[Gained the title “First Traders”.]

It was the first time I'd heard that announcement.
The reward was pretty good, and we got a title to boot.
I could tell just from looking at her face that she'd received the same things.


“Hey, you listening to me?”

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“Yes sir, of course!”

I wondered how traders would be perceived now with everything that had happened.
In all of the peddling that traders have done, this was an unheard of development.
I had no excuses to make, I just hadn't wanted to see her look so worried.
I had to tell her what all traders were about.


No, I had to let her know.
If I didn't, life was going to get a lot harder for her in the future.


“Yes?” she asked.

“What would you think if…traders were treated really badly in RL –“

“I couldn't care less!” Silver affirmed.
“I mean, it's not the greatest feeling in the world.
No one wanted anything to do with me when I talked to them.”

“O-oh, yeah?”

Her answer was different from what I'd expected and it threw me off a bit.
Maybe she didn't need me to talk about this with her after all.

She looked over at me.
“What about you, Nishiki? How do you feel about being a trader?”


I could feel my heart pound in my chest when she asked me a question I really hadn't wanted to hear.
I opened my mouth, hunting for the best way to answer her.


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I wanted to tell her I was quitting RL for good, but the words wouldn't leave my lips.
She probably asked because she'd considered quitting herself, and that shook my resolve a bit.

I'd planned for this to be my last run, but now I wasn't so sure.
I'd used all of my money — what could I possibly do now? Having over ten million gold had been my one selling point.

“Anyway, you have fun.
I've got work tomorrow.”

“Huh? But you still haven't –“

I opened the menu…and forced myself to logout for the very last time.

I breathed out a sigh as I came back to reality and took off the VR helmet — back to my suit thrown about haphazardly, the trash from the meal I'd eaten earlier, the piles of documents and papers stacked up here and there…

For some reason, everything laying around like that bothered the hell out of me.

“I should clean up a bit.”

The hands on my clock showed that it was midnight, but for whatever reason, I couldn't sleep.
I was wide-awake and felt like moving around.
I should've been tired, but I didn't feel that way at all.

“…Man, that was fun,” I murmured to myself as I cleaned my apartment for the first time in a long while.

Skill Description

Gold Resurrection: Can only be used once per battle.
Uses half of one's gold to revive; health is recovered by 30%.

Gold Quietus: Can only be used once per battle.
Uses a preset amount of gold which directly affects the power of the next attack (the more gold, the stronger the attack).
Using a large amount of gold will result in a very powerful attack, but failing in execution will still exhaust the entire amount of preset gold.


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