Chen Qing lost his temper when he was stared at by Wei Chen’s eyes, and was even a little frightened.
He got up from the ground and left a “You’re f*cking sick!” After that, he turned around and left.
At this moment, the doubts in Chen Qing’s heart were getting bigger and bigger.
Why did Wei Chen become like this? Thinking of the humiliation he had just suffered on Wei Chen’s side, Chen Qing’s expression became more and more gloomy, and something was brewing in his heart.


The night was getting darker, and the lights were on.

There were no lights on in the ward, and with the light coming in through the window, the ward was only a little bit brighter.

Sitting on the edge of Chen Li’s hospital bed with his chin propped up, Wei Chen recalled what the doctor said to him when he checked Chen Li’s body, Wei Chen couldn’t help but get angry again.
He regretted that he just pushed Chen Qing instead of giving Chen Qing a lesson ruthlessly.

Wei Chen’s chest rose and fell violently, and he took many deep breaths to suppress the violent anger in his heart, but the rest was full of heartache for Chen Li in the hospital bed.

Wei Chen looked at Chen Li, but did not dare to touch him on his own, for fear that one of his actions would wake Chen Li up and stop him from sleeping peacefully.

Chen Li woke up once earlier and did not cry when he saw himself in a strange environment.
When no one was in the ward, he just lay blankly like a puppet, and if no one came in, he could stare at the ceiling all afternoon without doing anything.

When the doctor went to the ward to check Chen Li’s body, Chen Li curled up in the corner of the hospital bed vigilantly.
When the doctor came to Chen Li’s side, Chen Li’s big eyes were full of fear, but he did not resist, or perhaps he did not dare to resist.

The doctor observed Chen Li throughout the examination.
After the matter was done, he scribbled something on the file, and then gently left the ward.
When the door of the ward closed, the doctor sighed heavily, and his face couldn’t help showing a compassionate expression.

He took so many patients in his hands, and it was the first time he had seen a patient like Chen Li.
Alas, what a poor child.

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