The sedan chair finally reached the entrance of the imperial tower.

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The tower was twenty feet high, it was a gift from the late emperor to one of his favorite concubines, but after he passed, this tower was left as a gesture of romance where her husband would spend time with many of his concubines, she included.

Shao Yin landed her hand onto Lu Yi’s outstretched palm, steadying herself as she left the sedan chair and entered the tower.

“Your Majesty.” She greeted the handsome man seated on the stage.

The emperor’s name was Luo XuanMo and he’s twenty-four this year.
He was tall and handsome, and seemingly gracious as he sipped onto his drink on the stage.

“My Queen has arrived.” He lifted his head and smiled gently at her, “Come, to my side.”

Shao Yin released Lu Yi’s hand before moving towards Luo XuanMo and sitting down beside him.

Lu Yi proceeded to fill up her cup with fresh warm tea, before serving it to Shao Yin.

“Leave.” Luo XuanMo waved his hand dismissively at Lu Yi after she finished.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Keeping her eyes low, Lu Yi bowed down respectfully before taking her leave.

Surprisingly, right after that, he frowned at the remaining servants around them, “You’re all dismissed, I wish to drink peacefully with my wife.
Do not ruin my mood.”

Shao Yin raised her brows at him in amusement, before indicating to Lu Yi and the others to leave them be.

“Your Majesty, what brings you to enjoy tea at such a weird time?”

Luo XuanMo glanced at his Queen, she always had a gentle expression on her face, and her eyes were bright with intelligence.

“I’ve been busy with work ever since I ascended the throne.
There hasn’t been a moment of peace for me in these past two years…”

Shao Yin giggled softly, “It seems that Your Majesty misses the past.”

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“Very much so.” He nodded, “Being a mere prince was relaxing, much more so than being pushed to this position…” He sighed modestly.

Shao Yin took a sip from her cup, her expressions unchanging.

Hmph, what an actor.

Years ago, he gave his everything to marry her, the eldest daughter of the General and the favorite niece of the Prime Minister, in order to gain enough supporters to overthrow the previous crown prince and destroy the third prince, leaving himself with no other rivals.


Now, he’s saying that he’s regretting it all because of the workload?

What a filthy actor.

“For the sake of our people, Your Majesty must try your best!” Her words were gentle and her expressions were tender.

Her role was to be a kind and considerate queen, after all.

Luo XuanMo reached out for her hand, but before he could reach her, as if suddenly thinking of something unpleasant, his expressions darkened quickly, “Hmph!”

“Your Majesty?” Shao Yin asked worriedly.

He pursed his lips tightly together before moving towards the edge of the stage with his hands folded behind his back while staring down at the green scenery.

His huge and tired figure looked exhausted, as if the burden of an emperor was slowly weighing him down.

Shao Yin had no idea what had gone over him, but since the emperor is no longer seated, it would be inappropriate for her to stay seated.

She stood up and walked slowly to his side.

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“What is the matter, Your Majesty?” She asked worriedly.

He glanced over the wide scenery before pointing at a specific building on the horizon, “Those old things!” He said impatiently, “They’re looking down on me because I just recently ascended the throne and that I have no real power! They’re not even taking me seriously!” His words were full of spite, and the hands behind his back were clenched into tight fists.

“Do not worry, Your Majesty, they’ll surely be convinced of your hard work soon!” She comforted him gently.

“I wish I could weaken the nobles’ power and authority!” His expressions were grim and dark, “But I have no idea how!”

Suddenly, he whirled towards her, as if suddenly thinking of a suitable idea, “What if you convince father-in-law to give up his Army’s Mark1 at tomorrow’s morning court session, to set an example for the rest of the nobles? What does YinYin2 thinks?”

Shao Yin stared at him in shock, before turning her head up towards the sky, “Your Majesty, the sky is still bright.” She said gently as she pointed at the clear bright sky.

Translation: Wake up, stop dreaming.

