Could she possibly be…?

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Prince Qin could barely restrain the agitation in his chest.

If the woman back then was her, considering that she got pregnant after that one-night stand, then the child should be around this age.

His heart thumped madly, as if there was a storm brewing within, but his face stayed firm and calm as he stood unmovingly.

He turned his face towards the Empress and asked casually, “Where were you five years ago…” He paused, “On the first week of September?”

He did not reveal the exact date, in case she had already forgotten about it. 

But Shao Yin remembered everything. 

The only two places she would’ve been at that time were either her palace or the temple nearby.

“I do not remember.” A look of astonishment flashed through her face as she pretended to recall the memories of the past, “May I know why?”

She looked entirely confused, as if nothing extraordinary that would make her remember such a random date five years ago had happened at all.

However, her ignorance and confusion only convinced Prince Qin of his growing suspicions, because the woman must’ve been extremely cunning and intelligent to have avoided his searches for so many years.

Hence, not only was he not disappointed by her words at all, he actually felt a small speck of hope growing in his heart. 

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“Are you granduncle Qin?” Xi Er, who had found out from Shao Yin about the man’s identity, looked up at the man with his big and bright eyes in excitement, “Granduncle Qin!”

Xi Er did not try to escape from the man’s clutches, and instead, stared at him in awe. 

Prince Qin was known as the epitome of the God of War, and Xi Er had always idolized him. 

Though Xi Er was still young, he had already memorized by heart all of the stories and achievements that Prince Qin had accomplished throughout his life. 

He had joined the army at the mere age of fifteen and retired when he was twenty-five.
After unifying the countries, Prince Qin had chosen the quiet and peaceful hermit life. 

In fact, Xi Er’s teacher looked up to Prince Qin too, so obviously, Xi Er was taught to do the same. 

It was like bumping into your idol on the streets randomly, everyone would tremble with excitement and joy at such an occasion!

Meanwhile, Prince Qin almost choked in shock at being referred to as ‘Granduncle Qin’.

If the child was his son……

He observed the child in his clutches thoroughly. 

Xi Er looked like the exact replica of Shao Yin, and he was extremely cute and lively. 

The child looked nothing like him at all. 

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But at the same time, the child looked nothing like Luo XuanMo too. 

Prince Qin released the child and asked softly, “You… are the Crown Prince?”

“I am!” Xi Er nodded his head while his excited eyes gleamed brightly, “My name is Luo JingXi, Granduncle Qin can call me Xi Er.”

“Alright.” The man nodded his head slightly before returning his gaze toward the entrance and taking his leave. 

It seems like he had to investigate this thoroughly. 

Just like when they had arrived, the monk followed closely behind and left together with Prince Qin. 

The servants and maids bowed in respect as Prince Qin left the room. 

After a few seconds of silence, Xi Er finally ran and leaped into Shao Yin’s arms, “Mother, mother! I finally met Granduncle Qin!”

Shao Yin bent down and removed his little hat, passing it to a nearby maid before kissing his forehead tenderly, “You did.
Are you happy?”

“Extremely happy!” Xi Er twitched and twirled around within her arms excitedly. 

“I want to share this with father!” Upon saying this, he rushed toward the Emperor’s bedside and started chatting happily. 

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Meanwhile, Shao Yin took a seat on the nearby chair as she forced herself to maintain her posture. 

“Who is Xi Er’s father?!” The mechanic voice screamed shrilly within her mind. 

“Of course, it is Luo XuanMo!” Shao Yin answered confidently as she picked up a teacup, “Check your memories and think about what happened.
It was impossible for it to be Prince Qin, or do you believe we have the power to affect and amend the almighty story plot?”

The system felt slightly comforted by her words, but it was still quite upset about the entire situation, “You better be telling me the truth, if I ever found out that you have an ulterior motive, heh—”

“I wouldn’t dare!” Shao Yin answered, “Plus, my future is still in your hands, why would I sacrifice myself for something like this?”

“You’re right.” The system scoffed, before muttering unhappily, “You’re really worrisome.”

“I swear it was an accident!” Shao Yin promised hurriedly, in order to cheer the system up.

She had to admit that the system treated her well.

It was extremely indulgent toward her for issues that were not a part of the plot.

For example, after Luo XuanMo cheated on her, the system assisted her in cheating back on him.

For example, after she gave birth to Xi Er and did not wish to sleep with that rotten Emperor anymore, the system would send him into a hallucination every time he visited her palace, and he would usually spend the night imagining the nightly activities alone.

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And the reason why it was extremely tolerant toward her was entirely because she was the first and only Host it had met.

Moreover, ever since then, it had not come across any other viable souls, so Shao Yin was the only person it had interacted with, and spending so much time together throughout the years would inevitably give birth to feelings.

So, unless Shao Yin made a huge mistake and screwed up the world, it was difficult for the system to reprimand and turn its back on her.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Prince Qin secretly investigated the situation five years ago thoroughly.

In his thirty years of life, he had only ever bedded one woman, but she was a true bastard who ran away after enjoying his body.

He did not know what the woman had done to him, but he could not recall her looks nor her voice at all.
All that lingered in his room was the faint fragrance that proved that the entire episode was not a dream.

He was so convinced that not even Shao Yin’s identity nor the widespread love between the Empress and the Emperor could dispel his suspicions.

It did not make sense, and because it was so mindblowing and unreasonable, he had automatically denied it the moment it came to mind many years ago.

So, when all of the possible candidates were proven to be incorrect, what was left would be the only person whom everyone else did not expect.

Shao Yin had no clue about any of these that happened behind her back.

The longer Luo XuanMo was in a coma, Shao Yin would be the regent for yet another day.

Power and authority were addicting, and though the Empress was just a temporary regent as the Emperor would wake up soon, many were tempted to get a share of this power.

And the Queen Dowager was one of the many.

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