Iris staggered, finding it difficult to keep her balance. Her breath was heavy. Her vision was blurry. She forced herself to hold on a little longer. Her goal wasn achieved yet.


She stabbed her sword onto the ground, using it as a tool to keep herself from collapsing.

Her blazing red eyes glimmered with madness. Her jet black hair flowed in the wind. Severe wounds were scattered all over her body. And yet, there was nothing but happiness plastered on her face.

”..You can still smile in this situation? ” The man gritted his teeth. ”What a.. monster. ”

In front of her was the Holy Palaces strongest Paladin, Kieran. The man she had been fighting for hours ever since they arrived here. In this barren wasteland, where no one would be able to find or disturb them.

”Me, a monster? You aren that far off either. The amount of lives weve taken, the so-called sins we gathered.. how different could it be? Don pretend to be so innocent. We
e the same kind of people. So.. Just talk with me for a second. You can move, right? ”

Kieran could no longer stand. He was down on one knee. It took him every drop of strength he had to look up at Iris beautiful face.

Memories of their previous fights flowed into his mind. No matter how many times they clashed blades, it never ceased to happen. No one came out as the victor. The war between the Light and the Dark kept on going.

Kieran became silent. Perhaps it was because he had already accepted his defeat.. But he began to pity both of their fates.

There was an unspoken policy that everyone shared. Both Light and Dark.

That the strong needed to fight.

The two of them, the strongest of both sides, were henceforth pitted against each other.

Iris, the Demon Queen, representing the Underworld.

Kieran, the First Paladin, representing the Holy Palace.

It was as if they were born to become mortal enemies. It wasn personal enmity, but rather.. an action for the greater good.

Iris took one last look at Kieran before forming a deep cut on her arm, making it drip a heavy stream of blood.

Kieran stared at Iris, wondering what she was up to. He guessed that she was trying to perform a final, grand magic spell to finish this battle and incinerate him until not even ashes would remain.

Indeed, Iris started to walk slowly, drawing a path with her blood.

”You know.. I don hate you. I never did. In fact, I admire how you can stay put with those fellows for so long. ” Iris laughed.

”They were the ones who started everything. They hated how we were innately stronger than them. How we shared different beliefs. How we were prosperous even though we didn play into their stupid games of monopoly. How we didn bow down to them. ” Iris dug her nails into her palms, taking a deep breath.

”Because of that, the Underworld was painted as the evil side. We were despised, discriminated against. ”

”Violence was not our first option. We retreated. Formed a powerful base. Made a new home. ”


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