You’re DONE!”

It seemed like the first guy had gotten a second wind.
In his hands was a sharp piece of metal.

“…You sure you want to use that here?”

“Y-You… You, are, fucking, DONE!”

My words fell on deaf ears.
His pain and shame must’ve knocked a few screws loose, because he was grinning as he waved the knife around.
It was a foldable knife, otherwise known as a butterfly knife, as far as I was aware.
He swung it towards me, as if he wanted to show it off.

“Hah… Ha… D-d-die!”

He’d lost it.
He was out of breath, his mouth was trembling, and blood was running from his eyes.
And, with that look of insanity all over his face, he was still coming towards me.

“…Bring it.”

I’d just have to figure out a way to deal with this.

This is what I’d been looking forward to.

There wasn’t a hint of fear within me.

“YAAAH!” yelled the man.

His knife glinted in the light of the street lamp, and his hostility towards me was so thick a knife could cut through it.
Yeah, this is exactly what I’d been hoping would happen.

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My heart was pounding, and thoughts were racing through my mind.
Knowing that this was a fight that would end me if I was touched by that knife blazed an odd feeling through my veins.

It was a battle of life-or-death.

I flashed back to the last time this had happened, to the scenario that I had so longed for.
It was a time where I didn’t run, when my feet only moved me forward, where my mind raced to find the best solution.


The man seemed a bit indecisive.
He wasn’t aiming for anything major like my neck or heart, but my stomach.
I wasn’t sure if he was even willing to go through with it.

It was a horrible attack that completely relied on his weapon instead of experience.
It was nothing like I’d experienced in RL – this attack was slow, weak, and nothing to write home about.
It was full of openings and cowardly to the max.

Evading it was a simple matter, and with a hit to his solar plexus, the fight came to a disappointing end.

“Y-you… I… F–”

He was mumbling something, but I had no idea what he was saying.

I didn’t care either way.

The girl carrying her food had vanished at some point during the fight.

“Hah,” I sighed as I got home.

I was no longer hungry; I hadn’t bothered going back towards the convenience store and just came back home.

When I’d calmed down, I realized I’d done something pretty unbelievable.
I’d won my fight against those delinquents, and hadn’t run at the sight of a weapon.
But the weirdest thing about it at all was I’d enjoyed it.
One wrong move, and I could’ve died, but even still…

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I lamented while laying on my bed.

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It wasn’t like I had an answer, though.

“…What is this?”

I wasn’t hungry.

I wasn’t tired.

I felt like that fight with the delinquents hadn’t been enough – my body was still raring to go.
I felt like I’d only experienced it in half-measures, and my body was ready for more and more.

I couldn’t understand it.

RL floated to my mind against my wishes.
I’d quit playing, but my hand reached for the helmet of its own accord.

“Dang, I was supposed to be done with this thing…”

I’d only been playing every day out of habit since the day I’d bought it, but today, suddenly I felt a kind of need to play it.

“Well, maybe for just a little while…”

I wanted…a fight.

I wanted…to be in the world of RL again.


TL Notes:

I'm messing around with different ways to call attention to single-line paragraphs without forcing some weird formatting, but I may stick with the random hyphens.

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