*The Slave Princess*

*Chapter 14*

By *Author Harry*

Princess Bonya noticed that the Prince was taking a long time to follow her, so she decided to look for the Prince, she went around the whole Palace but she couldn find him. She went to the back of the Palace and she saw the statue of Princess Purity, she stared at it but she was suddenly nervous that the Prince might have seen it.

She suspected that the Prince might have done seeing it, her chest throbbed and was afraid that the Prince might found out that Pretty was a Princess.

”Princess, did you look for the Prince? ” asked the slave who suddenly appeared behind her.

”Did you see the Prince here? ” Princess Bonya asked quickly with suspicion.

”I saw him standing here staring at the statue and I told him about the story of Princess Purity, why she became our Palace hero, but after I spoke he suddenly left and rode his horse and ran so fast, ” replied the slave to the Princess.

”What? he left! ” Princess Bonya was shocked. Her suspicion was strong that Prince Gian already knew Prettys true identity.

”I have to think of a way, ” she whispered herself.

Princess Bonya quickly went to the King.

She saw the King with her mom, Queen Cleopatra.

”Your Majesty, please forgive my sudden arrival, ” said Princess Bonya with haste.

The King was surprised at the sudden appearance of the Princess.

”My Princess, why did you visit without telling us? ” the King said worriedly.

”Your Majesty, Im sorry but you need to know that Princess Purity is alive! ” Princess Bonya cried.

The Kings eyes seemed to widened when he heard Princess Bonyas message.

”Is this true? I believe shes alive because I didn see her dead body. Where is the Princess? ” the Kings face brightened at Princess Bonyas announcement.

The King was excited at what he heard and so eager to see the Princess.

”I saw her in Gazu Kingdom and she was working as slave. I was hurt because she didn recognize me and I think she lost her memory, ” Princess Bonya tearfully replied to convince her King father that she was worried about Princess Purity.

After the King found out the whereabouts of the Princess he ordered his soldiers to go to the Kingdom of Gazu to save Princess Purity from slavery.

The King released all the fastest horses to be used by the soldiers and he quickly rode in his chariot to see his beloved Princess.

”I can believe what you
e saying Princess Bonya! ” said Queen Cleopatra who was obviously unhappy.

”I had to get ahead of the Prince because he knew that the slave was a Princess, ” Princess Bonya explained.

”Is your brain empty? Didn you think Princess Purity could take over everything you have now! ” Queen Cleopatra scolded Princess Bonya.

”Your Majesty, don worry because they can no longer catch the Princess alive because she is being sentenced to death by the King of Gazu, ” she said smiling.

”Whatever your reason you shouldn have informed the King about Princess Purity! ” Queen Cleopatra was upset be

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