and do a round of RL, but I didn't have that going for me anymore either.
I wondered how that one girl was hanging on, and if she was still having a safe, and fun, time.

…Mm, not that any of that had anything to do with me anymore.
It had already been a week since I'd played, after all, and I hadn't found a single new thing to preoccupy my time with.

“…I made a clean cut from RL, didn't I?”

For someone who ran from every little issue, I'd finally stood up against adversity for once.
Not only that, but I'd actually won, and helped that girl complete her mission safely.

It had been fun to play my very last run as a trader.

“Oh, man…”

It was deep into the night on a weekday when I made my way home.
I was the only one walking down along the darkened road with only the streetlamps to light my way.
When I let my mind drift away, the only thing that came to mind was all things concerning RL.
I'd been playing all this time, so why is it now when I'd quit for real, that it was the only thing I could think about?

I really had zero hobbies.
The only things on my mind were my job and how to live my life, typically.
Maybe I couldn't get RL out of my mind because for the first time in the longest, I'd thought it was fun.

“Dang, the supermarket's already closed for the night…” I said, muttering aloud the most obvious fact.

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I must've been tired since every thought just slid out of my mouth without a filter.
Not that it really mattered, since there wasn't a single soul out tonight except for me.

“Should I hit up the convenience store instead?”

The convenience store in front of the train station was a place I'd always go at this time of night.
There was nothing special about it — it was just your average convenience store.

…I took that back.

“K-knock it off…”

“C'mon, why not? Let's have a little fun.”

“Look at what time it is? You must be here to do that, right, lady?”

It just had to happen at the place I wanted to go.

I saw the unhappy figure of someone with their head bowed, hiding their face behind their food, and two young men surrounding them — one with his hair dyed blond, and another with brown hair.
It was your textbook definition of getting involved with the wrong types.
I didn't think crap like this happened outside of a novel.

“…Shit like this actually happens?” I murmured as I headed towards the store.

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“Oh come on, you're gonna enjoy it.”

“I-I don't want to…”

From the sound of the voice, it seemed like it was a young girl hiding behind that bag of food.
What was she doing walking around this late at night?

“You know you want this, so let's go.”

“N-no, please…”

The man's voice lowering a bit, he grabbed her arm roughly.
She was trying to get away, but I wasn't so sure she'd be able to with how thin her arms seemed.


“The fuck you shouting for, Taku? Whoa, who the fuck are you?!”

I guess I surprised them when they turned around to see me right there.
I was so tired I couldn't even think.
They weren't the only surprised ones here.

…Why was I standing right here in front of them in the first place?

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