Luo XuanMo gaped at her in surprise.
His wife had always been gentle and considerate, and she had always given him what he wanted, but today…

Even her system was surprised at the change in her usual self, “Why did you do that?” It asked, before continuing on quickly, “Eh, whatever.
You’re going to die anyway, no need to keep him in check.
Tell him to eat shit!”

It was nearing the end of the mission, and the usually strict system was slowly loosening up from years of stress.

Shao Yin ignored the voice within her mind, only to hear Luo XuanMo sighed tiredly, “YinYin, I have no other choice…”

He reached out his hands towards her shoulders before giving her a gentle massage, “My plan is to strengthen the country and bring peace to our people, but I cannot achieve that without actual authority.
We have been married for so long, and I thought you would understand me, but alas, you’ve changed.”

“I know that you’re worried about father-in-law, but you’re my Queen, and our love for each other is deeper than anything in the world.
Even if father-in-law loses his hold on the army, I will only respect and love you more.”

“Plus, Xi Er3 will grow up soon, and when he takes over my spot, wouldn’t he be worried about the power imbalance of the nobles too?” He explained, trying very hard to convince her, “We’re going to do this for Xi Er sooner or later, so why not just do it now, right?”

Shao Yin: …

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Though Xi Er is her son, in the original plot, he had not succeeded the throne.

Not only that, he was turned crippled just to turn the story in favor of the heroine, just so that the heroine’s son could rightfully take over as crown prince.

Her temper rose when she thought about the horrible plot once again.

Her intelligent and filial son, so innocent and kind, who had put himself in danger just to save his half-brother’s life, only to be repaid with a broken leg and an unpleasant life.

Her father and brother, who risked their lives to get rid of her husband’s enemies and eventually lifted him to the emperor’s seat… Not only was he not grateful for it, but now, he dared to ask for the Army’s Mark!?

This greedy bastard!

Such a horrible plot!


“You’re wrong.” She shook her head slightly, “My father and my brother are very much loyal to Your Majesty, they will never betray you.”

Don’t he dare vilify her family.

Luo XuanMo frowned disapprovingly, before clenching down harder onto her shoulders, “Not once have I doubt father-in-law’s loyalty, however, you need to set your sights further into the future.
Five years, ten years, a hundred years, they…”

“They, still, will be as loyal as they are today!” Shao Yin interrupted him in annoyance.

Luo XuanMo gaped at her once again, perhaps in shock that his once gentle and soft-spoken wife had spoken against him, “It seems you’re going to go against my will no matter what I say?” He asked grimly.

“That is not my intention.” Shao Yin answered softly, before glancing over the edge of the tower, twenty feet is a long way down to the ground.

“You know I’ll help you no matter what, if power is what you want, I’ll surely do my best to assist you.” She answered sincerely as she patted his arm gently, “But not this.”

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“What can you do!?” Luo XuanMo asked in rage, before flicking her hand away like a pest, “I want power and authority now! This is the best idea but you’re…”

Suddenly, it was as if time slowed down!

The two of them were standing at the edge of the tower, his hands were laid firmly on her shoulders, while her hand rested on his arm.

The man flicked his hand in rage, as if upset at her words, before whirling back towards the stage, coincidentally, his shoulders knocked against her slender body, and her body began falling backward!

So, this was the Queen’s cause of death, a thought came to Shao Yin’s mind as she felt her body fall backward.

A smile flickered across her face, as if finally understanding an unanswered question.

Her mind was filled with the happy singing of her system, but all was not as it seemed.

As she fell, she reached out both of her hands instinctively, coincidentally taking hold of Luo XuanMo’s sleeves, and before he could react, their spots were reversed and he was the one falling off the edge!


Shao Yin watched in amusement at her husband’s horrified face, before he quickly fell out of her sight.

Hmm, so something good did happen.



An Army’s Mark is a token held by a General.
With the token in hand, anyone can command the army it belonged to, as large groups such as these (usually an army of soldiers / assassins / spies) would usually recognize and take the command of the one with a token, instead of a specific someone Calling someone’s name by a letter twice is a form of endearment Adding an Er behind the name is a term of endearment for said person’s children.

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