*The Slave Princess*

*Chapter 16*

By *Author Harry*

Princess Purity was rushed to the Palace doctor and Freya quickly informed the King about the incident.The King was worried about her Princess Purity, he blamed himself for being rude and not considerate for the feelings of his beloved Princess.He quickly went to the Palace doctor and saw Princess Purity with teary- eyed.

”Princess Purity, Im sorry for everything, I never expect that you will came up this idea, ” said the King worriedly.

”I want to be with the Prince, ” Princess Purity replied as her tears flowed incessantly.

”Im sorry if I deprived you with the Prince, from now on I will not interfere with your relationship, ” the King said while wiping the tears of the Princess.

”Your Majesty, Im sorry for what I did and thank you for understanding how I felt, ” tears flowed down in her cheeks.

Princess Sasa suddenly came.

”My Princess, please don do it again, you know you
e the only one who inspired me, I have been in bed for several months because I have lost hope because of your loss, ” the Queen worriedly said while hugging the Princess.

”Your Majesty, Im glad you
e well, forgive me if I didn visit you in your room because Im not in the mood, ” said the Princess while holding the Queens arm.

”Your Majesty, don get upset with the King of Gazu because he didn mean everything. I developed amnesia and I can remember my true identity, in fact it was his soldiers who saved me from the rapists, ” Princess Purity explained to her King father.

”Im sorry because I don know what you
e going through, I was just shocked for what I saw and I couldn stop myself from getting angry with the King, ” said the King with reproach in his voice.

”My Princess, don worry because I will fix everything. I will explain to the King of Gazu and ask for forgiveness and after that we will discuss your marriage to the Prince, ” the King gladly said.

”Your Majesty, Im glad to hear all this and Im excited to see the Prince, ” the Princess happily said.

”My Princess, your happiness is our happiness, so get well, ” Queen Sasa said as she kissed Princess Purity.

Meanwhile, Princess Bonya heard them talking about the upcoming wedding of the Prince and Princess Purity, she felt disgusted with what she heard and quickly went to Queen Cleopatra.

She caught up with Queen Cleopatra who was facing the mirror and busy coloring her hair.

”Your Majesty! ” Princess Bonya called the Queen angrily.

Princess Bonya took a plate and broke it infront of Queen Cleopatra.

”Why is that witch still alive! ” Princess Bonyas eyes seemed to burn with anger.

”Princess Bonya, what happened and what made you so angry? ” the Queen was confused.

”Your Majesty, I heard what they were talking about, the King wanted Princess Purity to get married to the Prince as soon as possible, ” Princess Bonya said while snapping the broken


”Thats what you got from your wrong decision! ” Queen Cleopatra was devastated.

”Shall we let Princess Purity marry the Prince and take possession of everything we have? ” Princess Bonya asked sarcastically.

”What! it can be well make a way as soon as possible, ” the Queen irritably said.

Queen Cleopatra stood up and set aside the hair dye she was supposed to put on.

”I have been appointed by the King to marry the Prince, so they can no longer revoke the agreement! ” the Princesss cheek flushed with anger.

”Princess, calm down let us fight for your right, ” the Queen comforted Princess Bonya.


Prince Gian was saddened by King Zupers decision, he cannot accept that Princess Purity will be married to another Prince, he lost his appetite and was always snoring in his room.

King Gab worried about him, he was sad to see what his Prince had gone through, so he decided to settle their dispute with King Zuper.

King Gab was about to leave but he saw a soldier approaching him.

”Your Majesty, King Zupers chariot has arrived and the soldiers are blocking him outside, ” the soldier said as he bowed his head.

”Let him in, ” King Gab said.

The soldiers let King Zuper in and he hurriedly got out of his chariot to talk to King Gab.

King Zuper saluted King Gab.

”King Gab, Im here now so we can settle our misunderstanding. Forgive me for what I did then because I was just carried away by my anger, ” said King Zuper with humility.

”King Zuper, I will agree to negotiate with you if you will allow my Prince to marry your Princess, ” King Gab quickly said.

”King Gab, if thats what you want Ill let them get married as soon as possible, ” King Zuper smiled.

Prince Gian heard the conversation of the two Kings, he was very pleased with it and he thought of visiting Princess Purity.

”Princess Purity, you will be glad to hear from me because Prince Gian is here to visit you, ” Freya gladly said.

”Oh really! Freya come here, please help me get up because I want to see the Prince, ” the Princess said cheerfully as she faced the mirror and applied a little lip gloss.

Princess Purity quickly ran towards Prince Gian and they hugged each other tightly and Prince Gian even kissed her on her forehead.

The two were very happy because there was no barrier to their love, but in the distance Princess Bonya was watching them.

”Before, you were crying because you didn want to marry the Prince but now you
e falling for him, ” Princess Bonya smirked as she watched the two from a distance.

”You will not be happy in your relationship because I will do everything to destroy the two of you, ” Princess Bonya cursed the two as tears welled up in her eyes.

The long awaited celebration for the wedding of Prince and Princess Purity has arrived. It is the most pompous celebration of all.

They both had a great time while taking a picture before the wedding, but that surprised them because Princess Bonya came wearing a wedding gown as well. https://www.facebook.com/AuthorHarry12?mibextid=ZbWKwL

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