dition, it'd be like drawing a moth to a flame.

He was coming to strike at me, for that sweet carrot I was dangling in front of him, and that's where it would end for him.


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He had some insane killing intent towards me.
I couldn't run from that — the only path left to me was forward.

That's how it had to be.
Whatever next attack I made had to connect.
Any attacks I made after that didn't matter, because if this one didn't connect, it'd be all over for me.

I had to anticipate my opponent's movement — I couldn't be off by even the slightest degree.
I couldn't miss this strike, no matter what the cost.
There was only one point to take note of in all of his attack movements, and I had the smallest of windows to strike.
In the barest fraction of a second, I needed to read every single movement he made…and then strike right then and there.

I'd use every last penny I had.
This was the real thing — my grand finale!

“Gold Quietus!”

I'm sure that dagger of his meant to slash through my neck, finishing me, but right before it reached me, a blinding golden path of light flared straight towards dagger dude's stomach as I chanted my attack.
The fifty percent of health he'd had remaining zipped down to absolutely nothing left.


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It was an end to his life that came too swiftly for him to realize.
And for me, in turn, it was an end to my entire RL existence — not that anyone knew that much.

With a pitiful cry, he turned into bright dust.
He probably will figure out he'd died when he respawns again.

[Exhausted 6,087,820G.]

I heard the announcement as soon as everything was all said and done.

“Gold Quietus” was a skill that could only be used once per battle and used up a preset amount of gold to launch a powerful attack.
Obviously, the amount of damage it would do depended on how much gold you used, and so, I used every last bit of gold I had.
And the result was as seen earlier.
Who knew? Maybe if I had even saved one gold instead of using it all, the guy might still be standing here now.

“It's all over…”

I won.
I won against the PKers that I never thought I'd have a chance against, and now that girl could…

I looked up at the sky of this virtual world.
Although it should've been the same bright sunlight as ever, for some reason, it looked a bit brighter this time around.

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