hifting towards their specialized quest location.
Each quest was randomized, so each PKer would submit a ticket for entry.
If they won the lottery, the person, or party, could intrude into the quest.

Trader quests…were one of the many quests they could jump into.
To put it lightly, those particular quests were the most popular to invade.
While it was true there was a lot of gold on the line, the difficulty level was what enticed people the most.
It could've been because traders had packages they had to transport, but even one PKer was considered overkill.

[Matched with Peddler's Quest II.
Teleporting to quest location.]

The announcement rang through everyone's minds.

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“YES! It's my turn now!”

“No way!”

“Hey, man, all's fair in love and war! Time to rake in some moolah!”

“Damn it, that's totally not fair — I found it first! I want 10%!”

Out of the bickering duo, one was teleported away.

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His expression gave off no sense of failure or defeat.
That might have been because the only achievement he'd had with trader quests was the one time he'd succeeded just a week prior.

“Phew, first things first: Keen Ears.”

His class was “assassin”.
It was a class dependent on quickly sighting the enemy and launching a sneak attack to kill the other player.
With the Keen Ears skill, his hearing was amplified and he could hear every footstep of other players aside of himself.

“Over there?” he thought to himself.
“Closer than I'd thought.
Eh, doubt I need to tread too carefully here anyway.”

The target was approximately a hundred meters away.
He headed in that direction without too much caution…

…And without realizing the hunter had been the prey all along.

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