om the Stuart womenfolk and clenched his trembling hand into a fist.
His older sister at that time was much more violent than usual.
She had just bawled in front of the whole family and suddenly became fierce after realizing how embarrassing she had been.
People nearing forty truly turn nasty when they try to hide their embarrassment.
What he experienced that day was a prime example.
And his mother, on the other hand, silently snapped at him for real at one point, scary.


“Sorry, he isn’t in a good frame of mind today.
Don’t mind it.”


George apologized to the student who had come to talk to them before urging his younger brother to head to the classroom.


“N-No, you’re too kind… !”


The student noticed…

Before the brothers left, he noticed William’s trembling fist and the dark circles under George’s eyes.

The two’s fatigued appearance was the best proof to attest to the truthfulness of the rumor that Emma was nearing death’s door.



“Please tell us the truth! It worries me so much that I’m about to go crazy!”


Francesca pressed George and William to explain the rumor about Emma during lunch break in the courtyard they usually hung out.


“She’s really healthy! In fact, she’s being so energetic that it’s annoying! Please believe me!” shouted William.


“Then, why is she absent from school? We’re curious, right, Caitlyn?”


“True, it’s a wonder why she is absent from school if she is perfectly fine, Catherine.”


“ “It’s so suspicious.” ” The twins shared the same sentiment with Francesca. 


“My older brother and His Highness have been taking a break from the academy and investigating something frantically since that day Emma-sama fainted.
Saying that nothing happened and everything was alright was too lame of an excuse, right? Just look at these dark circles under George-sama‘s eyes.
Both of you look very worn out, as well?”


Marion lifted George’s chin up and peered right at his face.
Like Francesca and the twins, she didn’t seem to believe that Emma was all right.


“Hold on! Marion-sama, don’t grab my chin like that… My heart will flutter!”


Marion’s handsome aura was about to awaken George’s inner maiden.


“These dark circles… were because I studied nonstop under Mother’s supervision…”


“ “ “ “Then, why is Emma-sama absent from school?!” ” ” ”

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