*The Slave Princess*

*Chapter 15*

By *Author Harry*

”Your Majesty, they are King Zupers soldiers and he is here now to see you, ” the soldier added.

”Let King Zuper in, ” said King Gab.

Just after King Gab spoke, King Zuper suddenly appeared with his soldiers.

King Zuper came happily and even saluted the King and shook hands with him.

”King Gab, I apologize for my sudden arrival. I am here today to pick up my Princess, ” King Zuper said while smiling.

”But Princess Bonya returned to your Kingdom yesterday didn she get to the Palace? ” King Gab asked.

”Prince Gian, what did you do to Princess Bonya?Where is the Princess? ” King Gab was confused by what was happening.

”Your Majesty, that is the Princess referred to by King Zuper, ” said Prince Gian as he pointed his finger to Pretty.

”She is indeed Princess Purity who was kidnapped by the Assassins, my Princess who I thought was dead, ” said King Zuper.

King Gab was surprised by what he heard.

Prince Gian removed the black cloth that covered Prettys face, King Zuper was shocked, he saw a twisted rope around the Princesss neck and most of all a handkerchief tied around her mouth.

Suddenly, King Zuper got angry he didn expect what he saw, he felt pity for the Princess situation he could not accept that it was being abused by the King.

King Zuper signaled his soldiers to hold King Gab,one of the soldiers aimed his sword at the neck of King Gab.

”King Zuper, what does it mean? ” King Gab said while slightly frightened.

Prince Gian saw the situation of his royal father, he wanted to help him, he stepped towards his royal father but suddenly someone grabbed his arm and pointed the sword at his chest.

King Gab glanced at his soldiers but he saw it was sorrounded by King Zupers soldiers.

”King Zuper, don hurt my Prince and don forget that we are best friends, ” King Gab said.

He was concerned for the safety of his Prince.

”Im going to sever the relationship between the two of us because you almost killed my Princess! ” King Zuper said angrily.

”Why are you punishing the Princess like this?What is her grave sin for her to suffer this pathetic punishment? ” King Zuper gritted his teeth in anger.

”He had an affair with my Prince so I inflicted punishment on her, ” King Gab explained while still confused by what happened.

”But I can explain… ” King Gab added.

King Gab still wanted to explain but it seems that King Zuper doesn listen to him anymore because of anger.

”Untie the Princess and cut the cords tied to her hands, ” King Zuper commanded his men.

The cords tied around the neck and hands of the Princess were quickly pulled and even the handkerchief in her mouth was removed as well.

The Princess quickly ran towards her King father and she hugged him tightly.

”Your Majesty, this is just a misunderstanding lets talk about it calmly, ” Princess Purity pleaded.

King Zuper saw the Princess up close her hair became short and there were many scars and bruises on her arms.

King Zuper felt sorry for her most cherish Princess and seemed to pinch his heart.

The Princess let go of the embrace of his King father and turned her gaze to the Prince, she ran towards the Prince but was blocked by the soldiers.

The soldiers held out her hands.

”Let me go,I want to talk to the Prince, ” the Princess pleaded.

”Don approach the Prince, you will only ruin yourself for loving him! ” King Zuper angrily said.

King Zupers eyes were like tigers blazing with rage.

”Take the Princess away from the Prince! ” King Zuper ordered.

The soldiers pulled the Princess away from the Prince.

”Don take me away I want to talk to him, please let me go! ” the Princess cried.

”Take the Princess away and take her out of the Palace, ” King Zuper ordered.

The Princess turned to the Prince as the soldiers carried her away.

”Prince Gian! Prince Gian! ” the Princess shouted.

”Princess Purity! ” Gian shouted tearfully.

Gian wanted to get out of the soldiers hands but the grip on his hands tightened and the sword pressed harder on his chest.

”Please don hurt the Prince! ” King Gab shouted as he begged the soldiers.

King Zuper approached the Prince.

”Never show up to my Princess, if you don want trouble! ” King Zuper threatened the Prince.

King Zuper was about to walk away but suddenly King Gabs soldiers grabbed him, held him tightly in his arm and surrounded him.

”Your Majesty, what are we going to do with King Zuper? ” said the soldier of King Gab.

Tensions escalated by the two Kings.

”Release King Zuper! ” King Gab shouted boldly.

After King Zuper was freed from King Gabs soldiers, he also ordered his soldiers to release King Gab and the Prince.

King Zuper and his soldiers quickly left and did not negotiate with King Gab.

The Palace staff were amazed at what they witnessed they could not believe that the beautiful slave was a real Princess.

”Your Majesty, I am sure by this time Princess Purity was lifeless, ” Princess Bonya said cheerfully.

”I will be the next Queen of Gazu Kingdom and the only one to own the Prince, ” the Princess said as she stared herself at the mirror.

”We need to celebrate, ” Queen Cleopatra gladly said.

Queen Cleopatra rang the buzzer and one of their slaves arrived.

”Get us something to drink, hurry up! ” said the Queen strictly.

The slave returned quickly with their favorite wine and it was happily shared by the Queen and Princess Bonya.

Princess Bonya fell asleep so Queen Cleopatra thought to ventilate outside, in the distance she saw Queen Sasa she was surprised because she was so strong and busy talking with the slaves.

Queen Cleopatra saw that there was a slave coming to her, she was curious so she asked the slave.

”What did the Queen asked you to do? ” Queen Cleopatra asked.

”Your Majesty, we are preparing for Princess Puritys welcome party, ” the slave said as she bowed her head.

Queen Cleopatra suddenly left she went to her bedroom and locked herself.

”Shit! I thought that Princess was dead! ” she removed her crown and threw it in the box out of annoyance.

The Queen was very upset she took a pillow and threw it in the mirror, she slapped it on the glass until it shattered.


King Gab saw the sadness in Prince Gians eyes, he felt sorry for his son and he approached him.

”Prince Gian, I will no longer be an obstacle to your love for the Princess, ” said King Gab as he tapped the Princes shoulders.

Prince Gian was so happy with what he heard so he immediately decided to visit Princess Purity.

”Princess Purity, the Prince of Gazu is here to visit you, ” Freya said enthusiastically.

Princess Purity suddenly became excited as what she heard so she quickly went to the Prince and they hugged tightly but suddenly the King came and they were disbanded.

”Princess Purity, I don want you to interact with this Prince! ” King Zuper said angrily.

”Your Majesty, please grant me because I love the Prince, ” the Princess burst into tears.

”You Prince, I already told you not to show up in my territory! ” the King snapped.

”Your Majesty, the Princess is very important to me, please don take her away from me, ” said the Prince with sadness in his voice.

”Don show up here again because Ill let the Princess to marry someone else! ” the King shouted.

The soldiers pulled Gian out of the Palace.

”Prince Gian! Prince Gian! ” the Princess shouted tearfully.

Princess Purity watched Prince Gian closely as he was dragged out the Palace until he disappeared from her sight.

Princess Purity was saddened by the Kings decision because she did not want to marry another Prince.

”This life is worthless! ” Princess Puritys tears dripped as she took a broken glass and slashed at her wrist.

Freya suddenly arrived.

”Princess Purity! Princess Purity! please help the Princess! ” Freya shouted as she dropped a cup of tea on the floor.https://www.facebook.com/AuthorHarry12?mibextid=ZbWKwL

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