The Seven Seals of Dragons

Shapeshifters and princesses

Xynnia stirred in her sleep, Light filtered through the slivers of her eyes. Her shoulder throbbed and her body was incredibly heavy. Her body was against something hard and panic surged through her. Her breathing became erratic, she couldn be back there, back on their table. Back in their hands for them to do whatever they wanted.

A hand touched her shoulder and her eyes flew open. She gripped the hand and flipped over the person. Her hand grabbed a neck and slammed their head down onto the table pinning them underneath her. Her shoulder barked out in pain but she ignored it. A growl escaped Xynnias lips, not registering where she was. She pushed the arm further against the persons back and heard a small yelp. It was a girl. Xynnias eyes cleared and the girl beneath her came into full view. Her dark hair was in singular bubble plaits and sharp gray eyes looked back at Xynnia with full confidence.

”Youll tear your stitches if you continue like this ” She breathed.

Xynnias eyes narrowed as a knife was angled at her neck before she could make another move. It was a guy, he was a head taller than her and his chest grazed her back.

”Continue and die ” He growled.

Xynnia smirked, ”I wonder how fast I could break her arm before you could move. ”

In response he dug the knife deeper into her neck, slicing the flesh open. ”Not as fast as I could split your throat ”

”Wed just have to see about that then, wouldn we ” The room tensed, neither one of them moving an inch, neither one relented.

”Quit it Xynnia, Thats enough! ” She flinched at the sound of her sisters voice. She reeled in the cold sharp darkness that was close to boiling over.

”You to, Luca ” Aureila let out.

Luca removed the knife from Xynnias neck as she let the poor girl up.

Xynnia touched her neck, it had already started clotting up so there was no need to patch it. She wiped her neck with her sleeve and frowned, she wasn wearing her prison uniform but a gray matching long-sleeved slightly cropped top and loose pants.She looked over to her sister who had the same outfit on except it was tan. She could see the bandages peeking out from underneath Kannas shirt. She looked at her sister in confusion.

”They took us in and saved your life, we will thank them for their kindness and leave the minute we can ” Kanna smiled softly.

Xynnia nodded and looked at the people in the room, the girl smiled wryly at her while holding her shoulder. Xynnia winced inwardly, feeling somewhat guilty. She didn mean to hurt her or anybody for that matter, but it always seemed to happen that way.

”Dinners almost ready. ” was all she said before going through a door that she assumed was the kitchen.

Kanna walked over to her sister and wrapped her arms around her. ”I thought you were a goner for sure, ” she sighed. ” Maria said we got here before any infection could set in, Thank God! ”

Xynnia pulled back from her sisters arms, ”Maria? ”

”The family that helped is Maria and Felie and their children Aureila and Luca. ” She nodded to the kitchen, ”they saved your life. ”

She looked up from her sister and her eyes met Lucas ”You
e pretty sneaky ”

He shrugged and gave a grin, ”and your pretty impulsive ”

”More like reflexive ” She smirked, adding a small laugh.

She stared into his gray eyes, they were like steel but had an animalistic light to them. His eyes didn leave hers either before he cleared his throat saying he should go help his mom and left. Xynnias eyes followed him, he was incredibly handsome and there was a hint of familiarity in those sharp eyes. She just couldn place it but talking to him felt like Deja Vu.

Maria came through the door luca had just left through with bowls in each hand, she handed them to both sisters before steering them to the dining table that Xynnia had been laying on.

The old couple sat at the ends of the table opposite of each other. Kanna and Xynnia together across from Aurelia and Luca. Xynnia looked at her bowl, it was stew and hard bread. Hunger rumbled through her, she hadn eaten anything since days ago and it wasn anywhere close to the meal she had in front of her.

”Its all we could get these days, everything is sent to the castle for them to gorge on while we practically starve down here. ” Luca stated unprovoked.

Xynnia shook her head, ”Better than what we were used to. ” She picked up the spoon and ate the stew. Tears almost fell down her face. There were times she went days without any type of food. Where she was forced to ingest nothing but the pills they forced down her throat. Kanna and Xynnia both practically inhaled their food. Xynnia wanted to savor every bite but before she realized it the food in front of her was gone.

Luca continued, ”The rancid king takes everything for himself and his citizens are left starving ” Aureila kicked him, shaking her head when he looked at her. But he ignored her, already stuck in one of his rants. ”The royal family are nothing but a bunch of stuck up spoiled kids who doesn know a thing about struggling. ”

Kanna paused at this, the spoon hovering at her lips. ”How would you know that, my– that family has been in shambles since the attack. ”

”I find that hard to believe; what could have possibly happened to that family, they were and still are buried behind layers of security and locks. ” Luca snickered.

Xynnias eyes hardened, ”Everyone lost something in the attack, Its not necessary to go through the casualties. ”

Auriela pursed her lips, ”You guys seem to be very concerned with the royal family, thats very rare these days. ”

Xynnia shook her head, ”Just in disbelief, the castle itself was directly attacked, it was a night of execution for them as well. The royal family didn hide behind walls, they faced murder and loss that night too. ”

”Yeah their soldiers and maids did, it was a night of execution for their soldiers who they used as footstools. They couldn care less about any of us. They
e happy hiding while we
e dying like dogs. ” Luca narrowed his eyes, his anger getting the better of him.

Kanna looked up at Luca and saw his eyes that burned with hatred for the main family. Hate for her and he didn even know it. Kanna bit her lip and turned to her sister. She was staring at her wrist, her wrist that had eight numbers permanently tattooed into her skin. The number glowed faintly against her brown skin.

Felie sighed, ”Im sorry if he offended you, Like you said we all lost someone that night. They lost their siblings and my son. He was a soldier, he was young but old enough to serve. ”

Xynnia spoke softly. ”Can you tell me his name ”

The family looked at her with confusion but Maria spoke up. ”Felix, His name was Felix, he was a personal guard of the family. ”

Kannas eyes widened and she turned to her sister, ”Sir Felix ” Memories flashed through her head, she was a child climbing a pillar before she launched herself off. A figure caught her before scolding her. Another memory flashed through her of her trying to sneak into the garden from her balcony to see the snow and again a figure had caught her climbing down and scolded her. Her head throbbed in pain as she tried to remember more but to no avail the memories slipped past her again.

”I didn notice it at first but thats why you seemed so familiar, ” She nodded to Luca ”You look just like him. ”

Luca looked at them confused and a little suspicious. ” What are you talking about, how do you know my brother? ”

”The night of the attack, we lost our parents and younger brother ” She whispered. ” But we were saved because your brother sacrificed his life for us. ”

Aureila breathed in sharply as her eyes widened in shock. ”But how would he have–? What? ”

Maria looked at the both of them, ”So its true, you two are really..? ”

Kanna looked at all of them before looking at her sister, ”Yes we are the twin princesses of this kingdom. ”

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