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I once met a very special boy under a cherry blossom tree—



Kuga Haruma. 



My younger boyfriend has been so cute since we were kids.


He was charming and cute on the outside, but he was even more cute on the inside that it was hard to keep track of it.


I'm sure he would be shocked if I told him, but he was as adorable as a puppy!


He first expressed his fondness for me when I was a freshman in elementary school.


At that time, I wanted to get a dog, but I had just given up the idea because my mother was allergic to animals.


I was depressed but I was tremendously healed by his friendly face and round twinkling eyes.


Even though he gave me more joy than having a dog, I did not treat him like one.



“Mana-chan! Mana-chan!”


Haruma-kun, carrying his shiny school bag, found me and ran up to me.


Haruma-kun seemed to be happy to go to school with me, and appears on my way to school every morning.


Because the route was a little off the regular route from Haruma-kun's house, when I saw him waiting for me to show up, he was scared that an adult would find her and scold her.
I wanted to run up to him and pat him in the head.


I loved how he smiles then immediately makes a poker face to show that he wasn’t scared every time he sees me.


Why are you so cute!!!


“You see! So, you know!”

“Haru-kun, there's a car coming, it's dangerous.”


He was so intent on talking to me that he wasn't looking ahead.


When I held his hand, he smiled happily at me.


I smiled, too, as I held his hand.


“Mana-chan, you look so cute when you’re smiling~!”

“Ahaha, thank you…”


I laugh like I'm being praised by my grandma and grandpa.


You're the cute one!


We walked to school, waving our joined hands in the air.


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It was a fun and precious time.


Haru-kun’s mother and teachers always thanked me for taking care of him, but I think I might have wanted this time more than Haru-kun.


I am in the sixth grade and Haru-kun was in the third grade.


Haru's latest craze was to wear only short sleeves even in cold weather.


Haru-kun's mother said that he really believed an undefeated fighter on TV when he said, “When I was a kid, I wore short sleeves all year round.
That's why I became strong!”


“I'll be strong and protect Mana-chan!” I was so touched when he said that, but I was also touched when he missed school the next day because he caught a cold…


“Short sleeves’ a double-edged sword…”(モロハノツルギ – Moroha no Tsurugi)


Haru-kun realized that he would not be able to see me if he caught a cold, so he stopped his short-sleeved training method.


Now he wants to use the term “double-edged sword” from his favorite manga.


He understands what it means now, but at first he thought it was a type of sword.


I remembered the time when he was holding up a fallen tree branch while shouting, “Double-edged Sword!”


His mother laughed at it and said it was common for boys to do that.
I was struck by the thought of how cute he was.



After entering the sixth grade, we continued our habit of going to school together, but we naturally stopped holding hands.


It was not because I was shy, but because Haru-kun was mischievous and would kick stones or go off on side streets, and would not walk quietly.


I will not be defeated by a stone or by some road!


“Mana-chan, see you later!”

“Un, See you later.”

“Mana-chan, I love you!”

“Fufu, I get it~”

“See you later!”


I changed into my shoes and waved cheerfully to Haru-kun as he ran to his classroom, and as I waved back, I ran into my two friends.


They giggled as they watched Haru-kun back as he walked away.


“That kid is really fond of Mana! He’s so cute!”

“I'm so jealous that he likes you so much.”

“Well, that’s probably because he was still a kid…”





The three of us were heading to class, but I couldn't help but stop in my tracks.


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“What's wrong?”

“Oh, no, It's nothing….”


I hid my agitation and started walking.
I want to hear something now, so I casually strike up a conversation.


“Is this the only time they would like me…?”

“I think so, right? When they grow up, they'll probably have a girlfriend or something before we know it.
I had a cousin who used to be fond of me too, but he doesn't even remember that now.”

“When I was a little girl I used to say, ‘I'm going to marry my daddy!’ but now I absolutely hate it.
I’m better than that.”


Then they started talking about yesterday’s program, but I didn't hear any of it.


Was that how it was?


Is Haru-kun going to leave me too?


