Chapter 1 – Wei Chen is Dead

Wei Chen knew that he was dead, his body became a vegetative state, and his soul was floating in the void.
No matter how unwilling he was, how much he didn’t want to die, he couldn’t return to that body.
He could only watch his body lying on the hospital bed like a dead man, motionless, with tubes all over his body.

The day was gloomy, it was already seven or eight o’clock, and the sky was not yet bright.

Wei Chen’s soul floated above his body, and he didn’t know how many hundreds of times he tried to enter his body on the bed.
He wanted to enter his body.
He wanted to live, he didn’t want to die!

The result was still in vain, Wei Chen drifted back to the void again, staring at the body on the hospital bed, with mixed emotions in his heart.

At this time, the door of the ward was opened, and a young man carrying an army green portfolio case walked in.
It could be seen that the young man’s life was a bit tight.
The jeans were washed white, and the wide pullover sweater’s loose threads could be seen clearly in several places.
Even the corners of the portfolio case that the young man loved very much was cracked, revealing the brown cardboard inside.

The young man was very thin, his legs underneath his jeans were like bamboo poles, and his face was morbidly pale.
The young man’s eyes were big, but his eyes were full of vigilance, as if he refused to integrate into this world, locking himself in a world of his own.

Wei Chen knew this young man, whose name was Chen Li, and he had the closest legal relationship with him.
They were a pair of legal husbands who had registered for marriage.
In fact, they had no intimate relationship at all.
This marriage was in name only and was just a business.
No, it should be said that it was the product of a conspiracy.

Wei Chen also knew that the young man had suffered from autism since he was young and refused everyone’s affection and kindness.
They had been married for five years, but they had not exchanged a word in his memory.
First, the autistic young man was not good at expressing himself, and second, he didn’t want to deal with this young man.

However, it was this autistic young m

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