now was too little, too late for me.
The second I took the guy lightly, he pulled the wool over my eyes.
Before I had the chance to regret or despair over my situation, the real arrow flew through the air and struck me.

“Hahah! He got you, bitch! Dumbass!”

“Hey, shut up, Ren.”

The archer had broken through my defense, and an arrow pierced into my stomach before I'd had the chance to even try avoiding it.
I'd never seen it coming.

I was down to ten percent health.
I'd had one job, and yet I —

“Sorry, I'm just tired of looking at this asshole.”

The two PKers were looking down at me, at the one they'd defeated in battle.
I felt like a small breeze would whisk me away, and then there was that green health bar I had…
The two of them didn't even feel like there was a point in attacking me anymore.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” I screamed out.

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I didn't know if anyone had heard me.
The only thing I was sure of, was there was no point in struggling anymore.
Nothing special had come out of fighting those two PKers who felt so far out of my reach.
I glared back at them so hard it felt like my eyes would pop out of my head.

[You died.]

That was the second time I'd heard that.
I guess I could plainly say that I'd lost this fight.

Was this the end of my road?

What would happen to her, then? Was I just going to let them leave and trample all over her?

She'd probably be laughed off the face of the planet.
They probably wouldn't spare her an ounce of mercy after they found out she was dumb enough to be a trader.

What will happen to her then, though?

This was just a game, but still…

She found every little thing in this game enjoyable as it was, so what would happen to her if they did that?

What a farce.

I'd bet everything on this — I'd said I would see this quest through and make sure we completed it…
And, what if that “everything” were my entire fortune? What the hell did I work so hard to build it up for if I was just going to die like this?!

[Use Gold Resurrection?]

Just before my body turned to dust, I could swear I heard an announcement sound off in my head.
I swear I've heard those words before.


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The word “resurrection” alone was enough to make me say yes, without any hesitation whatsoever.

[Half of your retained gold of 6,087,820G will be exhausted.

“Yes! I said yes, already, damn it!” I yelled out.

I didn't give a flying flip if I had to use half of what I'd saved up.
Hell, I'd use everything I'd ever possessed in RL if that's what it took to revive again.
I had nothing else after this, anyway.
If it brought me back to life even a second faster, then that was more than enough.

When I'd conceded, I could feel life flowing back into my body.
My health went back up to thirty percent.

[Exhausted 6,087,820G.]

I heard the announcement as thoughts swirled around in my head.

I've never once heard of the skill “Gold Resurrection” before.
Was that a skill I'd gained after defeating one of the PKers? Ah, and I'd gotten one more thing as well.
I could hear it in the faint reaches of my memories.

“This is…”

I opened the skill menu as I was being revived.

“…Look at that.
That's the perfect ending for the grand finale,” I murmured, smiling.

I could still see the figures of the two PKers as they were walking away.
They hadn't even bothered recovering their health at all, and that was going to be their downfall.

“…Let's get this over with.”

I knew now what needed to be done for my last and final run of RL.


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