The Supreme Villainess’s Journeys as a Cannon Fodder

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“Ah.” Shao Yin spoke up as soon as she reached her palace as she tried to get credits for working hard, “See, I fought off another jackal for the male lead once again.”

“Why are you being so proud of it? You were the one who caused this problem in the first place!” The system did not praise her at all, and instead, snorted coldly.

“Yes, I did, but am I not trying to make up for it now?” Shao Yin answered sweetly as she cooed the upset system.

“Look at you, you’ve always been extremely reliable, why did you lose your bearings at the most critical moment back then?” The system complained once again.

Shao Yin was already used to the system’s childlike tantrums, and comforted it skillfully, “That was entirely my fault, I will do my best to make up for it.”

Days turned into months, and Luo XuanMo was still asleep.

Initially, Shao Yin had been settling the country’s affairs as regent, however, over the months, the court ministers all came to a conclusion that this would not do.

Because, this would be a waste of her talents, plus a country must have a ruler.

Luo XuanMo had been in a coma for far too long with no signs of waking up, but time goes on.

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“What? Attend the daily court meeting?” Shao Yin exclaimed in shock after consecutively receiving several formal request letters from the high-ranking ministers, “That would not do, I do not have the abilities nor the knowledge to take on such an important role!”

“Your Highness should not be too modest!”

“We have all witnessed your talents and knowledge of the country, and everyone believed that you have the capability of being a great ruler!”

“The Emperor had been in a coma for far too long, and Your Highness is the only person we can rely on!”

The ministers said insistently, trying their best to convince Shao Yin to accept their proposal.

“Fine, I will do it for now, but only until the Emperor wakes up.”

And so, Shao Yin began to attend the court meetings.

Not only that, she even brought Xi Er along during the sessions.

This was because, as the Crown Prince, he would have to come into contact with these country issues sooner or later, so it made perfect sense.

To everyone’s delight, the Empress had never once set her eyes on the Emperor’s throne, nor did she allow the Crown Prince to do so too, instead, they had temporarily set up two smaller chairs next to the Emperor’s throne.

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And so, with Shao Yin presiding over the court meetings, the number of quarrels in the courtroom decreased significantly as the issues were resolved quickly.

If there were any important or urgent matters, they would also be solved instantly in the courtroom, instead of requesting for several ministers to submit their reports and thoughts for Shao Yin’s review.

Because of the improved efficiency, the atmosphere in the courtroom had been calm and peaceful, as the ministers had stopped their endless debating.

The year passed in a blink of an eye, and the Emperor was still asleep.

Spring had arrived, which meant that it was almost time for the country-wide examinations were almost 

In prior years, the Emperor should be busy with preparing the questions for the examinations, but this year…

“Since it was requested by most of the ministers, I will do my best.” Shao Yin accepted the ministers’ request calmly, and provided them with a few questions to choose from.

There was no doubt that though they wanted her help, the ministers were worried that she was inexperienced and that the questions that she provided would be inappropriate, hence, all of them had actually prepared a few common questions privately.

However, to their delight, the topics that Shao Yin had prepared were extremely good, in fact, they were even better than what they had prepared!

So, after an internal debate, the ministers finally came to the decision of choosing one topic from the wonderful list she provided.

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Last year, Shao Yin invited the country to a feast, so that the citizens would pray sincerely for the Emperor.

This year, Shao Yin increased the number of admissions for the country examinations so that it will gather good deeds for the Emperor.

Her wise ruling and decisions caused her reputation to soar among the citizens.

Not only were the common people grateful to her, but also the scholars who had been admitted due to the extra slots.
Nowadays, even a three-year-old child who knew nothing about the world would say: “The Empress is a fairy from the heavens that was sent to earth!”

Not only that, Shao Yin’s reputation as a capable and benevolent ruler spread like wildfire among the palace and the ministers.

As she became more and more famous, even the system began to suspect that she had an ulterior motive, “You will hand over the regime when the male lead wakes up, right?”

Its suspicions were not baseless, as a lot of people had mentioned that the Empress’s political skills were not inferior to the Emperor at all, some even claimed that she was better!

And as Luo XuanMo slept his days away, the court ministers who were initially relieved that someone had taken over the country’s affairs, gradually became worried.

Everything was perfect right now, but if the Emperor woke up one day, wouldn’t things change?

The Empress was a humble and benevolent ruler, who had a clear path set for the country, and definitely not corrupted.

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And they had long since figured out that her gentle and soft demeanor was but a mask, and to the shock of the ministers, she was actually a decisive, capable, and sharp woman.

Would such a woman be willing to hand over the regime after being in power for a few years?

The ministers’ concerns were highly contagious, and the system could not help but interrogate and test Shao Yin’s intentions and motives every few days.

“I’m just a Host on a mission, and not a local resident in this world.” Shao Yin rubbed her tired temples as she explained softly, “Why would I refuse to hand over the regime and rule as a female Emperor? No matter how rich or glorious this world was, ultimately, it is not my world and I would not stay here forever.”

The system felt as if something sounded wrong, but it could not figure it out as her words made perfect sense

But the male protagonist had been in a coma for far too long, and the system was extremely flustered by this.

Another year passed quickly…

And finally, three years later – the year where the heroine was supposed to transmigrate into this world, Luo XuanMo finally woke up from his long slumber.

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