The Seven Seals of Dragons

Manifested Nightmares

Silent shock enveloped the table

”Thats impossible, the royal family is– they
e all perfectly fine and have been for years! You really think we
e gonna believe that a couple of escaped convicts are the royal family when we can see the entire family every day? ” Luca said incredulously

It was Xynnia and Kannas turn to be confused, they looked at each other. Xynnias brow furrowed, ”What are you talking about, the royal family no longer exists, our parents were killed and we were imprisoned. My father was killed and we don know what happened to our mother. ”

Aureila spoke up this time, ”I don know whats going on, heck im more confused now than ive ever been but the royal family is still very much intact. Nothing about them has changed after the attack, well all except the king and queen. ”

”What do you mean? ” Kanna asked.

Aureila responded to her, ”The king has become much more like a dictator these day, hes a lot more menacing and controlling then he was before. Like a lot worse. ”

”And the queen? ” Kanna closed her eyes, breathing deeply.

”She just isn like she used to be either, I don know how to really explain it but its like everytime we see her she seems weaker, or tired. After the attack the Royal family remained behind the gates of their castle, only to be seen from tele spheres. ”

Kanna remained silent, confusion evident on her face. Biting the tip of her thumb she looked over to her sister who was reflecting the exact expression she was.

”This is so weird ” Xynnia exhaled, ” I can recall much from the day of the attack or anything prior but I know for a fact that my father was killed. ”

Xynnia shook her head, ”Theres no way thats him. I mean if they could fake us for so long, whos to say someone isn impersonating him. ”

Felie hesitated, ” i-I dont think thats the case, Hes more or less the same except for how strict hes become. Which is understandable after what happened. He actually has appeared in person, and its him. ”

Kanna slightly shook her head, ”My father wouldn –, my father would never discard us like trash and nor would he imprison us. ”

It was so incredulous she almost laughed. ”The king was a kind and gentle person, even if he has changed what would be the point of replacing us. Why would he throw us in prison? ”

Kanna felt frustration boiling over herself, she looked towards Xynnia who hadn said a word yet.

Luca looked at them with pity, his stance on the Royal family hadn changed but maybe lessened a bit. Leaning his head onto his hand, Luca said ”Maybe you should go ask him. ”

This pulled Xynnia out of her stupor, ”What? ”

Luca repeated himself without stalling, ”Go ask him why. ”

”Easier said than done mjinga, ” Xynnia rolled her eyes, ”Or do you not remember how we got here. ”

Xynnia turned to Kanna, ”Its best if we put some distance between us and here, well figure out everything else later. ”

Luca scoffed, ”Typical. ”

”Excuse me ” Xynnia eyes bored into lucas.

”I said typical, instead of wanting to help your own country, you
e running. For a minute I thought you guys were different but you
e not. You
e gonna run with your tails between your legs and leave your people to a tyrant. ”

”And what about you huh? Whats stopped you from starting a revolution, or something? What held you back from helping people? In case you forgot the same people you
e asking me to fight for didn even know that ive been at labor camp for years! So excuse me of I don want to return there ” Kanna shouted.

Luca bit his lip, ”Ive done my fair share, but Ive never had the power, You guys do. You were able to get out of the castles prison, you survived their labor camps. You were just told that your father imprisoned you and you
e still strong. ”

”Thats a bogus reason ” Xynnia whispered, ”Strength isn enough. We don have an army, heck we don know whats going on and in case you forgot people don even know us nor that the other ”princesses ” are fake. ”

”And you don know us nearly enough to assume how strong we are, ” Kanna said.

Luca stayed silent. This time it was Aurelia who spoke up, ”You
e right, we shouldn assume how strong you are. But you are also lying to yourself if you think you
e weak. Even we can see theres something different about you two, its just not complete. ”

Kanna looked at her icily, ” I could say the same for you, shapeshifter ”

The room tensed and silence rang heavy through the room.

Xynnia blinked at her sister in shock before turning towards the family at the table.

Kanna slightly smirked as she saw their eyes widen at her statement. ”I couldn sense it before because I was exhausted and sensing shapeshifters is hard enough. But you have the power don you, this is your home and you haven fought for it. ”

Xynnias brows scrunched as she remembered a fact that she had learned, ”Aren you guys in forbidden territory, why are you outside of your familys territorial lines. ”

Maria folded her arms over the table, ”Years ago before the attack , the Taa family was seized by the duke himself. Noone knew of this, not even the king himself. We were hunted down, captured, tortured, and wiped out. When the king got word he granted us silent asylum. We could live here as long as we kept a low profile. At that point the king and the elders were already against one another, debating whether to take his brothers title.

Felie continued after her, ”Since the duke destroyed our home the elders also agreed with continuing to wipe out the rest of us, and everyone knows that clanmen without their home could not and should not exist. ” Felie licked his lips, ” and after the attack on the castle, the king changed his mind. Thinking that he was forsaken by the elders for allowing others into his home, he began to recapture us and well, you know the rest. Im sure you met many of our family where you were. ”

Kanna and Xynnia remained silent, they offered up no other information and neither did the family of four.

Marie nodded slightly, I guess we all have secrets we need to keep hidden right? ” She smiled slightly before grabbing the bowls off the table and walking towards the kitchen. ”Its late enough already, so its bedtime for everyone, now, before we have guards knocking on our door because of curfew ”

Felipe got up from the table next stretching is old limbs, ” We have extra blankets and pillows, you two can sleep down here. ”

Xynnia and kanna nodded a thank you.

Kanna frowned slightly before stopping Felipe, ”well leave by morning, we don want to put you guys at risk of being found out and who knows whatll happen if they found out you guys helped us. ”

Felie just gave her a simple smile before shaking his head, ”no you guys can stay, youve been through enough already. Let this be the first reunitement of the princesses and their people ”

Kannas eyebrows rose in shock and her lip wobbled slightly. Felie had followed Marie to the kitchen but Kanna didn move. Still staring at the back of the old man who welcomed them even though it put them at risk. Kanna whispered her thanks, grateful for people like Felie.

Luca and Aurelia both silently left the table, although Luca threw a small smirk towards then before heading up the steps.

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