The Soccerfootball System

First system Rewards

Adam made his way downstairs to see his family again after so long, his mother died when he turned 20 after that Adam lost all hope drinking and wasting his life trying to get a job his father after his mother died he became depressed and not long after died his younger sibling Alex worked in an office all day barley getting to see him. But now everything is different and all of them are good and healthy his brother is 14 and his mother is 30 and his father is 34

”Adam what took you so long heres your breakfast ”.His mother said putting Adams breakfast on the table

Its been so long, Adam. thought inside his head and looked at his gorgeous mother with long brown hair and with a fine body of 167cm (56)

”Yes come and eat we were waiting for you ”.His father said

father Looks so different not an alcohol addict like he used to be.Adam thought looking at his well-built dad not too short or tall 177cm with short brown hair

”Can we finally eat now ”.Alex said

He looks so different he used to have glasses on with baggy eyes and messy hair barely having any time to see me no wife or kids but now he looks energetic with large black eyes and nice neet brown hair.Adam thought

Adams family wasn well off at the start it was a comfortable middle-class family when Adam was injured at the young age of 17 they were all there to support him but when another accident happened in 3 years when his mother died in a car accident they couldn cope and became depressed all them now doing their own things but now they looked like any other family having dinner together.

This is nice.Adam thought and eat with his family

six days later

Adam was jogging at a steady pace.

It had been six days since Adams returned to the past, and he was very close to completing the tasks in his first system mission.

He had been exercising like there was not a tomorrow in his vocabulary.

With the system, he had the motivation to work hard and thus never once thought about giving up when the going got tough.

Every morning, he would start with a routine of one hundred seat-ups, then do fifty press-ups before jogging ten or more miles around the busy roads of new york. He would then complete his days training in the evening by going through six rounds of Hatha-yoga routines. His daily yoga practice always included the serpent, bow, peacock, tortoise, eagle, and Matsyendra poses. In his previous lifetime, he had come across an article explaining how yoga was essential to improving the flexibility and body coordination of any sportsman. Adam was determined to stick to this practice as it would reduce the risk of him getting injured later in his career.

He feared getting injured again the most. Injuries would diminish the players form and destroy careers.

An injury had been the start of Adams downfall in his previous lifetime. But he was determined not to let it affect him in his new one

The climb might be tough and challenging, but if he ever made it to the top of the soccer world, the view would be worth it. So, he decided to work harder than any athlete alive and see if he could also become one of the greats. He would try to become the best or die trying. With a cheat system aiding in his rise, he would not settle for less.

Adam heard a ding but kept on jogging ignoring it his t-shirt was covered in sweat and his legs hurt but he kept going until he was back at his house

”Brother you at it again why bother what is it going to help you with? ”.Alex said and looked at Adam when he did he felt something something like a vicious animal looking at him

”Trust me Alex you will see in time just watch me ”.Adam said and walked upstairs

Whats with Adam these days?Alex said in his head still couldn get what Adam said Adam once again focused on his training and went through his Yoga routine. Today, he had woken up very early and worked extra hard to finish the mission before lunchtime. He was eager to receive the first rewards from the system. He would then be able to gauge if the system was as badass as the ones in most of the web novels he had read.

In a few minutes, he completed the yoga routine, and the Ding sound once again resounded in his mind.

Without even taking a minute to relax, he summoned the systems user interface to check the changes in his stats.



SYSTEM LEVEL: 1 (15/100 Experience points to level up)

USER: Adam Strong

AGE: 15 years


Experience points: 15

(Evaluation: A pitiful boy far from becoming a professional soccer player)





*SYSTEM SHOP (((temporarily-unlocked)))

*SYSTEM LOTTERY ((temporarily-unlocked))



Adam instantly noticed the Experience-points, G.O.AT-missions, System shops, and system lottery tabs blinking red on the user interface. With his experience gained through reading web novels, he could tell that he had received new messages or status changes in those tabs.

So, he tapped on the tab towards the top of the virtual blue screen.


Experience: 15 (1 msg)

-> You have completed mission – Preparations to Become a Soccer/football G.O.AT. You have earned 15 experience points Please complete more system tasks, win matches, and gain fame to gain more experience points.


But he suppressed them and tapped on the G.O.A.T missions tab.



#4 new messages


-> You have completed the mission (Preparations to Become a Soccer/football G.O.A.T).



1) Rank up all stats from F to E A-grade vitality enhancing elixir (Available in system-shop; temporarily unlocked. The user must consume the elixir after being removed from the system shop.)

2) A random skill (Available in system lottery; temporarily unlocked)

3) 5 experience points


->Mission Summary

*Task 1: Run 70 miles within a week. (74/70 miles completed; rating A+)

*Task 2: Complete 100 seat-ups daily for a week. (Av. 200/100 seat-ups completed daily; Rating S)

*Task 3: Complete 50 press-ups daily for a week. (Av. 64/50 press-ups completed daily; Rating A+)

*Task 4: Complete four rounds of half a dozen Hatha-Yoga routines daily for a week. (Av. 6/4 rounds of Hatha-yoga poses completed; Rating A+)


Overall Mission Rating: A+

>Bonus rewards

You have earned 10 bonus Experience points



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