The Seven Seals of Dragons

Twin princess\'s or Twin Prisoners

Kanna swallowed but didn move, one wrong move and her blood would splatter. ”Please, we just need help. ” she whispered lightly.

The lights flickered on and the person in front of her became visible. She had not sensed him quick enough, she must have been too exhausted. Sharp grey eyes met startled brown. He stared dead into her eyes and her eyes did not leave his. His tousled curly hair was hounded down into a ponytail, there was something vaguely familiar about him but Kanna was entirely to tired to bother figuring it out. Two figures shifted by the doorway in the kitchen. Her eyes immediately followed, a couple, kanna assumed, looked older and very reminiscent of the boy in front of her.

Xynnia coughed blood and passed out into kannas arms. Kanna fell at the full weight of her sister. Her side ached at the sudden movement but her focus was on Xynnia. She looked up pleadingly at the family before her. ”Can you help her, please. We will leave immediately but if there is a way you can treat her then please. ” Kanna begged.

”No, you need to leave now, By the look of those uniforms youll bring us nothing but trouble. ” the boy said harshly, gripping the knife he still had in his hand. Kanna gazed down looking at her blue prison uniform, it was now ripped and torn and covered in blood. Although the golden patch that showed her belonging to the castle remained intact. She couldn imagine what she looked like to them, prison jumpsuits, emaciated, and covered with blood that didn belong to her. It bothered her to slaughter so many of people without hesitation but she refused to show it. She did what she had to do.

”Please, my sisters hurt. She won last the night. ” Kanna bit her lip but a tear slid down her cheek anyway. ”Please? ”

The young man was about to say something but the couple behind him stepped forward. ”Just for the night, then you guys have to go ” the old mans voice was soft but strong. His eyes were hard but there was a slip of gentleness.

Kanna thanked him sincerely. The boy who held the knife grumbled slightly before leaving the weapon onto the counter and crouched down to Kanna.

She pulled her sister close to her as the boy leaned closer to them, his face softened at her protectiveness. ”Let me help her onto the table so she can get looked at ” he whispered.

The woman came closer as well. ” Ill look her over, She smiled and her eyes crinkled. ”Im Maria. ”

”Thank you miss Maria ” She waved off the miss before turning to Luca. ” Luca, after you place her onto the table, tell Aurela to draw a bath for these two, and get the rest of my supplies. ”

Kanna frowned, she couldn sense the other girl in the house either, she began to wonder if it was their imperium or if she was just too tired to sense anything right. It was beginning to frustrate her to no end. Her dulled senses was key to their survival yet its done nothing for them.

He picked up Xynnia and carried her to the table in the other room. She let out an audible groan but made no other sound after.

”Please be careful. The wound is on her shoulder. ” She picked at her fingers as she followed him.

Maria stripped Xynnias jacket off and unzipped the top of her suit, Luca averted his gaze as Maria continued to carefully pull her top off. Kanna couldn help a small smile so hes a gentlemen

The man stood by the table assisting the woman as she began to access the wound. ”Any day now Luca ” Maria said over her shoulder.

”Sorry, Ill go now ” he hurried up the stairs.

”So who are you guys anyway? ” the old man questioned, his wife elbowed him and shook her head although she tilted her head to listen.

”Im kanna and thats my twin sister Xynnia. ” Kanna said shakily. Maria paused hovering over Xynnia, her hand shook slightly but she moved quickly, kanna wondered if she imagined it.

The old man turned slightly, ” Twins? Thats pretty rare around here ”

Kanna slightly smiled ”we
e 45 mins apart, some people believe there was another because of how long it took but no it was just us two. My memories are pretty fuzzy thinking back but weve been together since forever.. ”

Felie nodded, ”I know how that feels, what about the prison uniforms, what could two teenagers possibly have done. His wife sent him a glare this time but he shrugged in return.

”Im sorry about him, hes always been nosy, you don have to pay him any mind ” Marie huffed out.

Kanna laughed lightly, ”Its okay, its been so long I really don remember .After the attack on the castle I remember waking up locked up in a cage and sent to one of the prison camps without my sister. ” Her smile faded slightly. ”We were brought back to the castle every couple of years, we bided our time and planned our escape at every chance we had and then we escaped, so here we are. ” There was a lot more to that story but Kanna didnt want to go into much detail. Part of the reason was because she didnt wabr to delve into the terrible things she faces and the other was because she really didnt remember.

A tear slid across her cheek but she quickly wiped it, she was tired of crying.

”Im sorry, I didn mean to upset you ” Felie said apologetically. ”I shouldn have pushed. ”

She shook her head slowly, ”No its okay, just a little overwhelmed. Its been a long day and I haven felt this okay since I was little. Honestly Id rather thank you. ”

A young girl around the age of 14 walked into the room, She crossed the room to peer over Maries shoulder before turning to Kanna. ”The bathroom is ready, everything you need is in there. After you
e done well patch the wound on your side as well. ”

Kanna blinked in surprise before looking down at her side, she had forgotten about it completely. ”Oh its nothing to worry about, Ill be fine ”

She simply shook her head, ”If we
e going to treat you guys we
e gonna treat you thoroughly. The bathroom is upstairs to the left. ”

Kanna moved towards the steps but looked back at Xynnia, she felt her subtle breathing, it seemed to have eased. She smiled faintly, silently thanking this family. She turned and went up the stairs. Looking around the hallway her eye was caught by a shadow in one of the rooms. The door was somewhat open and she caught a glimpse of a muscled body that wasn facing her. It was luca, she turned away quickly as she felt a blush cross her cheeks. It was impolite to stare at someone especially if they don know and was as hot as Lucs was.

Fanning her slightly flushed cheeks, She stepped into the small bathroom. It was slightly bigger than a broom closet but not by much The room before her was pretty bright for a run down house. There was a double doored shower on her right that went all the way to the floor, and a square white sink and toilet. The only mirror in the room was above the sink.

Kanna stood in front of the mirror. She slowly stripped down to her undergarments, forcing herself to hold her breath whenever the soiled clothes swept across her face. The clothes themselves made her eyes water as she dropped them into a bucket that was left out for her.Kanna turned towards the sink, looking at herself in the mirror. Her hair hung limp and matted down her soldiers, the curls were undefined and dry, lacking all the health that it should have had. Her face was much skinner, almost gaunt, courtesy of the prison that did not feed them as much as they worked them. Her eyes skimmed over her body as she rested her hands onto her stomach. Her former muscles were gone, washed away with years of being in chains. Her gaze rested on her wrists, rubbed raw from the rough, dirty chains. Tears welled in her eyes, looking at her body that didn feel like hers.

She unwrapped her top from across her chest and back before turning her back to the mirror. She saw the complete view of her back and warm tears fell. She bit her lip as she tried to trace some of the wounds that striped across her back. Burned, Whipped, Beat, Bruised, no matter what they tried, no matter what they did, she never broke.

She huffed out a strangled laugh, ”They never broke me. ” Each scar was an act of rebellion because she didn break. She didnt know what to call this feeling, to know that however many times they physically abused her she survived, she didn give up nor did she break and for that Kanna was proud.

She finished getting undressed and began to bathe.

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