My eyes went completely dark.



How could I make him like me all the time?


Haru-kun’s mother said that he liked me because I was a kind and beautiful older sister.


If that was the case, then I would always be the kind of beautiful older sister Haru-kun would love!


But I don’t know what a “Beautiful Older Sister” means…


Using my tablet, I looked it up on the Internet and found keywords like “Older,” “mature,” “Beautiful,” and “A bit Naughty.”


I could understand the first one, but not the last!


Would I be able to figure it out in time?


For now, I made a mental note to keep it in mind.




I was now in junior high school and because of it, I started to go to school using a bicycle.


I could no longer go to school with Haru-kun, since he walked to school.


We walked the same route to school, so I wanted to ask him to go with me just for a little while, but I hesitated to ask her to go with me.


Because I am Haru-kun's slightly naughty (planned) and beautiful sister!


I should be the one who says, “Sure” when asked to go out with him!


But once I stepped out of the house, I regretted it.


I feel so lonely!!!


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“Ah! Mana-chan!”


I thought he wouldn’t be here today, but Haru-kun was standing in his usual spot.


“Let’s go together until the intersection road!”


The unchanging scene warmed my heart.


Haru-kun was the same as usual, and I felt sad that he would change soon.


“Ride the bike Mana-chan, I’ll pedal!”


But, as I watched Haru-kun bend over ready to pedal his bike, that feeling was quickly blown away.


“Let’s walk together, so just push it.”



The two of us walked side by side.


Ah~ I felt so happy about this time!


“You look so good in uniform! You look like an idol, but Mana-chan is better than an idol! You're infinitely(無限 – Mugen) more cuter!”


Haru-kun's recent boom was the word “Infinite.”(無限)


The kanji sounds cool to him, apparently


“Really? Thank you.”

“The helmet when you’re riding your bicycle is also cool!”

“I don't think the helmet is that cool….”


A school helmet that was just white with the school emblem on it was not flattering.


I wonder what he liked about it.


I put the helmet I had put in the basket of my bicycle on Haru-kun because we were walking.


“Ah! I could smell Mana-chan’s scent…”

“Eh? Did it stink? I've hardly used it yet, so I think it's okay…”

“No! It smells good!”

“Really? Is it all right?”



‘Should I check the smell?’ I thought so, but when I brought my face close to him, Haru-kun’s cheeks and ears turned bright red.


Ah, did I sound like an Older Sister just now?


I wish we could spend more time together…


I'm sad that we won't be attending the same middle school and high school anymore because we would be switching places even if we choose to go to the same one.


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The environment changed a lot in junior high school.


There were club activities and more time for studying.


Then, in the social circle, which had been limited to friendships, there was now an increased focus on male-female relationships.


Not that it wasn't there in elementary school as well, but it became more familiar.


My friends had boyfriends, and I was also asked by the boys to go out with them on several occasions.


Of course, I turned them all down.


“Hey, Mana, why don't you have a boyfriend?”

“Because I don't want one.”

“Don't you have someone you like?”

“It’s a secret.”


I never mentioned Haru-kun's name.


I said it once, but they thought I was joking.

On the contrary, I was displeased when they said, “That kid is still following you around? Isn’t he kinda annoying?”


I tried not to mention Haru-kun's name because they said something stupid like, “I'll go over and warn him.”



If I wanted to go out with someone, I would prefer Haru-kun.


But Haru-kun is still in elementary school.


Even if he said that he likes me, it was just “Admiration” and not necessarily the same as how I feel.



『When they grow up, they'll probably have a girlfriend or something before we know it.』



That line has been a thorn in my side for a long time.


I even had a dream that Haru-kun brought a girl of the same age and introduced her as his girlfriend.


I cried when I woke up, and even now when I think back on it, I get all teary-eyed.



I want to confirm Haru-kun's feelings for me.


So I decided to wait until he was in junior high school at least.



Then, after a long wait, when Haru-kun finally became a junior high school student…


He stopped appearing in front of me.


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