The Slave and princess

Vampire princess Romance

*The Slave Princess*

*Chapter 18*

*Author Harry*

Madam Saher bowed in respect to Princess Bonya and she remained silent, her eyes showed frustration at what the Princess had ordered .

”Princess Purity good morning, your favorite herbal tea is now here, ” Madam Saher said in a respectful voice.

”Thank you so much Madam Saher, but why did you brought it? You should have just ordered another slave to deliver it, ” Princess Purity replied in a raspy tone.

”I came to you personally because I brought an aloe vera leaf.You can drop it on you hair everyday to speed up the growth of your hair, ” Madam Saher replied.

”Thank you so much, Madam Saher, ” Princess Purity said while smiling.

”If you will allow me I would like to be the one to serve your herbal tea everyday so that I can take care of your hair, ” Madam Saher said as she laid the hot tea on the table.

”Thats a good idea Madam Saher, ” Princess Purity said while sipping the tea.

”Princess, your hair needs to grow back because you will soon to be appointed as Queen of this Kingdom and as a Queen you should have long hair, ” Madam Saher said in a convincing tone.

”Thank you for all your kindness, since I came here you have shown me your love, ” Princess Purity tapped Madam Saher on the shoulder.

It was a cold morning and Prince Gian briskly went to the woods to get fragrant flowers for Princess Purity, he picked different kinds of flowers and happily returned to the Palace.

”Good morning my Queen, this is for you, ” said Prince Gian as he handed the flowers to Princess Purity.

Princess Purity was glad with what she saw and she hugged Prince Gian tightly.

”Thank you so much for your gift that is as fragrant as your perfume, ” Princess Purity said while pinching Prince Gian on his face.

Gian tightened his grip on the Princess and he tickled her and suddenly stole a kiss from her lips.

Princess Purity let go of Prince Gians embrace and they laughed as they chased after each other, but Princess Bonya saw them and she was hurt, she entered her room in pain and abundant tears flowed into her cheeks.

”I have to work out a way I won let them happy, the Prince has to be mine. I need to find a way as soon as possible, ” Princess Bonya said desperately.

”Prince Gian has to get me pregnant so that I can have a child with him and my child will be the next heir to this Kingdom and my power will be further strengthened here in the Palace, ” Princess Bonya whispered to herself.

Princess Purity heard a knock in her room and she immediately opened it, she saw Prince Gian smiling at her and suddenly grabbed her and covered her eyes with a white cloth.

”Come with me outside because I have a surprise for you, ” Prince Gian said while holding her hands.

Princess Purity patiently followed and they suddenly stopped as Prince Gian took off her blindfold.

Princess Purity was surprised as what she saw.

”Mona! ” Princess Purity said as she immediately hugged her.

”Im glad we met again, Im happy that your memory has returned, ” Mona burst into tears.

”Pretty, you
e really beautiful and your crown suits you, ” Isaac gladly said while admiring her.

”I missed you little boy, ” Princess Purity said as she hugged Isaac.

”Im thankful because you took care of me while I was losing my memory, I will be very grateful to you, ” Princess Purity said to Mona while sobbing.

”In return for your kindness I will suggest that the two of you will stay here in the Palace with us, ” Prince Gian offered to Mona.

”Prince Gian, thank you so much for your offer, ” Mona tearfully said.

”Really Prince Gian, are we going to live here in the huge Palace? ” Isaac said excitedly.

”Yes Isaac, you and your Mom will live here, ” Prince Gian replied.

”Yeah we have a big house now, ” Isaac happily said.

”Prince Gian, thank you so much for nurturing them, you have a pure heart and Im proud of you, ” Princess Purity passionately said.

Meanwhile Princess Bonya went to her Queen mother to seek help and advice about her problem with the Prince and she was accompanied by Queen Cleopatra to an old man who lived in the jungle known to be good at black magic and divination.

”Your Majesty, I am glad for your arrival, ” said the man with a long grayish moustache.

”I am here today because I want to offer you gold in exchange for your service, ” Queen Cleopatra said.

”What do you need? ” said the old man.

”All I want is for the Prince to love me, he has to obey my requests and wishes, ” Princess Bonya replied.

The old man took the herbal plant and handed it to the Princess.

”That plant is very effective, you take a piece of leaf and put it in the Princes drink, ” the old man instructed her.

Princess Bonya was overflowing with joy from what she heard from the old man.

”But you have to act right away because that black magic will fade and won last long, ” the old man reminded her.

”The Prince must have fallen in love with you before the black magic fades, ” the old man added.

A wonderful morning dawned on Princess Bonya and she happily went to the kitchen and brewed hot herbal tea and she gladly brought it to the Prince.

She knocked on the Princes door.

”Come in, ” said the Prince.

Princess Bonya entered while carrying the hot herbal tea.

The Prince was surprised at what he saw and anger welled up in his eyes.

”Why did you come here? ” Prince Gian asked angrily while staring fiercely at the Princess.

”Well, I just deliver your hot tea. Don get mad at me I didn do anything wrong, I just want to play the role of being married to you, ” Princess Bonya calmly said.

”Go away! ” Gian shouted angrily.

”I won stay long here either, Ill just put your tea on the table, ” said Princess Bonya with clotted tears in her eyes.

”Im sorry for what I said earlier, next time let the slaves deliver it to me, ” said Prince Gian in a calm voice.

Prince Gian felt guilt over his attitude towards the Princess.

”I will only leave if you taste your tea infront of me, its delicious because I made it, ” Princess Bonya proudly said.

Prince Gian took his cup of tea and tasted it infront of Princess Bonya.

”It tastes so good, thank you, ” Prince Gian said while smiling.

Princess Bonya went away hurriedly and she was very happy, as she came out from Prince Gians room she met Princess Purity outside.

”Are you surprised because you saw me here? Well, the Prince called me because he wanted to sleep with me tonight, ” said Princess Bonya with an annoyed voice.

Princess Purity was hurt by what she heard so instead of visiting the Prince she left immediately.

That night Princess Bonya happily groomed herself, she sprayed on her expensive perfume and wore a very sexy night gown because she was expecting the Prince. Meanwhile, Princess Purity could not sleep because of what Princess Bonya told her so she secretly monitored Princess Bonyas room and she was shocked because she saw Prince Gian knocking on her door.

”Come in, ” Princess Bonya said.

Princess Bonya quickly opened the door and she was very pleased with what she saw because the black magic worked, she saw Prince Gian staring at her lustfully. She grabbed Prince Gian and led him to her comfortable bed.

Prince Gian hugged her tightly and kissed on her lips and she also reciprocated it with ticklish kisses.

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