The metal of the chain scraped against the hard floor as she was dragged to her cell. The hard metal rubbed her wrists raw, as she limped slowly with the guards surrounding her. She was back in the castles dungeon after years of being held captive as a slave. They arrived at the front of the cell enclosure, and tossed her into the room. She clattered to the floor with a loud thump. Her head rung at the sound of her metal chains banging against the floor. Kanna heard the door shut behind her as she slowly picked herself up off the white concrete ground. Sitting on the floor of the cell she felt the weight of the room. From a labour camp to the castles prison, she remained in chains. The guards didn bother locking her chains back to the wall. She could barely walk let alone lift her hands high enough to get up. Her ”room ” was bare and cold. The walls and floor were all solid white concrete except the door. They didn bother giving them a bed or even a proper bathroom. Not that it mattered much, she wouldn be here long enough to need them.

Kanna stared at the chains that covered her skin. Her beautiful brown skin that had lost its color and chafed with pain now paled from malnutrition. No tears fell from her eyes, she didn remember much about her past, she did remember her parents. Her mother, the queen and her father the king of the very kingdom she was now a slave too. From a princess to a slave, how far she had fell.

She looked down at herself, wounds littered her body. In fact anywhere you looked on her body there was scars of some sort. Most of them were old but she had some newer ones from today. They were not as harsh on her today as they usually were.

”Maybe it was a birthday gift. ” Kanna chuckled drily.

”Kanna ” A low voice whispered through her room. Three small bangs were heard against the wall ”Kanna, do you hear me? ”

Kanna sat upwards from the corner she sat in, Her muscles groaned with pain as she leaned forward onto her hands and knees. She slowly made her way to the wall where the voice came from. She leaned her head against the wall of her room, hovering above the only vent that connected her to someone else.

Banging twice in response Kanna managed to say ”I-Im here Xynnia ” she tried to take a deep breath through the shocks of pain that went through her body. A bitter smile touched her lips, ”Happy Birthday Xynnia. ”

She heard a snicker in return, ” Its not our birthday just yet, Weve had some awesome birthdays but I think this one takes the cake. ”

”Why do you say that? ” Kanna questioned her sister.

”Because this is the day we escape, you didn notice did you? ” Kanna could practically see the eyeroll from her sister. ” They didn bother to keep us as long as usual and their was no torture today ”

Kannas eyes widened ” They were running test. ”

”Exactly, test to see if ”it ” had awakened yet. They were trying to see if our imperium was no longer dormant. ” Kanna heard another small laugh from Xynnia, ”To bad they didn know that time we were born ”

Two bangs were heard from the other room, ” Happy Birthday Kanna ”

Kannas head exploded in pain, causing her to double over grabbing her head. She groaned in pain as she braced her hands onto the wall in front of her. The cool concrete helped stabilize her. Her eyes opened slightly and a golden glow was reflected on the wall, her eyes blazed gold as she leaned her head back. Strength built its way through her body as she rose from the floor. The glow of her eyes faded and her eyes deepened with power. She banged the chains wrapped around her wrists against the wall. Letting it rang to the cell beside her, she got two in return initiating the beginning of their escape.

The door of the cell exploded with a loud boom. Dust and debris swirled around her as she exited. She turned to her right and saw her, her twin sister and took in her appearance. She was in a state she never saw her in before. Her hair was disheveled and her long plaits hung messily from her head. She was gaunt but her eyes sparkled with her new found power. She immediately pulled her into a hug, Kanna held her tears back as she wrapped her arms around her sister.

An alarm blared. Kanna looked at Xynnia in alarm but her sister just smirked. ”They can hold us here any longer, and thats that. ” She pulled out of her sisters grasp and looked her in her eyes, ”Lets go! ”

They turned to the hallway and began running, they made it to the end of the hall before they spotted guards.

Kanna took a deep breath, ”Ill leave them to you ” Xynnia smirked again as her sister ran down the adjoining hallway. Xynnia stopped in front of the charging guards, moving her hands out in front of herself palms forward focusing her imperium. Bringing one arm back as she turned her arms upwards and with a snap of her fingers their shadows melted from their body and became real. At the mere motions of her head the pools of darkness attacked the guards in front of her. She ran past the battle of the guards and their shadows only to be encircled by another group of guards. She couldn go any more forward. Looking around herself she huffed out air before putting her arms out opposite of each other and moved in a circular motion around herself. Her shadow leached the life from the surrounding guards and one by one like flies they dropped as their lives were snuffed out.

Her breathing was labored, her power was taking too much out of her too quickly, she looked down at the fallen guard and saw a silver hilt. She grabbed the sword

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