, he brought much joy into mine and Isaacs lives. Even the ever stoic Sophia could not help but swoon under his innocent charm. This year has been so peaceful, and oh how I wish it could last forever, alas I know it is naught but wishful thinking. I have to go back soon, the rebellion is getting worse and the situation is further escalating. I, I just hope he grows up to be a kind boy, I hope he does not forget me.

”I love you, my little prince ”.

Lying in my mothers arms is truly such a serene feeling. Her big green eyes are so endearing I couldn help but admire how much love this woman has.

”I love you, my little prince ”

Out of nowhere my mother started tearing up, and muttering strange words. Language in this world still eludes me. My parents speak a unique mixture of English and French, quite strange if you ask me, considering that English language stemmed from French one.

My father suddenly entered the room with concern written all over his face. One glance at my mothers state and he rushed to console her. They lay me down back in my crib and left the room, leaving me to stare in confusion at the ceiling.

What the hell just happened? I questioned myself.

However, after much worrying, I dropped the subject.

I can do anything anyway. I should just return to my regular routine.

Apart from your regular baby day-to-day activities, I am trying to feel magic. Speculating from the plethora of fantasy material that I have read, magic is fueled by some agent. For the past few months, going off this mediocre information, I have been trying to get a grasp on this fantastical concept. Many times in my previous world would sketchy individual preach meditating to unlock some strange internal magical powers. No luck so far, but sometimes I feel something ticklish in my midriff area, other times I just poop myself.


Not long after I started my ”meditation ” I felt a drowsiness creeping up to me, the more I tried to fight it the more I felt the intrusive thoughts talking me into surrendering to sleep. And sleep I did.

Cries resounded in the house, as Aurora wept. It was like a dam of emotions finally crumbled and burst through. She had been holding them in for the last year bravely, yet her facade is just that, a facade. Isaac was quick to comfort, but her tears were both hard to trigger and to quell.

”Calm down dear, you have to stay strong. For us, for Eli. ” It was almost comical watching a hulking man holding an angel like woman to his chest, drowning her cries in his embrace. Watching him coo his wife to calming down was sweet, yet unsuccessful. Sophia watched from the side, hidden in the shadows as a single tear escaped her eyes, yet her stoic face never changed. Wiping her tear calmly, she walked toward the couple and with a light cough announced her presence.

”Thats enough, Lady Aurora, you mustn lose hope. You still have not received a summons to return, cherish these moments with your son rather than weeping. ”

Aurora paused for a moment before pushing herself away from her husbands chest.

e right Sophia, but I just could not imagine leaving him alone. I do not want to miss these crucial years of his growth. I do not want for him to grow up without a mothers love. ”

”And he will not ” Sophia quipped.

”However, finishing our business back in Lyndell takes precedence. For without peace, you cannot ever hope for young Elias to have any semblance of a normal childhood. ”

Aurora nodded softly at her words, her tears had long dried and her emerald eyes shone with a blaze of determination. Isaac stared in wonder at such a display, he had been trying to calm her down for hours with words of love and promises of his support, yet none of his attempts were successful. One mention of her sons future had her transformed into the Elite witch he once met on the battlefield.

Not waiting for Isaac to break out of his shocked state, both Aurora and Sophia exited the room, returning to their daily activities. One mysteriously entering a door previously concealed behind a tapestry, while the other picked up a feathered duster and quietly began cleaning.

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