Let’s just assume that it was an accident, then~ Shao Yin wondered to herself.
She did not want to assume the worst, plus he was probably just short-tempered and lost his mind momentarily, so much so that he forgot about the danger of a high platform.

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But still, Shao Yin could not help but think about what would have happened if the incident did not happen, and her thoughts started to wander.

Luo XuanMo wanted the Army’s Mark, and he was very much determined to acquire it.
In the original plot, after she had fallen to her death, he got the Army’s Mark just like he wanted to, by framing her family and having them executed as traitors of the country.

This was also a favorite event of the readers, because after killing off her entire family, Luo XuanMo began having nightmares every night, giving him a serious case of insomnia.

When the heroine found out about it, she had comforted him dearly, “Everyone in the country has children.
Even though the late Empress had passed, the many children that had died from her family’s traitorous actions were too cruel.
Commoners are humans too, of course, their hearts would bleed for the innocent children! Furthermore, the late Empress had always been known for her kindness, and your people respect her rightfully so.
If she was still alive right now, I am certain she would support Your Majesty’s decisions and turn her back against her traitorous family!”

Such a sweet scene! The heroine would always consider things from his point of view, showing him consideration and comfort at any decision he makes…

“Mother?” A child’s voice sounded from beside her, pulling Shao Yin’s wandering thoughts back instantly.
She lowered her gaze towards the worried little face that was gazing up at her, “Is Mother feeling unwell?”

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“I’m fine.” Shao Yin realized that she had been so disgusted by the original plot that her face up scrunched up in discomfort, and in order not to worry her adorable son, she quickly settled her expressions before smiling brightly at him, “Do not worry, Xi Er, Mother is already an adult and adults can take care of themselves well.”

“Alright, Mother.” Xi Er took a few more seconds to observe her face, before nodding obediently.

Shao Yin could not help but fall in love once again with his huge innocent eyes and his adult-like serious expressions.

It was enough to make her temporarily forget the feeling of disgust from before, but after thinking through the plot once more, she once again felt the discomfort rising.

Her family had always been strict and righteous, there was no way they would take advantage of their noble statuses and put commoner children in harm, to the point that the entire family was to be executed!

This is obviously the work of Luo XuanMo!

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So he had gotten everything he wanted, and now he needed a reason to appear righteous and not seemingly ungrateful.
And the heroine had been supportive of him since the start.

Pair of bitches!

Come to think of it, since Luo XuanMo was so determined to hold the Army’s Mark within his palms, what would happen to their relationship if she, as the Empress, did not support his decisions?

There would most probably be quarrels and fights, and their feelings for each other would also most probably wear away as time passes.
Their old love would no longer exist, not only that, they might become hostile to each other, and eventually becoming enemies.

When that time comes, where would Xi Er stand? Who would he choose?

Which was why there was never a doubt whether or not this should’ve happened.


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The Empress MUST die.

If she dies early, as per the plot, Luo XuanMo would be able to retain and preserve his image as a loving and affectionate Emperor, plus the advantage of removing a huge obstacle in his rule early on.
He would meet the love of his life, later on, making her the new Empress and finally sharing a long and happy life with her.
This way, he would have a perfect legacy to pass on to the child that was born from their newfound love, the child that was healthy and happy, and who had never once felt any trace of gratefulness to his savior, the child who got everything at the cost of her Xi Er.

After dinner, Shao Yin took Xi Er along with her as she visited the Emperor once more for the day.
By now, night has already fallen, and six hours had passed since Luo XuanMo had fallen from the tower.
Not long after they arrived, the imperial doctors finally came out, looking exhausted and confident.

“The Emperor has the blessings of the Dragon, His Majesty is no longer in danger!” They cried out in relief.

Shao Yin’s body wavered slightly, as tears streamed from her bright eyes, “T…That’s great news! I’m truly glad!”

As if affected by her joy and relief, Xi Er could not help but shed joyful tears too, but even at such a young age, he knew that it was shameful for a man to cry, so in order not to seem weak, he tightened his grip around Shao Yin’s palms with one hand while wiping away his tears fiercely with the other.

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“Someone needs to be on the Emperor’s side at all times,” The Imperial Doctors stated, “We will all take turns staying on guard to observe His Majesty’s recovery.”

Shao Yin dapped at the tears at the corner of her eyes lightly, before nodding to their words, “Okay, as long as His Majesty is recovering well.
Let me know if there is anything you need.”

“We thank you for your kindness, Your Highness!” They bowed gratefully before returning to the Emperor’s room as they prepared the tools and equipment for sudden emergencies.

Shao Yin hugged her son warmly within her arms as she shared her joy excitedly with him.

In fact, it was not an act, as she was genuinely happy.

How can Luo XuanMo die so easily? It would have been a huge blessing for him.

Being alive is perfect.

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